Promax Trend Event - APril 24th


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Presentation as given during Promax' Trend Event 2014 on technologies that change(d) our world and 3 profound changes that change our IT landscape

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Promax Trend Event - APril 24th

  1. 1. @ronaldvelten Marketing & Communucations Director IBM Europe Technologies That Change(d) Our World#TrendEvent
  2. 2. IBM Institute for Business ValueShare a few perspectives from IBM
  3. 3. With the intend to initiate some fresh ideas
  4. 4. Potentially discovering a golden nugget delicious
  5. 5. Technology does not make us less social
  6. 6. © 2013 IBM Corporation We live in interesting times
  7. 7. Rapidly changing global dynamics
  8. 8. Rapidly changing global dynamics
  9. 9. New Markets Emerging with Africa on the rise
  10. 10. New Markets Emerging with Africa on the rise
  11. 11. New Markets Emerging with Africa on the rise
  12. 12. Changing the corporate landscape as we know it
  13. 13. Changing jobs as we known them
  14. 14. Changing jobs as we known them
  15. 15. How we interact has changed #ED2014WE
  16. 16. Stay, Duck or Move
  17. 17. IBM Institute for Business Value 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 2013 Technology factors Market factors Macro-economic factors People skills Regulatory concerns Socio-economic factors Globalization Environmental issues Geopolitical factors Technology is shaping our corporate agenda CEO Studies 2004–2013
  18. 18. We are facing 3 profound changes
  19. 19. Data the new basis for realizing 
 competitive advantage We are facing 3 profound changes
  20. 20. IBM Institute for Business Value 201 Trillion connected devices in 2015
  21. 21. IBM Institute for Business Value 211 billion social updated every 2 days
  22. 22. We generate 500 million DVDs of data every day!
  23. 23. And 80% of all data generated is unstructured
  24. 24. 29 Data is the new basis of competitive advantage   ! Leaders will:   ! Drive business outcomes by applying more sophisticated analytics 
 across more disparate sources in more parts of their organization.   ! Capture the time value of data by developing ‘speed of insight’ and 
 ‘speed of action’ as core differentiators. 
 Change the game in their industry or profession with cognitve capability

  25. 25. Improving traffic flow IBM and NXP work with the city of Eindhoven to create a smarter traffic system
  26. 26. Cities are using analytics to better serve its citizens... Prepare for growth Almere is using statistical analysis to improve its customer service to inhabitants despite the city´s rapid growth
  27. 27. ...and its visitors Discover tourist behaviour Amsterdam Tourist & Convention board is using analytics to uncover patterns in tourist behaviour
  28. 28. Fighting Crime IBM helps Rio de Janeiro’s city leaders to manage a safer, smarter city based upon realtime insights
  29. 29. …and increase profitability Limiting risk NIBC bank has the foresight and agility it needs to promptly respond to quickly changing market and economic situations so that it can maximize profits and limit risks.
  30. 30. Get better customer insight is using Analytics from the IBM Cloud to better understand customers
  31. 31. Data the new basis for realizing 
 competitive advantage We are facing 3 profound changes Cloud adoption, changing
 business models as we know 
  32. 32. 46 Cloud is changing the IT-landscape as we know it
  33. 33. Cloud demands, and enables new business models ! Leaders will:   ! Integrate public and private clouds with back-end systems to create hybrid environments.   ! Seek, or be required, to manage cloud environments with the same rigor as 
 on premise datacenters
 Use cloud to reinvent core business processes and create room to innovate

  34. 34. 53 Serving unprecedented demand Game developer Kuuluu counts elies on IBM Softlayer for the roll-out of their falgship game featuring Linkin Park
  35. 35. High Performance Computing Red Bull Racing Team uses IBMs cloud infrastructure to solve complicated problems requiring on the spot high performance computing power, but without dealing with 
 the pre-investment.
  36. 36. High Performance Gaming Serving 130 Million gamers globally Multiplay counts on IBM to improve the individual gamer experience, enabling flexibile capacity management and fast 
 roll-out of game updates
  37. 37. Serving 500Mn. users WhatsApp is hosting on IBM SoftLayer to efficiently and securely serve its millions of global users. As do Yelp, Fitbit, tumblr and Dropbox....
  38. 38. Realizing the quantified self Over 500.000 Fitbit users track their daily activities utilizing the IBM infrastructure
  39. 39. Data the new basis for realizing 
 competitive advantage We are facing 3 profound changes Cloud adoption, changing
 business models as we know 
 them Engagement, changing the
 way the world works
  40. 40. We need to meet the demand of the empowered customer
  41. 41. the more demanding customer #ED2014WE
  42. 42. the next generation customer #ED2014WE
  43. 43. the digital centric customer
  44. 44. the digital centric customer
  45. 45. 66 A systematic approach to engagement is now required ! Leaders will:   ! Use mobile and social to increase speed and responsiveness and meet customers, partners and employees where they are and how they want   ! Want to personalize every meaningful interaction ! Need to earn continuously the right to serve customers which demands privacy, security and trust  
  46. 46. We need to become digital savvy #ED2014WE
  47. 47. IBM Institute for Business Value
  48. 48. MOVIE:  BOY  AND  HIS  ATOM
  49. 49. 81 Analyzing the Big Bang Research institute ASTRON will use streaming analytics to deliver insight 
 from the world’s largest radio telescope
  50. 50. 82 VU University is helping to improve cognitive computer systems like Watson Understand human language
  52. 52. Three things to remember … #ED2014WE
  53. 53. So jump in the world of the smarter enterprise
  54. 54. Since we don’t want to wake-up on a morning ….
  55. 55. Questions?
  56. 56. @ronaldvelten