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Strategic Management - Mphasis (IT Company)


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Strategic Management - Mphasis (IT Company)

  1. 1. Strategic Management January 8, 2012.
  2. 2. SW Helpful HarmfulOT Strength Weaknesses Risk diversified by different verticalInternal 43 % revenue coming through BFSI Benefits from EDS & Hewlett- verticals. Packard Difficult in getting the right kind of Wide range of Awards & people on board. recognition. Inch-wide and mile-deep Opportunities Threats High Promoter holding indicated Economic crisis & sharp decline in IT the confidence in the business spending due to macroeconomicExternal disruptions. Recent depreciation of Indian Rupee Countries like China & Philippines with qualified workforce to overcome High quality IT education market the English language barrier. Upcoming International Players Security threats
  3. 3. Porter’s 5 Force Bargaining Power of Threat of New Entrants Consumers The potential entry of new High Bargaining power. competitor is high. Many players in the market Easy to gain access toto offer similar products and technology & capital services to the clients requirement. Rivalry within an Industry Exist many players - high rival among the competitor. Poor Advertising, Marketing & Distribution Bargaining Power of Threat of Substitute Products Suppliers Products and services - Mainly manpower. mainly customized. Salary and allowances. Some regular product Least affect in terms of enhancement, but can’t be bargaining power of proper Substitute. Suppliers.
  4. 4. Key Success factors Maximum ROI One stop shop To help clients to Mphasis is a onemange change to stop shop for thedrive the business IT needs for anperformance and organization derive maximum leveraging value from IT ITO, BPO and HP investment. lines. of business.
  5. 5. Core competency Architect Community - Flexible, customer Crafting high-end focused, performance-technology solutions and driven engagement leading enterprise models architecture initiatives Proven Thoughttechnology, domain and leadership, innovative process expertise for solutions and global integrated offerings presence
  6. 6. BCG Matrix Relative market share position High Low Stars Question Marks Payment Solutions High Applications Infrastructure ServicesIndustry Growth Rate Cash Cows Dogs SAP Low Product Engineering BPO Services
  7. 7. Business Strength Matrix High Medium Low Technology & High OEMs Logistics, Airlin SAP es &Long term industry attractiveness Energy & Transportation. Utilities Media & Banking & Entertainment. Medium financial service Retail & Manuf. Telecom Low Government Business Strength – competitive position
  8. 8. Industry Attractiveness – Business Strength MatrixBanking & Capital Markets Industry Industry Transportation & Logistic Investment banks Content is Revenue system Asset management Airport operations Cards & payment Customer services Retail / Corporate banking & lending Telecom and media Entertainment SAP Content is Application service and Financial servicesoutsourcing for both telecom and media Human capital management CRM
  9. 9. Life Cycle portfolio mixStrong APPAverage ITO BPOWeak Early Industry Rapid Shake Market Maturity Decline Development Takeoff Growth out Saturation Stage in life cycle
  10. 10. THANK YOU