How to Create Techniques for Attraction Marketing


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The definitive video series on Attraction Marketing by Mike Dillard himself:

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How to Create Techniques for Attraction Marketing

  1. 1. ==== ====Click Here to Gain Instant Access to Mike Dillards FREE 7 Day Boot Camp Video Series!: ====How by apply Attraction Marketing Principles that show you how to build your Home BasedBusiness virally with out chasing cold leads or harassing friends and family.Why Attraction Marketing and What is It?It is a switch from the old system where every single person was a prospect to be pursued. Youused tactics like the 3 Foot Rule everywhere you went - grocery store, bank, coffee bar etc. Noone was safe and you had no personal life. You learnt to get out of your comfort zone and enticepeople into your business from a cold start. Yes, sometimes it works, especially for those salestypes who have no fear of rejection. Often prospects would join your opportunity to get rid of youand shortly afterwards they would quit.Dont misunderstand me I believe firmly in Network Marketing as it levels the playing field ofopportunity for everyone and with the Attraction Marketing methods it opens up the door to manymore prospects who are actively looking for a networking opportunity..Think of it as positioning yourself in the right place in the correct manner as opposed toprospecting. Become the hunted instead of the hunter. No need for the snake oil technique anymore,Attraction Marketing has moved the goal posts and it now serves everyone.What are the Basic Principles of Attraction Marketing ?Attraction Marketing is about building relationships, trust and giving value.In order to attract people to you and your products or opportunity your need primarily to establishwho are your TARGET market prospects and your potential business partners. Dont assume whatyou think they want is what they want. Do the research. Go to Google and type in some key wordsfor your target marketing and see where it leads you.Once you have established what your target market needs are, then begin to supply VALUE tothem. You have to GIVE before you start pitching your products."Give everyone more in use value than you take from him in cash value. Then you are adding tothe life of the world by every business transaction" (Wallace Wattle - The Science of Getting Rich.)Many people laugh when they here the secret of success is giving. Then again, most people arenowhere near as successful as they would wish they were.
  2. 2. Relationships come first, with attraction marketing, business second. There is no hard sell. Whena prospect finds you from your point of contact, which may be an article, blog, video etc. they arealready interested in what you have to offer. It is at this point that you begin to establish what hasattracted them to you in the first place. Now is the time to be interested in them and find out moreabout who they are. The old F.O.R.M still has its uses- Family, Occupation, Relationship, andMoney. What do they want? What issues are they trying to address? How can you help them solvetheir issues? What have you got to offer them?You are now building trust and a relationship andthis is a far more rewarding way to do business.As the business relationship develops you are also branding YOU and your personality and theyare beginning to trust you. This is continuing to build customer rapport. Remember your potentialcustomers are not interested in YOU personally at this stage. Your point of contact has alreadywhetted their appetite sufficiently to look further into what you have to offer them. Think about this.If you have identical products to another marketer, what has attracted your prospects to you? Theyneed to know, like and trust you and at the same time they are looking for what it is you have tooffer. If you are involved with health products you may have written an article on arthritis and yourpotential client may be looking to address this health issue. You are not flogging your companysproducts at this point. Maybe you have produced a video or blog about basic steps to build anMLM opportunity and avoid the pitfalls. Your prospective distributor may be looking for anetworking opportunity and eventually may be interested in joining your opportunity. Once youhave built that relationship you are more likely to retain your clients or team members.Enjoy the process without chasing your prospects. Treat them as you would like to be treated.Patience is also a watch word here. It is a process to be followed. This will engender TRUST fromyour prospects.So now we know the basic principles of establishing your TARGET market, giving VALUE, buildingRELATIONSHIPS and TRUST, now you need to acquire the skills and methods to develop yourbusiness? All this is very low cost and in many instances no cost except your time and effort.These methods can be applied to online and offline businesses.To develop and build relationships you become a member of the various Social Networking siteslike Facebook, My Space, Twitter and others. This is where you develop rapport with fans andfriends across the globe. There is a code of ethics and this is not the place to pitch your products.Gradually people begin to know, recognise and trust you. You behave socially as you would in thenormal world and show interest in your friends on the social networks.You will need help to grow your business with some Internet Network Marketing Training. This willteach you all the various methods of attracting prospects to you. Some will appeal more thanothers. With web 2.0 it is not necessary to be a TECHIE. As long as you can switch on yourcomputer and have a basic knowledge of programmes like Word and how to send e.mail, you canbe taught the rest through click by click visual tutorials which you can replay until you understand.I can assure you this works because this is the process that I too have followed. When I firststumbled across Attraction Marketing I was looking for a solution to my MLM sponsoringdifficulties, finding or buying leads and the attrition rates. The whole concept was completely newto me but I was totally bold over by this concept which made so much sense. I poked around formonths and gained insight into Attraction Marketing but until I began with Internet Network
  3. 3. Marketing Training in a methodical way I was not attracting prospects because I did notunderstand the system of how it all fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle.. Suddenly the light went onfor me and it all came together like a spiders web.The Attraction Marketing Methods offer you the opportunity of monetization through the usegeneric information and not your primary network marketing opportunity. You are able to offerother peoples products fro free or low cost to help you prospects. This results in commissionswhilst you are building you business.There are several points that you need to get in place to build your viral pipeline and haveprospects chasing you.1.First you establish your Point of Contact.This leads your potential client to you and your offers and information. It may be an advertisement,an article , video or website. All these methods can be used at no cost to you. Internet NetworkMarketing Training is available to teach you all these methods. If the thought of building your ownwebsite terrifies you believe me this is not at all difficult with web 2.0 technology. You do not needto know programming language.2. Set up a Capture or Splash page.This is designed to capture your customers information. Once they have completed their details-name, e.mail address, they have given you permission to contact them with your offers likenewsletters or free reports. This is important: They have given you PERMISSION. You are notchasing them.3. Set up an Auto-responder.The auto responder is where your list of interested clients are registered.. The auto-responderautomatically sends the e.mail, newsletters, and offer to the people who have opted in on yourcapture page. They have given your PERMISSION to contact them.Now you are beginning to leverage you time. The auto-responder does the work for you whilst youare sleeping. Just think of people around the world in different time zones who are waking upwhen you are going to bed but your business works 24 hours a day. This is such an empoweringway to build a business.You can also create additional income streams to offset your cost whilst developing your businessthrough the use of Funded Proposal or Affiliate Marketing strategies e.g. Mike Dillards MagneticSponsoring or Jeff Johnsons Underground Training Lab. You capitalize on the trend ofentrepreneurs who are looking to build their businesses. You can offer information products, toolsand software and when they are sold you gain commissions for marketing other peoples products.There are hundreds if not thousands of affiliate opportunities on the net, something to suiteveryone and align with your target market.With the power of the Internet and the globalization of the worlds countries there has never beena better time when it has been easier and low cost to set up and promote a business, online oroffline. As our economies are changing and with the present economic downturn this is an
  4. 4. incredible time to engage in developing your second or third income stream.With Attraction Marketing revolutionising the Network Marketing Industry and returning it to its trueprofessional status this is the moment of opportunity many people are looking for.The MLM industry will take on a new modern look that is more acceptable to many people. ThisRelationship style of building a business by giving value will invite many more prospects into yourfunnel.Once again we can enjoy our lives, our families and through social contact and networking buildbusinesses with a firm basis.We are at the tip of the iceberg with technology and it just continues to get better and easier everysingle day. With more and more people looking to work from home Attraction Marketing haseverything to offer.Whatever your target or interest is you can use Attraction Marketing Strategies to build yourbusiness from home, online and offline, and never chase another prospect again. Enjoy and havefun as your prospects are attracted into your marketing funnel.Judith AtkinsonYour Partner in Success.This article has been written by Judith Atkinson. Judith spent many years in education andteaching arena and she has a passion for helping people to find their niche and develop boththemselves and their businesses. Judith likes to break things down into bite size pieces ofinformation that non-techies can understand.She has also had an active career in opening, organising and operating her own businesses andworking them both from outside and inside the home environment.Always looking for a new challenge and direction, this s has led to Attraction Marketing andMindset via the Internet. This is an incredible opportunity for anyone who grasps the big pictureand really is prepared to go for it. Judith sees her role in pointing people in the right direction toshort circuit some of the pitfalls that she has overcome.She coaches, mentors and is a solutions provider to Newbies and BabyBoomers on how todevelop their Work from Home, on- line businesses. Your success is her success. How can shehelp you? Find our more about her an go get your free reports:[]judith.attractionmarketing@gmail.comSkype: Judith070842Mobile:626 051 693
  5. 5. Source: ====Click Here to Gain Instant Access to Mike Dillards FREE 7 Day Boot Camp Video Series!: ====