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  1. 1. - Bubble Shooters and More visit us at Bubble Games Bubble games are a popular entertainment theme for a wide variety of genres, from arcades and shooters to quests and puzzles, in which the player needs precision, good reaction and attentiveness. On the we have published a large collection of the most interesting versions of games with balls, in which any visitor can play for free. There is no need to download anything - flash games are launched in the browser window and the user-friendly interface allows you to easily select an interesting game, share your achievements in the comments, rate the game you like and much more.
  2. 2. - Bubble Shooters and More visit us at Zuma Adventures of a frog named Zuma is the most famous game of the bubble shooters genre. Simple rules and fun gameplay made Zuma incredibly popular and game developers in a few years released a huge number of clones on a variety of topics that repeat the gameplay of the original game. The rules are simple: a chain of colored balls is moving along the screen and the player needs to collect sequences of three or more one colored elements shooting with the frog's bubbles. The resulting combinations bring the player points, open bonuses and help pass the level. There are two online versions of Zuma: the classic Deluxe and the sequel Revenge with improved graphics and additional bonuses.
  3. 3. - Bubble Shooters and More visit us at Red Ball A series of arcade games tells about the adventures of the main character Red Ball in different worlds and planets. In the beginning the character needs to move carefully on each level, avoiding traps, abysses and dangerous mechanisms, but in further parts you will meet dangerous opponents with whom Red Ball is going to engage. The player at each level will need to think through the sequence of his actions in order to overcome all the traps and get to the coveted door. Good reaction and logical thinking will help to complete all tasks and levels.
  4. 4. - Bubble Shooters and More visit us at Bubble Shooter The shooting with colored balls becomes even more interesting when the balls begin to move down towards the player, who now needs to shoot more accurately to remove the one-color combinations of three or more balls from the screen. Otherwise, dozens of balls will inevitably crush the cannon you are controlling and the game will be over. We present you classic game Bubble Shooter with simple rules. At the bottom of the screen is a gun from which the player shoots the balls at the top of the screen. The combination of one colored balls is removed from the field and brings points. Periodically, all the balls group from the top is moved one step down and constant misses can lead to a quick loss. Accurate shots will bring the player points, and their achievements can be shared in the comments.
  5. 5. - Bubble Shooters and More visit us at