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  1. 1. - European Attractions and Tourist Maps visit us at Travel to Germany If you are going on a trip to Germany, it's time to pay attention to hundreds of attractions and simply interesting places open to tourists, without which a visit to this country will not be complete. On the pages of the site we collected the most valuable and bright points, which are obligatory for visiting. These are museums, castles, palaces, squares, tourist streets, monuments, fountains, historical buildings and much more. Using the functionality of the site, you can not only learn more about Germany, but also download to your navigator or smartphone KML and GPX files with already marked tourist places and thus navigate on the spot during your trip will be much more easy.
  2. 2. - European Attractions and Tourist Maps visit us at Berlin The capital of Germany Berlin attracts with its beauty, history and openness. Most of the interesting places are gathered in the central part of the city, so you can easily visit them. Fans of WW2 history should definitely visit the legendary checkpoint Charley and Berlin Wall Memorial. Those who are interested in architecture it is worth exploring Reichstag Building and Berliner Dom. Numerous museums are also required to visit: Old Museum and New Museum, Bode Museum and National Gallery.
  3. 3. - European Attractions and Tourist Maps visit us at Munich Cultural and architectural sightseeings attract tourists to Munich. Old and new Town Halls, Old Pinakothek and New Pinakothek museums, zoos and gardens in the middle of the city are just a few of the places you should definitely go to. To visit all tourist destinations in Munich not enough even few days, but thanks to iTouristMaps. com you can choose exactly those that are really interesting to you.
  4. 4. - European Attractions and Tourist Maps visit us at Hamburg Port city in Germany Hamburg has an interesting history, inimitable architecture and offers tourists to visit a lot of colorful attractions. The most unusual museums are collected here: Museum of Labor, German Duty Museum, Museum of Water and other. A large zoo, Japanese gardens, planetarium will please the majority of travelers. But special attention should be paid to water, because most of the history and life of the city is connected with it. Visit the port with interesting historical buildings and go to the huge fish market, where you can not only look at a variety of seafood, but also choose to yourself a freshly caught fish which is immediately cooked and served along with the garnish.
  5. 5. - European Attractions and Tourist Maps visit us at - European Attractions and Tourist Maps