How to choose a home workout program that is right for you!


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Ruthie Gage shares tips to help you choose a workout program that is right for you, taking into consideration your
prefered workout style and your goals!

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How to choose a home workout program that is right for you!

  1. 1. 1 Choosing a Home Workout Program that is Right for You! Ruthie Gage shares tips to help you choose a workout program that is right for you, taking into consideration your prefered workout style and your goals! How to Choose a home workout program that is right for you! | Ruthie Gage's Health and Fitness Blog! Why would you want to do a home workout? Reasons to workout at home vs go to the gym: • It takes less time. • Start when you want, when your schedule allows. • A greater variety of workout formats are available. • It’s cheaper that a gym. • No 15 min. drive to the gym to get on a treadmill for 45 min.
  2. 2. 2 • No more, have to get there by 5:45am to get a spot in the 6am class. • No more getting fixed up to go to the gym. • No one checking you out/critiquing you. • No 1 or 2 year contracts with a gym/studio. • No more classes that you don’t like because it is the only one available. Why do you want to workout at all? What’s your motivation? • Have a special occasion you want to look great for? • Want to get back into those clothes you “used to wear”? • Do you want to feel better, have more energy? • Want to shape and tone your body? • Do you want to up your game? Move to the next level? • Desire to get off of or reduce blood pressure or cholesterol medications? • Want to take control of your Health? Considerations when choosing a home workout program that is right for you. 1. Your Goals – what do you want to accomplish? Lose weight, shape or tone, get off meds? Ask yourself “what would it feel like to” • Look younger? Have someone comment on how great you look! • Drop a couple of dress sizes? Fit back into those clothes that just hang in your closet, or have to go shopping for smaller sizes because your clothes are baggy on you! • Have your family Doctor reduce or take you off meds? • Live a more active lifestyle, run a 5K, join a sports team, run and play with your kids or grandkids? • Be an inspiration and an example to others? 2. What’s your Style? What kind of workout do you enjoy? • Love dance fitness? • Love high intensity cardio? • Prefer boot camp style workouts? • Enjoy Kickboxing workouts? • Inspired by Martial Arts workouts? • Prefer yoga/pilates/stretch workouts? • Want muscle building workouts? • Like to interval train?
  3. 3. 3 • Looking for a beginner, intermediate of an advanced program? • Do you need a short 30 min. or less workout? • Do you have some home workout equipment or do you need a workout program that provides some equipment? The better you are at determining these factors the better chance you have of sticking to your home workout! 3. Invest in yourself! • You will find that by investing in yourself, you will improve your life and the lives of those around you! Investing in yourself does not mean you spend a lot of money, but it does mean that you don’t focus on price alone. If you find a home workout that appeals to you and you are excited about and it cost a few dollars more, go for it. You will be more likely to forget about the price as time goes by, if you use the program, than if you pick a program by it’s price and you end up not sticking to it until the end. 4. Commit to your favorite workout for at least 90 days! • Looking for results too soon always results in disappointment. Realize that you didn’t get into the share you’re in over night. In fact you might have been neglecting your health and fitness for years or even longer. • It is unrealistic to expect to see an overnight turn a round.But the fact is from the first day you begin your health and fitness journey your body is preparing for and adjusting to better health! • These adjustments are going to come with some level or pain and discomfort. As a matter of fact, if you are not feeling some discomfort the day after your first workout in a while, you haven’t done enough! Step it up or choose another home workout that challenges you. • Of course these should be aches and pains of the muscles, not of the joints or tendons. • Always check with your Doctor if you feel you have an injury. Don’t push through! 5. Look for programs from Nationally recognized Fitness Leaders! • Being nationally recognized isn’t a guarantee of quality, but it does give you some assurance that the program is in demand and that others are happy with their purchase. Here are a few of the better known trainers: • Jillian Michaels • Shaun T* • Les Mills* • Billy Blanks • Chalene Johnson* • Tony Horton* • Debbie Siebers* • Bob Harper • Leandro Carvalho* • Donna Richardson Joyner* *These trainer’s programs are available through one fitness company offering multiple home workout programs including these trainers and various others. 6. Research programs to ensure that they come with a complete plan, not just DVD’s. • *representative example of a Home Workout Program that includes: workout DVD’s- program guide-nutritional guide as well as some equipment. • For better results you will need to consider all aspects of fitness. A key component it weight loss and toning is diet.
  4. 4. 4 • Look for a program that provides some guidance in this area. Many programs come with recipes and a meal planner. • A comprehensive guide to the program, explaining scheduling, suggested durations, weight and resistance as well as suggested food choices is a key to success. 7. Insist on a guarantee! • In case of defective materials – such as a damaged DVD, missing items or misprinted guides. • In case the program does not deliver all that is promised. • In case the program is above your fitness level and you are not physically able to follow it. This is not to say you don’t need to be challenged. Top providers of Home Workout Programs usually offer a 30 day satisfaction ,the programs they sell as well as the other products they sale such as supplements, equipment, health snacks and protein shakes, etc… Bottom line, choosing the right Home Workout program is all about you, your goals, your style, your commitment level and your journey to a Healthier you! about the author: Ruthie is a N.A.S.M. certified personal trainer and F.N.S. (fitness nutrition specialist) and virtual fitness coach. Currently living on the Emerald Coast of Florida providing Virtual Health and Fitness coaching to clients throughout the U.S. and Canada as an independent BeachBody Coach. To compare Home Workout programs offered by Beachbody CLICK HERE! This entry was posted in Home Workout Programs and tagged beachbody, Health and Fitness, home workout program, lose weight, personal trainer, Ruthie Gage, strength training, tony horton, weight training by Ruthie Gage. Bookmark the permalink.