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Calex Environmental Services Portfolio

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Calex Services Portfolio

  1. 1. Comprehensive Services Responsive & Knowledgeable with Broad Experience Calex Environmental, LLC is a full service consulting company dedicated to providing only the highest levels of quality environmental and occupational services to its clients. Calex specializes in assisting companies to comply with constantly changing regulations by providing practical solutions to complex issues. Our team of consultants represent over a centurys worth of experience and training. Calex has provided support to organizations throughout New England and other parts of the USA. Our clients are diverse, ranging from equipment manufacturers to fellow consulting firms, universities, lending institutions, hospitals, and government agencies. Comprehensive List of Services Air Quality Chemicals & Waste  Air Dispersion Modeling  TSCA Compliance  MACT / RACT Compliance  OSHA & EPA Compliance Audits  Permitting  EPCRA Reporting  Stack Testing  SPCC Plans  Emissions Reporting  Permitting  Indoor Air Quality  SARA Title III Reporting  Stack Height Evaluations  Testing Permitting Building Services  Air Permits  Due Diligence—ESA  Title V Permits  Indoor Air Quality  Groundwater Permits  Mold  Wastewater Permits  Radon  NPDES Permits  Water Quality  Stormwater Permits and Plans  Asbestos Inspections  UST DecommisioningCalex Environmental is ready to serve your critical technical needs with highly qualified staff andresources including seasoned chemical engineers, licensed geologists and professional engineers,project managers, environmental consultants and other technical staff. (603) 237-9399 PO Box 236, Colebrook, NH 03576 (603) 773-0808 (fax)
  2. 2. Comprehensive Services Comprehensive List of Services Energy OSHA  Energy Audits  Indoor Air Quality  MACT Audits  Auditing  Energy Studies  Customized Safety Programs  Modeling  Customized Training  Wind Energy  Reporting  Biomass Energy  Compliance Plans  CHP—Cogeneration  Negotiations Testing INDUSTRIES AND SECTORS SERVED  Air Emissions Some of the industries and sectors that Calex  Indoor Air Quality has provided services to include:  Effluent Discharge  Stack Testing Airlines Medical Devices  MACT / RACT Testing Asphalt Metal Casting Auto Parts Metal Fabrication  UST Cathodic Protection Banks Municipalities  Groundwater Sampling Building Products Packaging Concrete Paper Products Construction Steel Photo Developing Groundwater Services Consultants Plastic Products Electrical Instruments Power Plants  Wastewater Sites Footwear Printing & Coating  Landfills, LUST & LAST Sites Foundery Pulp & Paper Furniture Rubber Products  Remediation Sites Government Resin and Toner  Discharge Permits Hospitality Sand & Gravel Hospitals Universities  Management Zone Permits Insurance Utilities  Sampling and Monitoring Laboratories Wastewater Plants  Reporting Landfills Wood Products  Well & Road Box Repair (603) 237-9399 PO Box 236, Colebrook, NH 03576 (603) 773-0808 (fax)
  3. 3. Air Quality Services Providing Practical Solutions to Complex Issues With over 25 years of experience in the air quality field, Calex is recognized as one of the premiere air quality consulting firms in the region. Calex has an extensive and diverse background in both atmospheric air emissions and occupational indoor air quality. The Calex approach to providing full service consulting allows us to provide many additional technical services such as stack testing, MACT/RACT compliance testing and indoor air quality assessments. This single source approach allows for much greater understanding of client compliance issues, resulting in more efficient identification and implementation of solutions. Calex maintains a large inventory of in-house testing equipment and up to date modeling software allowing for quick response times and accurate results. Air Emissions Services  Stationary & Area Source Permitting  Device Permitting  State Permits  Title V Permits  Air Dispersion Modeling  MACT/RACT Compliance Assessments  BACT Assessments  Stack Testing  Emissions Inventory Reporting  Stack Height Evaluations  Environmental Management Systems  Recordkeeping and Compliance Audits  NH RTAP Compliance Assessments  Emissions EstimatesCalex Environmental provides high quality air related consulting services to ensure that our clientsestablish and maintain environmental compliance. Our broad experience, expertise and innovationprovide us with the necessary resources to smoothly navigate the complex regulatory “terrain”. (603) 237-9399 PO Box 236, Colebrook, NH 03576 (603) 773-0808 (fax)
  4. 4. Air Quality Services Indoor Air QualityIndoor Air Quality (IAQ) is one of todays most prominent concerns among schools, office buildings,factories, retirement communities and hospitals, consistently ranking among the top fiveenvironmental risks to public health. Calex takes a serious, yet a practical and cost effectiveapproach to indoor air quality issues. Our experienced professionals have assisted many clients inidentifying IAQ issues and developing practical responses. We are not only capable of performingfocused air evaluations, but also are skilled in communicating our findings to all interested parties. “Calex takes a serious, yet a practical and cost EXAMPLE IAQ CONCERNS effective approach to indoor air quality issues.”  Acid Vapors  Biological Agents  Carbon Dioxide  Carbon Monoxide  Formaldehyde  Mold  OSHA Regulated Substances  Particles  Radon  Vapor Encroachment (ASTM)  Ventilation Assessment Strategies Example IAQ Our IAQ assessments typically consist of the following Sampling Methodologies process:  Direct Reading Instruments  Site inspection with building diagnostics such as building pressures, air flow, pollutant pathways, HVAC design,  FID Screening operation, and maintenance procedures, occupant  Passive Doisimeter activities and interviews and complaint investigations.  PID Screening  Testing, sample extraction, and laboratory analyses.  Sorbent Tube Interpretation of laboratory results and findings of the site inspection and contaminant sources.  Spore Trap & Filter Cassette  SUMMA Canister  Formal report with results of inspection and diagnostics, sample interpretation, and recommendations for  ASTM, EPA, NIOSH and OSHA remediation to improve indoor air quality. Methods (603) 237-9399 PO Box 236, Colebrook, NH 03576 (603) 773-0808 (fax)
  5. 5.     Due Diligence Services  The scope of transactional due diligence continues to expand and change, and CalexEnvironmental tracks these changes via American Standards and Testing Materials (ASTM)Standards E1527, E1528 and E1903 to provide standard-of-care information to the parties ofcommercial and industrial real estate transactions. ESAs satisfy one of the qualifications (”AllAppropriate Inquiry”) for the innocent landowner, contiguous property owner, or bona fideprospective purchaser limitations on Superfund liability. SITE ASSESSMENT PURPOSE LEVEL The purpose of this practice is to define good Transaction commercial and customary practice for conducting a Screens transaction screen for a parcel of commercial real estate where the user wishes to conduct limited ASTM E 1528 environmental due diligence (less than a Phase I ESA). KEY FEATURES OF OUR DUE DILIGENCE SERVICES  The purpose of this practice is to define good commercial and customary practice for conducting an Responsiveness  Phase I ESAs ESA of a parcel of commercial real estate with respect to the range of contaminants within the scope ASTM E 1527 Proactive  of Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) (42 U.S.C. Communication  9601) and petroleum products. Focus on Business  This practice is intended for use on a voluntary basis Environmental Risk  by parties who wish to evaluate Phase II ESAs known releases or likely release areas identified by Quantification of RECs ASTM E 1903 the user or Phase II Assessor, and/or to assess the presence or likely presence of substances, for legal or business reasons. The purpose of this practice is for conducting a vapor encroachment screen (VES) on a property parcel Vapor Intrusion involved in a real estate transaction with respect to Chemicals of Concern (COC) that may migrate as ASTM E2600 vapors onto a property as a result of contaminated soil and groundwater on or near the property.  (603) 237‐9399
  6. 6.     Due Diligence Services  There may be environmental issues or conditions at a property that parties may wish to access inconnection with commercial real estate that are outside the scope of ASTM practice (the non-scopeconsiderations). As noted within ASTM practice E1527, some substances may be present on aproperty in quantities and under conditions that may lead to contamination of the property or ofnearby property but are not included in CERCLA’s definition of hazardous substances or do nototherwise present potential CECRCLA liability. Unidentified non-scope considerations may subjectASTM practice users to unidentified environmental risk. Calex ASTM E1527 Non-Scope Services Asbestos Radon in Air, Containing Soil, and Water Materials Drinking Lead Based Water Paint Quality Mold and Indoor Biological Agents Air Quality Regulatory Industrial Hygiene Compliance Health & SafetySeveral organizations other than ASTM, such as the Federal Home Loan Bank Board, the ResolutionTrust Corporation, and Professional Associations, have also developed “guidelines” or “standards” forenvironmental site assessments. If your project requires conformance with a specific “guideline” or“standard” other than ASTM, we will be pleased to discuss your specific needs with you.  (603) 237‐9399
  7. 7. Groundwater Services MAINTAINING THE CLIENTS INTEREST FIRSTCalex Environmental, LLC offers full service groundwater permitting, monitoring and reportingservices. In addition to these services, Calex recognizes the importance of consistent samplingprocedures and the need to keep your monitoring wells secure and in good repair to preventthe infiltration of contaminated surface waters or potential well tampering.Calex Environmental is ready to serve your critical technical needs with highly qualified staff andresources including licensed geologists and professional engineers, project managers,environmental consultants and other highly trained technical staff. GROUNDWATER SERVICES EXAMPLE PROJECTS  Discharge Permits  Landfills  Management Permits  LUST Sites  Sampling, Monitoring & Reporting  LAST Sites  Investigation  Wastewater Sites  Remediation  RCRA Sites  3D Modeling and Animation  Superfund Sites  GIS Services  Remediation Sites  Headspace Gas Sampling  Brownfields Sites  Well and Road Box Repair  Groundwater Injection Sites (603) 237-9399 PO Box 236, Colebrook, NH 03576 (603) 773-0808 (fax)
  8. 8. Groundwater Services Groundwater Sampling Services “CALEX CARE”In order to ensure consistency and accuracyin the sampling process, Calex follows Stateregulatory agency and/or USEPA samplingguidelines for the collection of all groundwatersamples. “CALEX CARE” Calex recognizes the importance of keeping your monitoring wells secure and in good repair thereby minimizing the potential for infiltration of contaminated surface water. Many times, poorly secured monitoring wells are simply ignored by samplers creating the potential for the introduction of contaminates. These contaminates may contribute to erroneous sampling data resulting in higher client costs and unnecessary regulatory actions. “CALEX CARE” SamplingNo single method or procedure is universally Methodsapplicable to all types of groundwater  Bailersampling programs; therefore consideration  Peristaltic Pumpshould be given to a variety of factors whendetermining which method is best suited to  Low-Flowsite-specific conditions. Depending upon (Low Stress)conditions or permit requirements, Calex  Passive Diffusionutilizes a number of different well purging and  Other In-situsampling methodologies. (603) 237-9399 PO Box 236, Colebrook, NH 03576 (603) 773-0808 (fax)
  9. 9. Industrial Services Calex Understands the Challenges of the Industrial World Calex Environmental, LLC is a full service consulting company dedicated to providing only high quality environmental and occupational services to its clients. The Calex team of professionals have many years of servicing the industrial sector, many of them having “cut their teeth” working in industrial facilities. Having this “walked in your shoes” perspective provides Calex with a real world understanding of industrial client challenges and needs resulting in effective and practical solutions, maintaining schedules and a commitment to cost efficiency throughout the project. Industrial Services AIR COMPLIANCE FACILITY  Permits  Energy Audits & Modeling  Dispersion Modeling  ISO Audits  Air Toxics  Life Cycle Analysis  Stack Testing  UST & AST Compliance  MACT / GACT / RACT  Process Engineering  Indoor Environmental Quality  SPCC Plans HEALTH AND SAFETY WATER & WASTEWATER  Safety Programs & Training  Treatment / Discharge Permits  OSHA Compliance Audits  Sampling & Testing  Industrial Hygiene  Stormwater SWPPP  EPCRA, SARA Title III  NPDES  TSCA  Conservation / Recycling  Hazardous Waste  Groundwater ManagementCalex Environmental is dedicated to the partnerships that we develop and maintain with our clientsand business partners. Since its creation in 1987, Calex Environmental has maintained a proventrack record of providing sound, technological solutions that balance the requirements ofcompliance, risk management and business needs that are delivered through fiscally responsibleproject management. This unique combination of real world industrial experience, partnerships andtechnical expertise allows Calex to provide services that are delivered to our clients “On Target, OnTime and On Budget”. (603) 237-9399 PO Box 236, Colebrook, NH 03576 (603) 773-0808 (fax)
  10. 10. Industrial Services Calex prides itself on being: “On Target, On Time and On Budget.” Proven CapabilitiesUnlike with some larger firms, you will findCalex to be a highly responsive andnimble organization. By selecting Calex,you will have direct access to respectedsenior technical professionals who arecommitted to attentive client service —and you will pay only for the expertise that Example Industries Servedyou need. Airlines Metal Fabrication Cost Efficiency Asphalt Packaging Auto Parts Paper ProductsOur careful selection of staff, efficient use Building Products Photo Developingof physical and professional resources, Concrete Plastic Productsand creative teaming with experts in other Construction Steel Plasma Equipment Circuit Boards Power Plantsfields keeps our overhead low while Electrical Instruments Printing & Coatingallowing us to efficiently respond to project Electroplating Pulp & Paperneeds. Footwear Rubber Products Foundry Resin and Toner Results Oriented Furniture Sand & Gravel Medical Devices UtilitiesThe Calex team has a reputation for Metal Casting Wood Productsquickly assessing a client’s situation,thinking on their feet and getting thingsdone. We will work with you at the projectsite, on the plant floor, or in the boardroom — wherever your task requires. Ateach project juncture, you will receiveusable field data, clear verbal and writtenexplanations, and actionable advice. (603) 237-9399 PO Box 236, Colebrook, NH 03576 (603) 773-0808 (fax)
  11. 11. Permitting Services Responsive & Knowledgeable with Broad ExperienceCalex Environmental has over 25 years of experience in procuring regulatory permits. Wecombine our understanding of the technical permitting elements with our long term experience ofworking with regulatory and permitting agencies to smooth the permitting process.The diverse team of consultants and resources at Calex encompasses not only technical skills butalso many years of practice facilities experience. This experience strengthens our credibility whenspeaking to stakeholders since we have often walked in their shoes on many similar issues. Example Permits  Air Sources  Air Toxics  Groundwater Discharge  Groundwater Management  NPDES  Storm Water  Title V  Underground Injection  Wetlands EMS Services Once permits are obtained, Calex can develop an Environmental Management System (EMS) specific to your permit conditions to help you proactively collect and report the information required to maintain compliance with the permit. (603) 237-9399 PO Box 236, Colebrook, NH 03576 (603) 773-0808 (fax)
  12. 12. Permitting Services PERMITTING STRATEGIES  Evaluate the suitability of the site against project goals to determine the required technical issues and permits.  Identify the myriad of stakeholders and their issues, and then bring these people together in a common dialogue.  Educate and communicate project information to the diverse stakeholders. PERMIT MAINTENANCEAfter your permit has been issued, Calexoffers a number of services to keep yourfacility in compliance with the permitrequirements. Environmental Management Systems Stack Testing Emissions Inventory Reporting Annual Reports and Data Submittals Groundwater Sampling Wastewater Sampling Stormwater Sampling Recordkeeping and Compliance Audits Landfill Gas Monitoring Stormwater BMPs Employee Training (603) 237-9399 PO Box 236, Colebrook, NH 03576 (603) 773-0808 (fax)