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  1. 1. Creativity-and presentation 50%<br />Originality 30 relevance to the theme 20<br />Interested parties may get their registration forms from their respective College Dean’s Office/Office of Student Affairs. Each participant may submit a maximum of two (2) entries only. Entries must be placed in a sealed long brown envelope, together with the registration form and a photocopy of their school ID and to be submitted to their respective College Dean’s Office/ Office of Student Affairs. Deadline for submission is on June 27, 2008. <br />Criteria for judging are as follows:<br />Slogan - Making Contest<br />Concept/Message - 40%<br />Originality - 30%<br />Impact - 30%<br />Amateur Photo Contest<br />Technical quality – 20%<br />Artistic Composition – 20%<br />Relevance - 40%<br />Impact - 20% <br />Special Mechanics for each category:<br />Slogan Making Contest – Filipino or English languages may be used. Entry must be printed in a short bond paper and mounted on an 8.5” x 11” black illustration board.<br />Amateur Photo Contest - Works/entries must be printed on A4 size photo or inkjet paper mounted on an illustration board which should be accompanied with a brief, one paragraph explanation of the artist's concept. A copy of the photo must be placed in a CD in JPEG format along with the filename to be placed inside the long brown envelope together with the registration form and valid ID.<br /> <br />