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Let your talent network recruit for you!
Simply enter the open position and sit back and relax while we do the hard work. search for potential candidates within your talent network, once
found they’ll be contacted through the recommendations of friends that respected them, taking care of the courting for you.

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  1. 1. Trusted Opinion Recruitment Getting Started Kit
  2. 2. A Revolutionary Recruitment ToolInstead of having to search through piles of CV’s and intensively courtpassive candidates via LinkedIn (which results 3.5% hires a year), lets you effortlessly build a talent community that is in-sync with your organizational DNA and lets this community dorecruiting work for you: courting, sorting and providing an easyrecruiting process. This is what we call true social recruitment! A Talent Community that Expands Effortlessly   Keep  the  companys  DNA  intact  with  a  talent  community  that  con6nuously  and   virally  expands  between  employees,  friends  they  respect  professionally,  friends  their   friends  respect  professionally,  and  so  on… Talents Turned Head Hunters   With  no  effort,  your  talent  community  of  passive  candidates  becomes  a  community  of   ac6ve  headhunters  recommending  and  referring  your  next  talented  candidate.  Their   good  judgment  and  trusted  opinion  even  sorts  applicants  by  quality! You Control Your Recruiting Budget   With  you  decide  the  exact  referral  reward  for  each  posi6on  you’re   recrui6ng.  No  fixed  prices.  No  minimum  charge. Extending Referral Recruiting Beyond Your Organization Today’s  referral  programs  are  limited  to  the  number  of  employees  within  an   organiza6on.  unleashes  the  poten6al  of  referral  recrui6ng  far  beyond   your  company  walls  by  outsourcing  the  responsibility  to  your  talent  community! The first ever applicant sorting system using the wisdom of crowds  We  use  your  talent  community’s  wisdom  to  sort  candidates  and  make  sure  you’ll  get   the  best  matches  first!  The  quan6ty  and  the  quality  of  recommenda6ons  on  a   candidate  is  coupled  with  several  other  parameters  of  our  super  smart  algorithm  and   make  sure  you  won’t  miss  great  candidates.  
  3. 3. Starting Your Recruiter Account(1 min.!)Go to click on the “Get a FreeTrial” button.   1. Connect with Facebook - Go to app 2. Fill in your details
  4. 4. Growing Your Talent CommunityIt takes only a minute to ignite the exponential growth of your talentcommunity that is in-sync with your organizational DNA:1. Invite all company employees and managers   Go  to  the  Grow  Network  page  and  invite  your  company  employees.   Use  our  simple  solu6on  to  import  Outlook/Gmail  contacts  (at  the  boPom  of  the  page).  2. Write your own message   We  strongly  advice  you  to  write  your  own  message  to  company  employees  in  this  invita6on   to  join  the  plaRorm,  because  you  know  them  best.3. Encourage employees to tag friends they respect professionally   Encourage  your  employees  to  professionally  respect  friends  that  are  external  to  the   organiza6on.  The  viral  effect  will  expand  your  resources  far  beyond  the  limits  of  your   company  walls!
  5. 5. Verifying Your CompanyIn order for platform to work best, we need to verify whichof your talent community is an employee of the company – and we needyou to do so as well..1. Check your work inbox   A  verifica6on  email  will  be  sent  to  your  work  email.  If  you  cannot  find  it  –  check  your   spam/junk  mail  folder  or  your  an6-­‐spam  service.2. Click on the verification link   Encourage  your  employees  to  verify  this  email  as  well,  to  get  the  advantages  that  they   disserve  as  company  employees  on    
  6. 6. Let Your Talent Community Recruit!Let your talent community recruit for you! Simply enter a new positionand sit back and relax while we do the hard work. Position info  1. •   Go  to  the  Recruiter  Dashboard  and  click  on  the  “New  Open  Posi6on”  buPon.       •   Fill  in  the  posi6on  details.  These  will  be  displayed  to  poten6al  candidates  and  friends  who  will   recommend  them.   •     We’ve  added  rich-­‐text  edi6ng  op6ons  (Bold,  Italic,  Bullets  and  Numbering)  in  the  descrip6on   and  requirements  fields  so  you  could  bePer  express  yourself  and  deliver  your  message  2. Choose your budget       Fill  in  your  hiring  budget  for  this  job.  We  suggest  to  use  the  same  budget  you  would  have  used   for  your  internal  referral  program  +  25%.     The  budget  splits  into  three:   •     75%  of  the  budget  are  used  for  the  referral  reward  that  will  be  split  between  the  first  one  that   recommended  the  candidate  you  hired  and  the  employee  that  started  the  chain    -­‐  you  decide   witch  percentage  goes  to  either.     •   25%  are  for  using  the  technological  plaRorm  of  
  7. 7. Let Your Talent Community Recruit!3. Filtering the right talents   Select  the  professions  and  loca6ons  of  the  candidates  you  want  for  this  posi6on   The  more  professions,  and  related  job  6tles  you’ll  select  the  more  poten6al  candidates  the   system  will  find.       For  example,  for  a  Senior  Ruby  on  Rails  Developer  posi/on,  we  would  recommend  on  choosing   the  following:    4. Confirm & Pay Our  system  will  search  and  display  the  amount  of  poten6al  candidates  that  are  currently  found   in  your  talent  community  and  the  amount  of  people  that  can    give  their  trusted  opinion  about   them     •     Remember,  the  numbers  are  con6nuously  growing!     •   Once  confirming  at  this  step  you’ll  proceed  to  the  payment  page  on  PayPal    
  8. 8. Talents Sorted by the Wisdom is the first-ever applicant sorting system based on thewisdom of crowds. We use your talent community’s wisdom to sortcandidates, coupled with our algorithm that takes several moreparameters into account – you get the best matches first. View the best matches first   •   Each  candidate  is  shown  along  with  all  the  personal  recommenda6ons  they’ve  received  -­‐  so   you  have  a  wider  view  of  their  quality!   •     Only  candidates  that  indicated  they  are  interested  in  this  posi6on  are  sent  to  you  -­‐  saving  you   a  lot  of  wasted  6me!