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Jessie J music video analysation


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Jessie J music video analysation

  1. 1. Jessie J- Who’s Laughing Now? Music video opening analysis
  2. 2. The opening shot of the video is an A mid shot of a girl in theestablishing shot, this suggests that classroom with everyonethe video has a story behind as this around , suggesting thatshot is commonly used in films. this girl is significant in the story. She is set in the centre of the frame. A tracking shot is used to Over the shoulder type show a girl in her shot but from the front school, putting the focus on showing action of girl her suggests that she is the behind but still main character. reminding us of main character The camera pans round Long shot of acting as a point of view classroom, camera moving shot, showing a group of around . Little jessie in the girls. center of the frame, seemin to be central focus point. It continues to pan round to Mid shot of bully a mid shot of the main girl leaning forward. showing the others in the Singing towards front. background, like a Camera still moving comparison.The camera is constantly moving, slowly and steadily in each shot.
  3. 3. Cut back to mid shot of Cut back to before shotclassroom showing little (9) suggesting theJessie and other characters situation is on going asreactions. Camera moving we are back to the same position. Camera moving.Mid shot of Little Jessie Close up of bullyfrom left. Bully in frame singing in centre ofas well. Allows us to see frame, centre focus.Jessie’s emotions more Other characters in shot but out of focus. Mid shot of bully, centre of frame.Mid shot of girl in Showing otherclassroom, allows us to characters doing samecompare emotions. action, showingCentre of frame making they’re all the focus on her. Another mid shot Cut back to before shot showing bullies all (10) showing after math of singing. Camera always bullies actions. Still moving. From left emphasising Jessie’s angle. emotions. Camera always moving.The camera is constantly moving, slowly and steadily in each shot.