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Using Attraction Marketing For Home Based Businesses


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The definitive video series on Attraction Marketing by Mike Dillard himself:

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Using Attraction Marketing For Home Based Businesses

  1. 1. ==== ====Click Here to Gain Instant Access to Mike Dillards FREE 7 Day Boot Camp Video Series!: ====Whats this "Attraction Marketing" all about?If I can put it in simple terms, it would be doing marketing that attracts people to you. Youre theone being hunted down instead of being the hunter. People come rushing for you, instead of yourushing for them. If you want to put it in Marketing principles, you are using the Pull factor.Is Attraction Marketing New?If you ask me if its new, I would say that the term Attraction Marketing is new, but the practice isnot. Many traditional businesses are already practicing Attraction Marketing, just that they may nothave a term for it.Why Attraction Marketing Is So Powerful?If you know attraction marketing, and have been practicing it well, you will know the power of it.People who you attracted come to you with their credit cards in their hands ready to swipe. On thecontrary, if you are not using attraction marketing, the people are not ready-to-buy people, andthats why you always need convincing, persuasion or some NLP closing techniques to get theperson to buy from you.However, bear in mind that you can also build a business without attraction marketing. You canstill use convincing, persuasion or special closing techniques to close sales and earn big-fatcommissions. People have proven that, especially people in the Sales industry. But...Why Attraction Marketing is definitely so important to you?Firstly, you only attract the people you want. You save time convincing people who are notinterested in your product or services. You would not have to come across pushy to others. Ifpeople come to you, they are the best prospects you can get, than those you go after.Lets say you are selling an investment package worth $10,000, with a potential of generating a10% interest annually.Which is easier?You going around asking people if they have $10,000 to invest, convincing them that the 10%returns are real, and that the company will pay out bonuses if there are higher returns, and that thecompany wont go bankrupt... then trying to close them with Brian Tracys Ultimate Closing Skill.You may get punched if you try to be too pushy your pitch, or trying to come up with some closing
  2. 2. techniques.Or...You attract the right people who want to buy that investment package, which already have$10,000 in their hands, with a pen on their right hand, and signing on the dotted-line once youhand them the form. They sign the form, and thank you for introducing such a good plan to them,and they may help you get more sales by introducing potential investors to you. (Word Of Mouth!!)You would have chosen the attraction marketing model (unless you are some thick-skinnedsalesmen.)So How do you attract people to you?Okay. I believe that may be something that you want to know right now, after learning all thebenefits of attraction marketing in your business. There are thousands of ways you can attractpeople to buy from you, the question is, is it viable or not only.:)There are businesses which uses money to attract people to them. These businesses are mostcommonly as Sweepstakes or Lottery. They will show the top award for the lucky winner, the topearnings of past winners, so to attract more people to take part and buy more lottery tickets fromthem.There are businesses which uses value to attract people to them. Doctors and Lawyers are verygood examples. They may be the Top professional in their field and people hire them, either toremove a tumor or settle a lawsuit, because they know they can get the job done. They got thevalue to provide to others, that some other doctors or lawyers cant provide.If youre in network marketing, youre attracting people to work with you, because they know theycan learn how to build a business by partnering up with you. They know how much they value theycan receive from your training and mentorship if they partner with you, and not someone else.Thats Attraction.Basically, you can see that Attraction Marketing is a concept that if you know how to do it, it willreally help you in your business, and bring you results that you will never imagine.Why it matters to me?Yes. I use attraction marketing in my business, simply because, it really save a lot of my time onmy business. I invest my time on people who are interested, and not people who are notinterested. I do not waste time convincing people my business model works, or that it is notillegal...etc. I do explain to people about it, when they come to me with an open-mind andinterested for more information, Not with a closed and skeptical mind.Why it may matters to you?I dont know if you are running any business currently.
  3. 3. If you are running a business, regardless online or offline, I do appreciate you to take some time tolearn the concepts of attraction marketing, because it will seriously benefit you in your business.If you are not in a business, then I would consider your Life as your business. Learn attractionmarketing to attract the things you want in life to you. You want the best job in the world? Youwant to get Head-Hunted by Top companies? You want to attract the best girlfriend/boyfriend toyou?Then go learn Attraction Marketing!Now, this is controversial.Is it right to attract people using money?As written above, there are many ways you can attract people to you. You can attract peoplethrough VALUE (like doctors), through your LEADERSHIP (like all worlds famous countryleaders)... or you can attract them with MONEY.But Is it right to attract with money?If you ask me, I would say you can attract people with money, but the attraction would not last.The attraction will cease once you ran out of money. If you attract with money, the people whocome for you, are after your money. You would have seen couples are hitched because of oneside is attracted to its wealth and riches. When the wealth is gone, the relationship is gone.If youre in network marketing, you would have seen many people flanking their big checks orflashy big cars to prospects to entice them to join. Yes. They can sponsor people this way. But ifyou are not going to give value to them, create a leader out of every member you sponsor, Imgoing to tell you, these people will leave once you are not driving that car again. You will alwaysneed more MONEY to attract these people, to motivate this people to work.Furthermore, these "money-attraction" method does not duplicate. Network Marketing talks aboutduplication. How are you going to teach your new members to sponsor people? Do you lend themyour flashy car to show-off to their friends? Do you give them your big fat check and flank aroundtheir neighborhood? After all, if you manage to do all these, what kind of team, culture and valuesare you inculcating in these people?I think you know the answer.Look at Mohandas Gandhi, Look at Mother Theresa, or even Look at Jesus (or your mighty God).They do not attract people using money. They attract people through Leadership, Helping people,giving more and more Value to every single people they come across. And thats why their legacyreigns, even after tens or even thousands of years.Now I hope you have a good idea what attraction marketing is all about, and what is the realattraction behind all successful people. Pardon me if I digress a little bit here and there.
  4. 4. Ding Neng is an Internetwork Marketing Specialist who teaches people how to use the internet tobuild their network marketing business online. To get more information about attraction marketingand how it applies to your business, read this attraction marketing article at his blog now.Article Source: ====Click Here to Gain Instant Access to Mike Dillards FREE 7 Day Boot Camp Video Series!: ====