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NSTAAB opening assembly


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NSTAAB opening assembly

  1. 1. No Such Thing as a Bully Opening Assembly
  2. 2. What Makes You, You?I know you are you, It’s totally true,That there are great things to know about you.The good and the bad, The glad and the sad,Some is your own, some came from Mom and Dad.The more you learn the more you earn,The right to choose, the right to discern,How to treat others with the utmost respect,How to fill your cup and get what you expect.What’s one thing that is important about YOU?
  3. 3. Some of My Family
  4. 4. Some of My Friends
  5. 5. Fun for Me
  6. 6. My Clothes, My StoryMy tracksuit! From the 1990’s!My hat! From a 60K walk for cancer!My backpack! Let me tell you about it!My shirt! From Agent Change!Lucky Duck! Who doesn’t love lucky duck?Have you ever laughed at someone for what they were wearing?
  7. 7. Bully ActionsTo step on a friend, to kick his rear endTo leave someone out, to fake a big pout.“Jokes” that aren’t funny, stealing his moneyMaking big fun of a nose that is runny.These are the things that no one likes,Some of the things that make me say “YIKES!” Can we find ten more?
  8. 8. Bullying DefinitionBullying = bully actor perspective +Bully Action + VictimResponder perspective Where Bully actor perspective = Desire to hurt + Superior Power/enjoyment + Desire for control/contempt Bully Action = Hurtful + Repeated Victim responder perspective = Vulnerability + Sense of oppression/ unjust treatment
  9. 9. Using a Bully ActionYou are using a bully action if you1. want to hurt someone.2. do something that hurts them.3. are stronger than them in some way.4. hurt them more than once.5. use your extra power to hurt them.6. enjoy hurting people.7. cause them to feel sad and helpless.
  10. 10. Receiving a Bully ActionYou are experiencing bully actions if:1. someone wants to hurt you.2. someone does something that hurts you.3. the person is stronger than you in someway.4. the person hurts you more than once.5. the person uses her extra power to hurt you.6. the person enjoys hurting you7. you feel sad and helpless.
  11. 11. What To Expect This Week• Messages from me at the beginning and end of your day• Me in your classroom, teaching you one thing I know…and also Chinese Skipping• Bully Prevention Team• Wearing something special• Me in the hallway• Teachers learning more• Things to share with your important adults.