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How to Attract Tons of Leads Using Attraction Marketing


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The definitive video series on Attraction Marketing by Mike Dillard himself:

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How to Attract Tons of Leads Using Attraction Marketing

  1. 1. ==== ====Click Here to Gain Instant Access to Mike Dillards FREE 7 Day Boot Camp Video Series!: ====You might think Attraction Marketing is a load of hocus pocus but that would be a big mistake. Itdoesnt take much thought to realize that Attraction Marketing is a real and proven marketingmodel. Just think of a particular hamburger empire. Theres also nothing new about it.In fact before the internet was ever dreamed of, copywriters and marketing people were using itsprincipals to make masses of money for some pretty big companies world wide.In short, its all about attracting your target market to you by branding and advertising yourself.Attraction Marketing is kind of based on alignment with Universal Law. Anything to do with internetmarketing, "attraction marketing" and network marketing just fascinates me. On the internetespecially, Attraction Marketing is about freely giving knowledge and value before you areexpecting to receive. This website is a great example.The second important aspect to grasp is that you are allowing people to come to you. Attractionmarketing is pretty much as it sounds. Attraction marketing is about making a customer for life notjust making a sale. And what do they buy? In time they buy you.Attraction marketing is strictly a generic process. If they like what they see and its helpful to them,theyll come back. Its that simple. But like anything, theres plenty of finer detail to learn.When using Attraction Marketing to promote your business, it means you use tools - either onlineor offline - to first of all attract interested parties to you and then you only talk to people who havealready expressed an interest in what you do. This is one system you really do need to succeed ininternet marketing. Attract and sort - thats it. No cold pitching or hounding anyone.Attraction marketing is the finest form of advertising for you and your business . Prospects may notjoin your business but when the seed is planted and given a little loving care, who know howstrong that trust and respect will go, or where it will take you?Dont be fooled though. Attraction marketing is not a totally passive thing. It is interactive. In otherwords, an interaction takes place between people to produce a relationship. Attraction Marketing isthe new school marketing method of attracting people to you through the use of the internet viainternet social sites, blogs, lead capture pages, email, etc. Now you are the hunted, instead of thehunter.Attracting your target market to you saves you tons of time and the fear of rejection. Think of it aspre-selling these prospects (who have found you) well before they listen to your primary businessoffer.
  2. 2. If you are a complete novice, think of it as a big funnel. At the wide end are all the prospects whofind you. Over time, these prospects filter down the funnel until a certain percentage of highlytargeted prospects ask you to join your business because they like you and what you offer.In between you keep offering them more of what they want and need.Be sure to check out the links below to get your free attraction marketing training videos.Start here to quickly learn the basics of attraction marketing andgrow your list of hot prospects by 917 in a few weeks, just as I did. Then you too can effortlesslygrow your home-business, sack your day job and be the envy of all your 9-5 friends, just as I did.To get the full marketing system go to http://www.FrancinePullman.comArticle Source: ====Click Here to Gain Instant Access to Mike Dillards FREE 7 Day Boot Camp Video Series!: ====