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PESTLE - Switzerland


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PESTLE analysis made for the Business management project for Switzerland as a country for doing business.

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PESTLE - Switzerland

  1. 1. Zurich! 41,285km2! Bern! 7,866,500 (2010 estimate)!Swiss France! $45,265!
  2. 2. P E S T L E
  3. 3. PoliticalEconomicalSocialTechnologicalLegalEnvironmental
  4. 4. PESTLE Membership! WTO, Organization for Economic Co- operation and Development Council ofParliament! Europe, Organization for Security andBicameral- Federal Assembly! Cooperation, International Atomic EnergyCouncil of states - Upper House! Agency, European Free Trade !The National Council - Lower House! Association etc.!Tenure - 4 years! Relations! Diplomatic! Avoided Alliances!Judiciary! Authorities easily accessible & Transparent !Independent!Any change - referendum ismandatory! Ratings!Right to Citizen to challenge a law ! Ranks 7th - Index of perception ! of corruption.! Leads the 2005 index on Freedom of the Press!
  5. 5. PESTLE Sectors & Industries! Exports – chemicals, machines/electronics, ! and precision instruments/watches.!Standard Of Living! Imports – health & pharmaceutical, measuringVery high quality of life! instruments, musical instruments, Food &Infrastructure & Connectivity! Beverages.! Overwhelmingly private sector economy!High disposable income! Swiss banks – Best in the world. !Stability!Very Stable & Modern Economy.!Highest European rating in the Index of Very High GDP – Ranks 8th!Economic Freedom 2010.! Very Low inflation rate. !Swiss franc remains one of the worlds (rising to an estimated 0.7% forstrongest currencies! 2011)!Most competitive economy in the world ! Very High Purchasing Power Parity!
  6. 6. PESTLE Ratings! Quality  of  life  Index  –  2nd  (India,73)   Sa8sfac8on  in  life  Index  –  2nd  India  (India,125)  Culture Forces ! HD  Index  –  11th  (India,134)  Highly educated & trained.! Global  Peace  Index  –  16th  (India,135)  No official state religion ! Life  Expectancy  Index  –  3rd  (India,139)  20 % are foreign workers!  -­‐82.1  years  vis-­‐à-­‐vis  64.7  years  Social Life!Mandatory to buy universal health Swiss !insurance from private insurance Perfectionist, Highly qualified,companies.! Doers & Imaginative, Religious,High in Gun politics! Moral and ethical valued,Many stores are closed for long lunch Trustworthy, Peace loving, Quality(noon to 3pm) & Store closes by 7 PM! conscious, Focus on Long-TermAugust 1 - Swiss National Day is the only Relationships, Consensus &!federal holiday.! Punctuality and Orderliness!People donʼt prefer eating outside!
  7. 7. PESTLE Pattern! Very advanced in E-markets & E-banking!Background! Biotechnology medical devices, information andPoor in Natural resources! communication technologies (ICT) & micro- andHighly advances in Sci & Tech! nanotechnology!R & D - 2.9% of GDP! Infrastucture!Activity! Lötschberg Base Tunnel (LBT)34.57-km!Heavily active in re-cycling (66% to 96%)! Most dense rail network in Europe!Most innovative nation in Europe by SII!(Summary Innovation Index)!Highest no. of patent applications! Literacy!Research & Innovation forms driving force ! 45% active population in Sci & Tech.! Every 12th person from 1000 in R & D.! Although half of them havenʼt received tertiary Education & Training (22%)!
  8. 8. PESTLE Taxes! Tax heaven nation! Each canton has their own tax rates!Background ! Tax Exemptions is benefit for doingSwiss Citizenship- birth, marriage! business abroad & foreign person resident!Right to Private Ownership & Fined on the basis of income & profit!Establishment! Laid by Swiss Confederation, &Corruption – low! municipalities!Health insurance is compulsory! Strange laws after 1- Pm!Business Prospects!Swiss stands 22 for Ease in Business! VAT!18 days procedure to start up a business! 8% on commercial good & services!Openness to Foreign Direct Investment! Medical, Cultural & Educational goods !Protection of property rights! are tax exempt!Same laws for foreign investors ! 2.4% VAT on food, drugs, books etc!No minimum wage rate!125 % for overtime!
  9. 9. PESTLE Atmosphere! Nuclear Energy -used only for peaceful purposes.!Background ! Drinking water from tap- pure & cheap!Industry, farming, transport and leisure Champion Recyclers in the world!activities compete for space with Recycling rate for municipal solid wasteresidential areas! exceeds 40%!31% Swiss territory comprise of End use of nuclear energy in the next 2woodland! or 3 decades from the current 39 % !Best environmental records – Kyoto !Surroundings! Labor! 90% jobs depends on timber work!Bio-diversity - massive! More of forest related jobs as itWaste Management- great tool applied! comprises major territory!Vehicle Fuels- conducive to nature! Technology is used as a boon to supportForests - blessing! environment!
  10. 10. Ease of Doing Business! 2011 Ranking in doing Business! 27! Starting a Business! 2011 Ranking in doing Business! 80!Dealing with construction Permits! 2011 Ranking in doing Business! 37! Registering Property! 2011 Ranking in doing Business! 14! Giving Credit! 2011 Ranking in doing Business! 15! Protecting Investors! 2011 Ranking in doing Business! 167! Paying Taxes! 2011 Ranking in doing Business! 16! Trading Across Borders! 2011 Ranking in doing Business! 43! Enforcing Contracts! 2011 Ranking in doing Business! 28! Closing a Business! 2011 Ranking in doing Business! 41!
  11. 11. Dank schön!