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Jerusalem by Night - 2008


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Jerusalem by Night...Enjoy :-)

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Jerusalem by Night - 2008

  1. 1. Photo & edit: Ron Peled 2008 [email_address] Jerusalem by Night…
  2. 2. The roof of the Holy Sepulchre (Christ Tomb - the Golgotha)
  3. 3. King David Citadel (The Tower of David )
  4. 4. The entrance to the Jaffa Gate
  5. 5. Jerusalem's citadel, known as the ''Tower of David'', is a historical and archaeological site of world importance. Over the generations it has become both a landmark and a symbol of the city
  6. 6. Inside the guardrooms of the citadel, the exhibition presents Jerusalem's history through a series of specially-designed models, illustrations, moving and static, and multi-media displays that relate the history in a chronological manner, focusing on the main events of each period
  7. 7. This is essentially a medieval fortress, with later additions. Its towers and ramparts offer splendid views of that part of Jerusalem where Old and New merge. The site of the citadel has always been the weak point in the city's defenses, compelling its rulers throughout history to fortify the site
  8. 8. Important Royal Discovery at the Museum. During the archaeological excavations of the Kishle in the grounds of the Tower of David Museum, remains from King Herod's palace were found
  9. 9. World-breaking record of visitors to exhibition - Over 1.3 million visitors came to the Tower of David Museum in 2000 to see Chihuly's Glass exhibition making it the most popular temporary exhibition for the millennium year
  10. 10. Mishkenot Sheananim - the first Jewish neighborhood outside the Old City walls
  11. 11. Mishkenot Sheananim
  12. 12. The Basilica of the Agony at Gethsemane (Church of All Nations) – Mount of Olives
  13. 13. The Temple Mount – Mosque of El Aqza (left) and the Dome of the Rock
  14. 14. Mosque of Al - Aqsa - according to Islamic tradition, Mohammad arrived on the back of a winged horse named “el-Buraq” (“The Lightning”). After tying the horse to the Western Wall (still known in Arabic as “el-Buraq”), Mohammad prayed at al-Aqsa and then ascended to heaven
  15. 15. The south east corner of the Temple Mount
  16. 16. The structure of the Dome of the Rock is called, in Arabic, Qubat al-Sakhra (which is not the Mosque of Omar, and in fact, not a mosque at all.). It was built in 691 by the Caliph Abd al-Malik (who founded the first Arab town in Israel – Ramla), and is believed to be the oldest and most intact Muslim structure in the Middle East
  17. 17. The Zion Gate
  18. 18. The entrance to the Armenian Quarter
  19. 19. The King David Hotel and the Y.M.C.A building
  20. 20. The Western Wall
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