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LIFTOFF - MySQLCamp for the Oracle DBA


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Only after a successful preparation covered in IGNITION can you be ready for the implementation and management of a MySQL ecosystem and a successful launch of your product.

We Discuss:

* Escape Options – Before and after backup and recovery situations
* Good to Go – Knowing and confirming your MySQL environment is ready
* Full Throttle – Understanding and Improving MySQL database performance
* A Green Dashboard – Monitoring for Success
* The Human Factor – Nobody is perfect, dealing with the design changes
* Propellant – The murky mess of MySQL versions, patches and variants
* Best Practices – Proven techniques for consistency, automation and reproducibility

Note: This is volume 2 of a two part series

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LIFTOFF - MySQLCamp for the Oracle DBA

  1. 1. L I F TO F F MySQLCamp for the Oracle DBA Class of 2010.04 Ronald Bradford - Instructor
  2. 2. O PE R AT I N G PLAN Escape Options Good to Go A Green Dashboard Full Throttle The Human Factor Propellant Best Practices LIFTOFF - 2010.04
  3. 3. I GN I TI ON REC AP Translation Installation Protection Detail The Dashboard Mechanics Redundancy Checklists LIFTOFF - 2010.04
  4. 4. ES C A P E O PT ION S Backup Options Recovery Concerns Disaster Situations Testing & Timing LIFTOFF - 2010.04
  5. 5. G OO D TO G O Monitored Tested Stressed Downtime options Failover options LIFTOFF - 2010.04
  6. 6. A G R E E N DASH BOARD Physical resources Instance management Instance operations Application access Data volume LIFTOFF - 2010.04
  7. 7. F UL L T HR OTTLE Availability Scalability Resilience LIFTOFF - 2010.04
  8. 8. T HE H UM AN FACTOR Bad SQL Repeating SQL Unnecessary SQL Network traffic Blocking statements LIFTOFF - 2010.04
  9. 9. P R O PE L LAN T MySQL is an ecosystem not just a company LIFTOFF - 2010.04
  10. 10. P R O PE L LAN T MySQL (tm) products Percona Performance Builds MariaDB Our Delta Drizzle Patches & Hacks LIFTOFF - 2010.04
  11. 11. BE S T PR ACT IC ES Automation Know the CLI Monitoring & alerting “NOW” dashboard Know your technology Embrace our community LIFTOFF - 2010.04
  12. 12. LIFTOFF - 2010.04