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Turbo fire workout


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If you want to get amazing results—and have crazy fun doing it—then you'll love TurboFire®, Chalene Johnson's intense 90-day cardio program. TurboFire combines motivating music with athletic kickboxing moves that will awaken your inner athlete and help you burn up to 9x more fat and calories than with traditional cardio, so you can finally shed those extra pounds.

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Turbo fire workout

  1. 1. Turbo Fire WorkoutThe Turbo Fire Workout!
  2. 2. I often recommend and incorporate HIIT ( high intensity interval training ) moves into my personaltraining sessions and Boot camp fitness classes. Especially for those times when time allotted for asession requires maximizing the workout.I also enjoy this type of training when I am just getting in a quick workout at home, the TurboFireworkout is one of my favorite “get it done” workouts and Beachbody Turbo Fire workout makes iteasy to “Push Play” and get a great workout in.Because the afterburn can last up to 24 hours, it is effective when losing weight is desired, or you areplanning a dinner out. ( meals dinning out often times have many more calories that the food weprepare at home ).So if you are looking for a High Intensity Interval Training style workout that incorporates Kickboxingmoves and quick heart pumping burst of a Fire Drill, then The BeachbodyTurbo Fire Workout is for you!Yours in Health and Fitness!Ruthie Gage connect with me on Facebook HERE!This entry was posted in cardio, cardio training, Fitness, Home Workout Programs, strength, strengthtraining, support, weight loss, weight training, Workout programs and tagged afterburn, athletickickboxing, beachbody, burn fat, cardo, chalene johnson, exercise, fat burning, fire drills, fitness,fitness training, get fit, High Intensity Interval Training, HIIT, HIIT drills, home workout program,interval training, lose weight, strength training, toning, turbo fire, Turbofire by admin. Bookmark thepermalink.