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Equivalent record form


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Equivalent record form

  1. 1. Republic of the Philippines Department of Education National Capital Region DIVISION OF MARIKINA CITY SCHOOLS MARIKINA CITY EQUIVALENT RECORD FORM Name Date of Birth Sex Surname Given Name Middle Name Employee Number Authorized Position Title Item Number _________ NCC # _________CY________ Authorized Salary____________________ 1. Educational Attainment And Civil Service Eligibility Title, Degree of Civil Service Highest Grade Name of Institution Year Received Rating Date Eligibility Attained 11. Service Record: ATTACHED DULY CERTIFIED SERVICE RECORD 111. Equivalent Units: A. Total No. of Years in Teaching :Public Only___________ Equivalent_________ B. Degree to Degree Equivalent :Present Degree_________Equivalent_________ C. Areas of Equivalent : School Year :No. of Units : Description : 1. Professional Study : : : : 2. Teaching Experience : : : : a. Public School : : : : b. Private School : : : : 3. Adm/Supervisor Experience : : : : a. Public School : : : : b. Private School : : : : 4. Others: Seminars/Workshops etc. : : : : LATEST EFFICIENCY RATING __________________________ TOTAL:_______________ NOTED BY: Principal Signature of Teacher NOTE: Teacher: Do not write below: School 1V. Division Date Range Schedule Action Salary Range Remarks Processed Assignment Salary Classification CERTIFIED CORRECT: RECOMMENDING APPROVAL: WILMA P. MONTALLA EDUARDO V. LOPEZ Human Resource Management Officer 1 Schools Division Superintendent V. DEPED & Regional Office Action: Classification _______________________________ Range: _________________________ Date Processed Approved: ________________________Post Audited at range __________ (For Future References) Regional Director Evaluator VI. DEPED PROPER ACTION: