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Bni pp 2

  1. 1. Grey Umbrella Marketing 1 Quick Overview 2 Our Clients & Results 3 Good Referrals
  2. 2. WhyGreyUmbrella I called it Grey because of my professor convincing me to get into marketing and because I believe in Umbrella Marketing. I also wanted something to stand out and people who remember so they could refer me. 2
  3. 3. CompanyStructure RonaldDod Account Services & Strategy o o o o I focus on the strategy and management aspect. I have an army of freelancers. I am the general contractor but still do work myself. I do Social Media, Digital Advertising, some SEO, and some Website Design in house. Freelancers Freelancers range from WordPress Developers, Copywriters, bloggers, search engine optimization experts, Graphic Designers, and more. 3
  4. 4. 200%Growth ScottFambrough Director of Business Development o o o o He focuses on bringing in business to our company. Leads account nurturing and relationship building. Has a much better golf game than myself. He is the chief networker. SEOSpecialist - Jake We also have a fulltime SEO specialist working remotely. He assists with all of our SEO needs for our accounts. 4
  5. 5. Bread&Butter 1 2 3 Search Engine Optimization Website Design Social Media 5
  6. 6. AdditionalServices 1 2 3 Video Marketing Marketing Plans Print Design & Graphic Design 4 5 6 Digital Advertising (PPC, Displays Ads, Video Ads) Reputation Management Email Marketing 6
  7. 7. DomesticComfort Services SEO Google PPC (Digital Advertising) Reputation Management We helped them figure out a good way to get customers in the door especially with their slowest time during the holidays. 7
  8. 8. Results 2nd 1st Month 3rd Month Month 64% 198% Increase 84% 32% 176 More Location Page Visits 8
  9. 9. InvestorThink Services Marketing plan Logo & Website Design SEO We helped them refine their concept and brand the digital project. We created the “InvestorThink”, the logo, the tagline, the direction, and identify their customers via a marketing plan. Digital Advertising Content Creation Social Media Management 9
  10. 10. Results First Three Months 362,735 Impressions 1,140 Unique Visitors $900 Total Adspend 32 New Leads 10
  11. 11. Fleurtee’BeeBoutique Services SEO Website Design Social Media Fleurtee’Bee is a local boutique clothing shop here in Atlanta. We helped them get online and produce sales consistently through social media and SEO. 11
  12. 12. Results 330% 7,365 More traffic from organic search Visitors from Social Media Overtime 7 – 1 ROI from the campaign 12
  13. 13. GloFX Worldwide leading provider of “glow-apparel”. We helped them revamp their marketing efforts to increase traffic and sales. Services SEO Social Media Google PPC (Digital Advertising) Email Marketing Content Marketing 13
  14. 14. Results 46% Higher return from digital marketing. 73% Increase in repeat purchases from email marketing. 573% More social media traffic. 14
  15. 15. OurVerticals 1 2 3 Financial Institutions & Services Healthcare Education 15
  16. 16. IdealReferrals Target Key Contacts B2C Marketing Staff B2C businesses that have a yearly marketing budget higher than $35,000. Could be start-ups, retail, restaurants, bars, real estate agencies, insurance agencies, attorneys, or any business with a fleet of vehicles. Any marketing director, marketing manager, marketing specialist, or any position within a company that does the marketing in house or outsources work to agencies. Owners/C-level B2B B2B businesses that have a yearly marketing budget higher than $24,000. Could be financial services, consulting groups, advertising agencies, commercial real estate, and CPA firms. Anyone at the C-level or the actual owners of the companies. Generally these are great leads because they do no marketing or outsource some work sparingly. Or they are looking to start their marketing efforts. 16
  17. 17. Keywords&Phrases o o o o o o o o o o o o We have been thinking about redoing our website. We have been wanting to do social media. We do not have time to blog. Our website is horrible. I never use our website. We hired some young guy/girl to do our social media but it didn’t work. We are looking to do SEO. We wanted to do SEO but couldn’t find someone. We have lots of bad reviews. Our reputation is horrible online. Our website never works. We have no idea what we are doing on Facebook. 17
  18. 18. Websites A big part of our business is website design. Any business that has an old, outdated, and not functioning website is a great referral. 18
  19. 19. Questions? 19