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Ron Barstow\'s Architectural Experience Summary

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Rons Brochure 3

  1. 1. Ron Barstow Architectural Design Architect & Planning RELEVANT EXPERIENCE Extensive experience providing innovative architectural design and planning for industrial, commercial, & institutional facilities. Working with high level management and production personnel to develop master plans, provide programming for new facilities, and develop concepts based on the corporate strategic plans. Excellent problem solving abilities and presentation skills. CAMPUS ARCHITECT University of TN Architectural Concepts RESIDENT ARCHITECT at ORNL US Dept of Energy Site Planning FEDERAL EXPERIENCE providing site development planning, site reduction Master Planning and commercial development inside the Oak Ridge Reservation. Sustainable Design MILITARY SITE RESTORATION AND REUSE developing concepts and marketing strategies for site reuse. Environmental Site Restoration. Higher ED INDUSTRIAL SITE PLANNING experience with large Industrial site subdivision & site infrastructure design. Research Facilities TEAM PLAYER experienced working with large scale Federal Sites. DOE Federal HANDS ON APPROACH to develop creative solutions to complex problems. Industrial Bio-pharma EXCELLENT PROBLEM SOLVING ABILITIES AND PRESENTATION SKILLS. Commercial Multi-Use VA Hospital Renovations Sky bridge model BWXT BECTEL – Concept design for New Corporate Center and major plant reconstruction proposal. This presentation provided the spark to enabled funding for this Department of Energy third party development). CONSULTING ARCHITECT, SAVANNAH RIVER NUCLEAR SOLUTIONS VA Hospital Renovations Sky bridge model Aiken SC 2007-2009 Architectural Design, Detailing, Specifications, Bulk Material Quantities, & Penetration Seal Studies related to the Construction Documents Package Tasks included detailed design coordination of 2D Construction Drawing package with all Engineering Disciplines and with the 3D Model extractions. Ron Barstow 1110 Buena Road Knoxville, TN 37919 865.584.1248 phone/fax
  2. 2. Ron Barstow CONSULTING ARCHITECT Architectural CONSULTING ARCHITECT, BARSTOW & ASSOCIATES Concepts Knoxville TN 2001-2007 (Concurrent projects with CH2Mhill/Lockwood Greene) Providing Architectural Concepts/ for Industrial & Commercial Clients including community projects, banks & residential work. Many of these projects were in support of other AE work. MIXED USE RETAIL AND RESTURANT RENOVATION PROJECT FOR DAUGHERTYS INC Complete 3-D model of the existing facility including the potential build out for the completed facility. Daugherty's Renovation Building Code Review (50,000SF Historic Building) PACE SQUARE RETAIL CENTER- Barstow & Associates Provided 3D models to develop the conceptual design for 35,000SF Retail Center. Kuumba Festival Staging at the Knoxville Museum of Work included an integrated design approach of traffic and parking on several sites Art enhancing the retail experience in the new center. Scope of project included concepts through construction documents CONSULTING ARCHITECT, FLUOR Greenville SC 2001- 2003 (Concurrent work with Barstow & Associates) Working with GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) providing Architectural Industrial Design support to several Bio-pharma and Bio-tech project teams. Wyeth ST Louis MO & Sanford NC Concept Design Layout & Development Concept Rendering for Alex Hailey Memorial Park Nets $50,000 from state tourism bureau PDL Rochester MN PDL LABORATORY Ron Barstow •Design Development package for building exterior skin. 1110 Buena Road •Concept Design Layout for Vaccine Development Lab. Knoxville, TN 37919 •Detailed design development CAD layouts. 865.584.1248 •structural suspended ceiling systems phone/fax •General interior and site layout concepts.
  3. 3. Ron Barstow LOCKWOOD GREENE CH2MHILL Architectural Concepts CONSULTING ARCHITECT, LOCKWOOD GREENE, Atlanta GA 1995 to 2005 Principal conceptual designer providing master planning and architectural programming to corporate clients. Worked on site with clients and staff for direct client input to the planning process. Produced planning documents, color renderings graphics and construction documents as required. Typical projects include conceptual design for multiple design build Navy projects, General Manufacturing, Industrial Site Planning as well as the following sampling of manufacturing projects: LOCKHEED MARTIN AERONAUTICS COMPANY - Marietta, GA. 2001-2002 (F-22 assembly) CRYO-LIFE Entrance Lobby Design concept for space between buildings CH2MHill- San Francisco CA 2004 (Design concept for New Urban Town on an existing Brownfield military base site) Model View 1 SAEP site master plan & concept site study and assessment for Stratford Military Engine Facility CH2MHill- San Francisco CA 2004 (Design concept for New Urban Town on an existing Brownfield military base site) Model View 2 SAEP site master plan section LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES –Interior View LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES - Atlanta Works - Norcross, GA. 1997-1999 (Programming and Design) Atlanta Works - Norcross, GA. Ron Barstow 1110 Buena Road Knoxville, TN 37919 865.584.1248 phone/fax THE BOEING COMPANY - ST Louis, Mo. 1998 (New Production Facilities for the F-18 Hornet)
  4. 4. Ron Barstow RESIDENT ARCHITECT ORNL Facilities Architect SITE ARCHITECT, OAK RIDGE NATIONAL LABORATORY, Oak Ridge, TN, 1986 to 1995. As resident architect it was my responsibility to develop design concepts, secure funding and implement infrastructure projects. Site Development activities included relocation of parking and preparing sites for future development. Including earthwork calculations, erosion control concepts, code review and construction over site all expense projects. Expense projects were bundled intro unit price contracts and implemented is a range of $200,000 to $2,000,000 per year. Led Americans with Disabilities Act Program (ADA) Provided Design Concepts & Master Planning GIS Mapping Parking Decentralization plan Pro Active Design / Environmental Oversight ORNL - OAK RIDGE NATIONAL LAB RON BARSTOW ARCHITECT ORNL 1986-1995 MODULAR LABORATORY PROJECT GIS Mapping Project ORNL R&D Lab Concept HFIR PARKING EXPANSION OPENS UP LAND FOR NEW BUILDINGS. NORTH PARKING EXPANSION IS DESIGNED TO SERVE AS A CONSTRUCTION LAYDOWN AREA FOR FUTURE 2000 AREA DEMO PROJECTS. MODULAR BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION Ron Barstow 1110 Buena Road WEST PARKING EXPANSION IS DESIGNED Knoxville, TN 37919 TO RELOCATE CARS TO THE AREA 865.584.1248 PERIMETER. OPENING UP THE CENTER phone/fax SITE FOR FUTURE DEVELOPMENT. HANDS ON PROBLEM SOLVING
  5. 5. Ron Barstow UT CAMPUS ARCHITECT Campus Architect CAMPUS ARCHITECT, THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE Knoxville, TN, 1983 to 1986. As Campus Architect it was my responsibility to develop campus projects for the campus administrators. I worked with the Physical Plant Engineering Department and outside consultants to provide design, cost estimates, and construction coordination. Responsibilities included leading the implementation of campus renovation projects supporting the Distinguished Scientists Chair of Excellence Program. 1. Directed Outside Engineering & UT Pavilion concept Facilities Evaluation Program. 2. Provided Design & Master Planning 3. Managed in house engineering activities. UT Pavilion concept Provided visual walkthrough of design concept for project announcement National Science Foundation / Birdseye View UT Center for Computational NSF/UTK Computer Sciences Knoxville TN Science Lab CONSULTING ARCHITECT Consulting Architect/Contract Engineering 1976 to 1983 Lockwood Green, Atlanta, GA. Responsible for the overall conceptual design of Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Parts Manufacturing Plant and office, consulting with clients, providing on-the-spot sketches, and construction site models. He also provided architectural assistance with the Saudi Arabia Naval Base and the Kuwait Air Defense PRATT & WHITNEY - Columbus, GA. 1981- System. 1982 (700,000 SF aircraft parts facility) World’s Fair, 1982, Knoxville, TN. Provided architectural design and graphics design for support buildings, signage, and the main gateway structures. This work included creation of relevant symbols and graphic images, site models, renderings, and the construction of a full-size prototype entry gate structure for wind load testing and analysis. GATEWAY MODEL GATEWAY TEST STRUCTURE WIND SYMBOL Ron Barstow Boeing Engineering and Construction, Oak Ridge, TN. Architectural design 1110 Buena Road Helicopter assembly plant VERTOL Philadelphia PA design for Autoclave Enclosure Knoxville, TN 37919 Aircraft Cleaning Sealing and Painting Facility Witchata KS 865.584.1248 Design and renovation of existing facility. phone/fax .
  6. 6. Ron Barstow INTERN ARCHITECT Architectural Concepts MORTON & SWEETSER - INTERN ARCHITECT, Knoxville TN, 1973 to 1976. Morton and Sweetser Architects- Architectural Design - Schools, Branch Banks, Elderly Housing and Commercial Draftsmen, Designer, and Job-captain for various in house projects Retail Development Proposal, Maryville TN Solar Bank. Knoxville TN Elderly Housing Proposal Union Bank Jellico, TN UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE UT SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE EDUCATION Highlights BS, Architecture, University of Tennessee, (Five year Professional Degree) 1974 UT Study of European town planning (France, Italy, Transmodular Factory Systems_1 Denmark, Sweden & Finland) 1970 UT Earthquake studies ( Managua, Nicaragua) 1973 • 5th year thesis study project Modular Construction • Truck mounted modular assembly plant. Transmodular Factory Systems_2 • 8 X 16 foot unit size for light weight placement. Interior view of Prototype Transmodular Factory Systems_3 Two Module set Five Module set Eight Module set Transmodular Factory Systems_4 Model view of Prototype Exterior view of Prototype CERTIFICATIONS: Registered Architect, Tennessee, (# 12488) 1978 NCARB, (# 27157) 1978 Graduate University of Tennessee School of Architecture Professional Program Transmodular Factory Systems_5 December 1974 Ron Barstow Harvard School of design/continuing education (new town urban design & retail 1110 Buena Road planning) 2001 Knoxville, TN 37919 AIA May 2008 865.584.1248 phone/fax