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The Evolution of UX


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A look at why brand is increasingly important in user experience and how the current methods available to UX practitioners need to wise up.

Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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The Evolution of UX

  1. 1. The EVOLUTION OF UXHi! I’m Kieron, a Manager of Experience Design at Sapient Nitro
  2. 2. Unforget tableTheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  3. 3. User?TheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  4. 4. What used to be this…TheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  5. 5. Is now this…TheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  8. 8. Think Feel DoTheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  9. 9. Experience?Brand?TheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  10. 10. UX it’s time to grow upTheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  11. 11. Emotional Innovation Traditional agency Brand Experience People Design Technology Process Innovation Functional Innovation Traditional consultancy Digital agencyTheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  12. 12. Traditional design goals To Identify To Inform To Entertain To Persuade To DifferentiateTheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  13. 13. Test your brand 1. Who are you? 2. What do you do? 3. Why does it matter? Greg Galle, Creative CapitalTheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  14. 14. Better, Better Not & Different Different Not Better, Different, Not Not Different Better Marty Neumeier, The Brand GapTheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  15. 15. T r’ fs sl ait nn mheTheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  16. 16. Cz d, Mt Qr, O El, SieTheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  17. 17. Cz d, Mt Qr, O El, SieTheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  18. 18. Cz d, Mt Qr, O El, SieTheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  20. 20. Sr ay WeasTheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  21. 21. Sr ay DisTheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  22. 22. Sr ay PtysTheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  23. 23. Sr ay Grl ttgTheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  24. 24. During the warTheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  25. 25. Discover Define Build Sprint 1 `   Sprint 2 ```   Sprint 3 ``   Sprint 4 Kick off Experience brief Prototype key functionality meeting Prioritise features Sketch Goals High level IA Screen designs Success Roadmap Code High level Define business rules Quick and dirty user testing functionality Visual style guide ContractTheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  26. 26. A typical week… Mon Agree focus with client Tue Head down and go for it Wed Internal checkpoint review Thu Tidy up prep for review Fri Share and gather feedbackTheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  27. 27. A typical day… 09:00 Get coffee, check email 09:30 Daily stand up 10:00 Get on with the tasks at hand 15:00 Peer review check progress 16:00 Make changes 18:00 Bye bye 21:30 Beer timeTheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  28. 28. So in short 1.  Concept 2.  Prototype 3.  Feedback (User Business) 4. Repeat the processTheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  29. 29. Experience planner Experience designer Visual designer Copy writer User interface designerTheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  30. 30. } Communicator Collaborative Flexible Trendy innovative Brand absorbed Experience focusedTheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  31. 31. If a picture is worth a 1000 words. A prototype is worth Tom Kelly, GM IDEO a 1000 pictures.TheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  32. 32. Visual Depth Breadth Interactivity Data “Breaking the fidelity barrier” Mc Curdy et al, 2006TheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  33. 33. Build Make Draw Stick Sketch RecordTheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  34. 34. Bring ideas to lifeTheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  35. 35. Those doors.TheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  36. 36. Its not about a 100 yard r un, its about edging yards forwa rdTheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  37. 37. Its about bein g fastTheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  38. 38. afr aid n’t beThe DoEVOLUTIONOF UX
  39. 39. No time to be stubbornTheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  40. 40. fin. @kieronleppard kieronleppardTheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  41. 41. lisarex/4513193575/ beckyjc22880/3113700701 tmp/swotti/ owen-pics/520708486 cacheDXNHAW4GYM9SDA==/ imgUsain%20Bolt3.jpg http:// lisarex/4513193575/ TcawB3_t99I/AAAAAAAAAew/ XfQMhens33c/s1600/Bulldog.jpg dp_id/4166255518 customer-images/ Giants_Stadium.jpg albums/ll269/bluekissjb/ xguheeId4N8/TbTcVc9RzEI/ frankenstein.jpg?t=1288229727 AAAAAAAAB6E/8dUH8A0ZA1A/ s1600/star_trek_csg_animation %2Bdesign.jpgTheEVOLUTIONOF UX
  42. 42. image_uploads/David--the- office--28uk-29-366372_1024_768.j pgTheEVOLUTIONOF UX