Make Search Engine Optimization A Part of Your Growth Strategy!


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Make Search Engine Optimization A Part of Your Growth Strategy!

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Make Search Engine Optimization A Part of Your Growth Strategy!

  1. 1. December 20th, 2012 Published by: rongageMake Search EngineOptimization A Part ofYour Growth Strategy! to, must find your website content relevant to their search orMake Search Engine your ads promise.Optimization A Part of Your Another important way to be found on a Google search is toGrowth Strategy! | Ron Gages add new content regularly, daily if possible. The search engines look for and reward new content as long as it is valuable andEmpower Network Blog relates to the rest of your site.December 20th, 2012 One of the best ways to accomplish this is by using a Blog. BlogsAmerican Express OPEN video are designed to be easily updated and are a great way to informMost businesses want to gain leads and drive more traffic to your customer or clients of company news, sales, events or totheir website. To accomplish this it is incredibly important to communicate useful information relating to your business ormake Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a part of your growth industry.strategy. As well as part of your budget, not doing so will give Not only is this a good way to increase search engineyour competition an advantage that might be difficult, costly rankings but creates value and good will toward you fromor impossible to overcome. your customers. Therefore encouraging your prospects and customers to be loyal. Loyal customers tend to be more likelySearch Engine Optimization is to refer others, which in turn increases sales today and in thecritical to your growth future.This is because in order for your website to have any sort ofonline impact you have to rank high on the Search Engines. Search Engine Optimization andSuch as Google, Bing and Yahoo! With Google being the largest Social Mediaplayer by far. The first thing is to be sure that Google can find Recently the search engines incorporated Social Mediayour site and that you have great content. updates into their algorithms. These can include Facebook, Twitter and other social media updates and post. FacebookOne Key to Successful Search updates and Tweets may even show up in the search results ifEngine Optimization they appear newsworthy.You have to have unique, relevant, authoritative content that This was done because today this is the way a large portion ofsays who you are and what you sell. This content must be the population communicates. Therefore it is a major indicatorwritten in a compelling manner that promotes your customer of what is relevant as it relates to search Take Action. The content must match up with the customers Of course this means that engaging in these types of mediumsexpectations. Meaning if you are found by a prospective is also critical to attaining high search engine rankings. Searchcustomer, the search they preformed or the ad they responded 1
  2. 2. December 20th, 2012 Published by: rongageEngine Optimization companies are aware of and most areincluding packages that include Social Media management.Links from other websites andSearch Engine OptimizationA large factor in Google search rankings comes from linksback to your site from other sites (backlinks). Search Enginescount the number of and the quality of (authority) online linkspointing back to your site, specifically to the pages on your site.(pages are ranked). These and other factors are weighted togive a searcher the results that Google feels best matches thesearch given.When producing content with links back to your site keep inmind that the search term you use to link with, must be a termyou want to rank for. Example, if your want to be ranked for aservice or product you offer make sure to use words that relateto the item, say “Running Shoes” not “Click Here”!Video and Search EngineOptimizationSearch Engines love video, especially Google (they ownYoutube). Use video on your site if possible. As seen by thepopularity of Youtube, people also love video. Try using keymembers of your business team to communicate via video toyour prospects and customers. Make sure you tag it correctlyand you will see that Google will reward you for including videoin your content.Press On!Ron GageLearn How to Generate 400-500 Leads Per Month Likeclockwork Using this FREE Strategy! 2