Customer Soulution: User Centric Innovation Method

Ron Verweij
Ron VerweijInnovation Manager
Who is CustomerSoulutions?,[object Object],Sharp observers,[object Object],Listeners,[object Object],Creative Design Thinkers,[object Object],Not smooth talkers,[object Object],Do, build, play, learn,[object Object]
We offer concept development of services, products and experiencesbasedon a ‘holistic’ customercentricapproach.,[object Object],Experiences,[object Object],Services,[object Object],Products,[object Object]
Fields of work,[object Object],CustomerExperience:,[object Object],Selfservice,[object Object],Omnichannel,[object Object],Mobile, context based,[object Object],Co-creation,[object Object],Industries:,[object Object],Retail,[object Object],Mobile,[object Object],Aviation,[object Object],Healthcare,[object Object],Technology:,[object Object],QR codes,[object Object],Mobile: UX, GPS + kompass, embeddedtechnology,[object Object],Internet of Things,[object Object],Web 2.0,[object Object],Manufacturingtechnology,[object Object]
We buildbridges to innovate.,[object Object],emotional / social,[object Object],innovation,[object Object],Business,[object Object],(viable),[object Object],People,[object Object],(desirable),[object Object],process ,[object Object],innovation,[object Object],functional,[object Object],innovation,[object Object],Innovation,[object Object],(feasable),[object Object]
	Putting the customer in the center of the innovation process.,[object Object]
User CentricInnovationMethod,[object Object],Understand phase: ,[object Object],Understand the Customers, Company, Market and Innovation factors.,[object Object],Activities in this phase include:,[object Object],[object Object]
 The ‘soul’ of the company.
 Social media research.
 Company objectives.
 Market dynamics.
 Innovation factors.
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Customer Soulution: User Centric Innovation Method