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Final 15 April Revised 2003


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Literature for young literature

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Final 15 April Revised 2003

  1. 4. McGum, Brownie, Birdy and CowCow were good students. Their performance was excellent in Apple Primary School. 麥甘 、 保怡 、 了了 和 牛牛 是好學生。 他們在蘋果小學的表現很出色。
  2. 5. McGum, Brownie, Birdy and CowCow were good friends. 麥甘 、 保怡 、 了了 和 牛牛 是好朋友。
  3. 6. 有一天,他們在森林裏玩耍。森林裏有鞦韆,搖搖板, 滑梯 和其他運動設備。 One day, they played in a forest . The forest had a swing, a see-saw, a slide and other sports facilities.
  4. 7. 他們想盪鞦韆。 「 麥甘 ,我可不可以盪一會兒呢?」 保怡 問。「我也想玩盪鞦韆。」 牛牛 說。 「不可以!我正在玩耍。」 麥甘 回答。 They wanted to swing on the swing. “ McGum, can I swing for a while?” asked Brownie. “ I want to swing, too.” said CowCow. “ No, I am still playing.” answered McGum.
  5. 8. 他們想一起玩 搖搖板 。 「 麥甘 ,我可不可以跟你一起玩呢?」 了了 問。 「不可以! 這是我的搖搖板 。」 麥甘 回答。 They wanted to see-saw the see-saw. “ McGum, shall we play together?” asked Birdy. “ No, this is my see-saw.” said McGum.
  6. 9. 他們想一起玩 滑梯 。 「 麥甘 ,我們可以一起玩嗎?」 牛牛 問。 「不可以!這是我的 滑梯 。」 麥甘 回答。 Then they decided to slide a slide. “McGum, shall we play together?” asked CowCow. “No, this is my slide.” said McGum.
  7. 10. 不久,他們的肚子餓了。 保怡 、 了了 和 牛牛 一起分享他們帶來的漢堡飽。 他們吃得很愉快。 Later, they were hungry. Brownie, Birdy and CowCow took out their hamburgers and shared with each other. They ate happily together.
  8. 11. 可是, 麥甘 沒有與他們一起吃漢堡飽。他不想分享他的食物。 他獨自地吃餅乾。 But, McGum did not join them because he did not want to share anything. He ate his biscuit alone.
  9. 12. 吃過漢堡飽後,他們邀請 麥甘 一起打網球。 After the meal, they wanted to play tennis. They invited McGum to join in.
  10. 13. 「 麥甘 ,我們一起打網球吧!」 了了 問。 「不可以!這是我的網球。」 麥甘 回答。 “ McGum, let’s play tennis together!” said Birdy. “No, this is my tennis ball.” said McGum.
  11. 14. 保怡在 森林裡發現了一個大蜂巢。 他想與朋友一起分享蜜糖。 Brownie found a big honeycomb in the forest. He wanted to share the honey with his friends.
  12. 15. 「蜜糖的味道很甘甜呢!我們一起飲吧!」 保怡 說。 "Let's drink the honey together. It is so sweet." said Brownie.
  13. 16. 保怡 、 了了 和 牛牛 高興地飲蜜糖。 麥甘 也想飲蜜糖。 Brownie, Birdy and CowCow drank the honey cheerfully. McGum wanted to drink too.
  14. 17. 「我們與 麥甘 一起分享蜜糖吧!」 保怡 提議。 「我不贊成!他不願意與我們分享森林裡的設施!」 牛牛 爭論著。 「他是我們的朋友,我們應該關懷他,與他分享食物。」 了了 說。 「但他並沒有當我們是朋友!」 牛牛 生氣地說。 “ Let’s share with McGum.” said Brownie. “ I don’t want to. He doesn’t share things with us,” argued CowCow. “ But we are friends. We should take care of him and share with him.” said Birdy. “ He doesn’t treat us as friends,” CowCow said angrily.
  15. 18. 麥甘 聽到了,很生氣地走開了。 McGum heard what they said and ran away sadly.
  16. 19. 保怡 突然聽到有人大叫救命。 保怡 聲音發抖,說: 「 聽一聽,有人在大叫 ! 」 Brownie suddenly heard someone shouting for help. “ Listen! Someone is shouting,” Brownie said in a trembling voice. ?? HELP! ? ? ? ?
  17. 20. Brownie looked around the forest area and found a big water well. McGum had fallen into the water well carelessly. He was crying. “ Oh! McGum has fallen into the water well! Come and help immediately!” shouted Brownie. 保怡 在森林裡四處查看,發現了 一個大水井。 原來 麥甘 不小心掉進水井裡,哭了出來。 保怡 說: 「 麥甘 掉進水井裡 ,快來幫忙吧 ! 」
  18. 21. Birdy and CowCow arrived and rescued MuGum. “ Thank you for saving me!” said McGum. Then CowCow dried MuCum’s tears and said ” Don’t cry! MuGum. We are best friends. ” 了了 和 牛牛 一起趕來,把 麥甘 救起。 麥甘 說 : 「多謝你們救了我 ! 」 牛牛 用紙巾擦乾 麥甘 的眼淚,說 : 「 麥甘 ,不要哭 ! 我們是好朋友 ! 」
  19. 22. 「對不起!我以前沒有與你們分享我的東西。」 麥甘 傷心地說。 「不要緊!我們原諒你!」 保怡 、 了了 和 牛牛 一起說。 “ I’m very sorry that I didn’t share my things with you.” said McGum glumly. “Don’t worry. We forgive you.” said Brownie, Cowcow and Birdy.
  20. 23. “ Let me pick some apples and share with you.” said McGum excitedly. 「讓我採摘一些蘋果,與你們一同分享。」 麥甘 興奮地說。
  21. 24. Then McGum climbed to the tree and picked four big apples. 麥甘 立刻爬上樹上採摘四個大蘋果。
  22. 25. McGum shared the four apples with his friends. They ate happily. 麥甘 把四個大蘋果分給他的同伴。他們吃得很愉快。
  23. 26. 接着, 麥甘 、 保怡 、 了了 和 牛牛 一起玩耍。 Afterwards, McGum played with Brownie, Birdy and CowCow. They loved to play with each other.
  24. 27. 他們一起去沙灘游泳,一起去搜集沙灘上美麗的石頭和貝殼。 Then they went to the beach to swim and collected some beautiful rocks and shells .
  25. 28. 他們一起去踩單車。 他們在森林裡有一個愉快的旅程。 They rode their bicycles together. They had a wonderful ride in the forest.
  26. 29. 最後,他們一起高興地唱着歌回家去。 Lastly, they sang songs together joyfully on the way home.
  27. 30. The next day, McGum, Brownie, Birdy and CowCow went back to school to collect their examination results. McGum felt very unhappy because he got low marks in Maths paper.
  28. 31. “ Don’t worry! McGum. Let’s do more exercises!” said Brownie. Then Brownie borrowed his exercise books to McGum.
  29. 32. After school, they went to the library to study together. Birdy and CowCow taught MuGum how to calculate difficult maths.
  30. 33. In the second semester, McGum’s exam results improved a lot. He passed the maths paper. “Add oil! We support you all the time.”said CowCow.
  31. 34. McGum, Brownie, Birdy and CowCow always study together. They really enjoyed their school life .
  32. 35. Matching patient calm selfish harmonious What are their personalities?