3D Modelling Portfolio for SolidWorks and Pro/Engineer


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3D Modelling Portfolio for SolidWorks and Pro/Engineer

  1. 1. Ro n a kCh o u d h a r y B .E n g ,Me c h a n i c a l (2011)Samples of 3D Modeling carried outwith various software packagesDemonstrating proficiency in Mechanical Design
  2. 2. Pro/Engineer SamplesThe following images present samples ofwork carried out during my final year atuniversity. The objective of this project wasto design a transmission system to deliverpower from a 2.5 hp engine. Solidmodeling was carried out usingPro/Engineer
  3. 3. Various modeling tools were utilized to create complexgeometrical shapes and features Nuts and Bolts complete with threadsCentrifugal Clutch with springsand shaft hole
  4. 4. Shapes were modeled realistically and made visuallyappealing in order to compete against other design teams Spur Gears with key holes Roller Bearing assembly complete with cylindrical elements
  5. 5. Complex geometry was modeled using various tools Coupling, nuts and bolts Shaft with keys together in exploded view
  6. 6. Various components were accurately assembled to create atransmission Coupling Driven Shaft Gear Bearing Pinion Bearing Driving Clutch Shaft
  7. 7. The gear housing was designed based on the placement ofvarious transmission components....... Gearbox with openings for various shafts
  8. 8. ...And perfectly accommodated with the transmission
  9. 9. SolidWorks SamplesThe following images present samples of workcarried out during my Co-op placement at theNational Research Council. This was done todocument the design of a test rig in greatdetail with all major and minor components.Solid modeling was carried out usingSolidWorks
  10. 10. Small and large components were accurately modeled Gasoline Port Fuel Injector Cartridges present within fuel vaporizer
  11. 11. And precisely combined to create sub-assembliesCross Sectional and Isometric views: Fuel Injector and Vaporizercombined with various elements to create passageway for fuel flow
  12. 12. Single cylinder research engine and fuel injection system with view ofcombustion chamber and internal passages
  13. 13. Owing to the large number of components, placementrequired a great deal of visualization Spray Chamber with outer and inner views
  14. 14. The positioning of various components and sub-assemblies ofthe test rig was studied using blueprints such as this..... Piping and Instrumentation Diagram of the Test Rig
  15. 15. ......To create an complete model of the Test Rig 3D Model of the Test Rig
  16. 16. Catia V5 SamplesOver the past few months, I have beenlearning to use Catia V5. The following imagesare samples of designing I carried out with theuse of tutorials. I have become proficient inthe basic tools and functions of Catia V5 andwill soon gain expertise with advancedfeatures.
  17. 17. I’m capable of creating basic objects using Catia Water Bottle Wheel
  18. 18. As well as entities with varying features Shapes created during interactive tutorials
  19. 19. Capitalize on my talent