Clearing ie passwords


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Clearing ie passwords

  1. 1. TECH TIPSClearing password history in Internet Explorer
  2. 2. With InternetExplorer open, clickon the TOOLS tab.At the bottom, youwill see INTERNETOPTIONS. Click onINTERNET OPTIONS.A new window willopen.
  3. 3. In the INTERNET OPTIONS window, click on the content tab.Then click on the first SETTINGS button.After you click on the SETTINGS button, the AUTOCOMPLETE window will open.In the AUTOCOMPLETE window, Check only the ADDRESS BAR and FAVORITES.Make sure the others are blank.Then click on the DELETE AUTOCOMPLETE HISTORY button.
  4. 4. After you click on the DELETEAUTOCOMPLETE HISTORY button anew window opens.Check every box EXCEPT the top one,“Preserve Favorites website data.”Next, you need to click the DELETEbutton.A new window will open and show thatyour history is being deleted.After the history is deleted, close anywindows that remain open, restartInternet Explorer. It should notremember your passwords any more.