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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Great Books for Great Kids Watch your young reader take flight with FlyingBooks
  2. 2. About FlyingBooks• Founded by parents with tech-savvy kids and passion for reading, FlyingBooks is an e-book publisher focused on fun, engaging and educational children’s books for ages 1–12. Our goal is to help nourish children’s imaginations and love of learning.• Best Educational Mobile App for 2012: On December 2012, FlyingBooks was announced as Best Educational Mobile App for 2012 by
  3. 3. Our Books• FlyingBooks offers many books suited for children.• Our books are in English, Spanish, French and German. The Barefoot Wheres That Pig? Hansel and Gretel Wheres That Dog? Buccaneer Read More >
  4. 4. Buy a Gift• Let FlyingBooks take you on the magical ride of reading discovery!• Every book inside of the FlyingBooks was hand picked for its engaging story and beautiful illustration.• You can scroll through our book selection and browse by language.• Add your voice to the gift and make it even more personal. Find the Perfect Book >
  5. 5. Add Your Voice - Record A Book• Narrate a favorite story for a little one with our Record-a-Profile feature, and encourage reading and speaking skills by recording a child reading a story themselves.• Your child can select your profile’s narration by tapping the profile icons on the left bottom side of the book’s setting bar. Find out more >
  6. 6. Create Your own Book – Have Fun!• Create your own personalized e-book with Flying Books! To get started, go to your bookshelf and tap the Create Book button on the top right hand corner.• Make digital picture books with art your children have already created, or create a scrapbook to commemorate a special occasion.• Weve added some tips on how to take great pictures for your book. Now you are ready to start creating >
  7. 7. Publishers - Work with FlyingBooks• The FlyingBooks community of creators includes passionate authors, illustrators and publishing houses from all over the world.• Our e-publishing services connect children’s stories with families, providing a great opportunity for both new and established book creators to reach kids on an international platform while keeping all rights to their IP.• Our Creative Team will format your book for the iPad and iPhone including translation/narration services. Join Us > Or, send us an email to: