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Speaker profile Roman Rackwitz


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Roman Rackwitz is a Gamification Pioneer from Germany. He is Germany's chief evangelist of Gamification and he is rated a Top 10 Gamification Expert in the World by Leaderboarded. Speaking at several dozen events p.a. he introduces the audience to the 'science of fun' and why it is just smart to use its power to solve future challenges of our world's societies and to improve the business environment, and more.
"While engineering has been the secret power of an industrialized society, Gamification has the potential to become the secret power of the knowledge society." - Roman Rackwitz

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Speaker profile Roman Rackwitz

  1. 1. Gamification Pionier Speaking at your conference Listen to the 'Science of Fun' Discover daily life examples Learn about do's & don'ts Workshops Find the human- focused design for your process Develop your company's mission journeys Explore your 'players' and how to  engage them Create Gamification for your organization  Roman Rackwitz Engaginglab
  2. 2. “While engineering is the secret power of an industrialized society, Gamification has the potential to become the secret power for a knowledge society.  Engineering meets Enjoyneering.” Roman Rackwitz is a world- leading Gamification expert who leads the Gamification movement in Europe. Rackwitz is CEO of Engaginglab GmbH, a Gamification agency, specialized on the German- speaking countries and he is Partner at Enterprise- Gamification-Consultancy. Not afraid to tell it like he sees it, Roman is an entertaining, thought-provoking business practitioner rooted in the notion of Gamification and betting on the human desire to progress and learn. Rackwitz is well known as the declared enemy of mixing up simple reward-programs with Gamification and is regularly called in as Gamification-expert to appear on german TV and other media like Handelsblatt, Frankfurter Allgemeine, Die Welt, and more.
  3. 3. SPEAKING get serious about fun "Did you know that we play games to chase our 'Better Selves?" Speaking at your event, I will provide interesting facts and approaches around the world of games. We will dive into the fascination of being involved within game-like activities and we will look at the humans psychological predisposition to engage in gaming. Your audience will learn about Gamification, how it motivates people by showing them their own 'Path to Mastery', and why it is just smart to learn from games how to unfold our human potential. 
  4. 4. There are a huge number of HR conferences out there so if you really want to stand out from the crowd, if you really want to WOW! people then you need truly outstanding speakers. And that is exactly what Roman delivered for us. We haven’t yet worked with him to help gamify both our conference and some of our internal processes, but we will start that discussion soon. It is clear that he will do a fantastic job for us, and I’m sure he could do it for you to. It is not news that Gamification is hot. If you are not already thinking about how to gamify what you do you are already behind. There is a generation now entering the work force that you will alienate if you don’t gamily many of your processes. Roman knows Gamification inside out, back to front and upside down. It is clear he lives this stuff. And there are two things that really stuck out in the feedback (which was outstanding) from our delegates: i. His knowledge isn’t just the opinion of a charismatic expert, he actually goes into the neuroscience of what is happening in various gaming situations, and why these create the outcomes you need. So this is way beyond points / badges / leaderboards (yawn!). What this means to our audience is that he comes with massive credibility so what he says has impact. iI. Yes he gives general ideas and principles that allow you to think about how to gamify your HR processes, but more than that he delivers some really concrete practical example.  And this particularly came out in the Q&A. There wasn’t a question he was given that he didn’t have a great answer to. We work on the basis that you can’t educate people until you first entertain or engage them. So what we look for is speakers who are inspiring, engaging and energising. Roman: tick, tick, tick! We had him on as a keynote right at the start of the conference to set the right tone. And he knocked out of the park. No-one checking their mobile device, no-one doodling on their pad, everyone leaning in, taking notes listening to his every work. In the interests of openness it is only fair to mention that if you have an audience who are easily offended by spicy language you may want to warn Roman in advance – he clearly has an extensive knowledge of some of the more earthy Anglo-Saxon words in the English language! But I loved it and our audience loved it If you want to Gamify your HR processes then you are cheating yourself if you don’t call Roman. If your job is to delight an HR audience then you need Roman on your team. If you would like to call me to ask further questions then don’t hesitate His Knowledge Summary His ability as a speaker Nick Tyrrell Founder, Osney Media What others say:
  5. 5. "As a former gamification-skeptic, thanks to Roman Rackwitz, I became a motivational-design-supporter!" Wienfried Felser; CEO NetSkill Solutions GmbH; Founder Competence Site; Publisher Competence Books Peter G. von Windau; Retired Senior Partner Roland Berger "Just recently I have watched a documentary about Gamification. Unfortunately, they didn't interview Roman Rackwitz. He would have explained this topic ten times better and more accurate. Roman Rackwitz knows exactly 'how the wind blows' and impart knowledge in an exciting an lively way.  From over 30 years of experience, I know how difficult that is." "As an innovation expert I listen to a lot of people talking about the topic of Gamification. But, compared to the knowledge and experience of Roman Rackwitz, it is only superficial knowledge. There are worlds in between." Jürgen Stäudtner; Author 'Deutschland im Innovationsstau' Steven Mc Auley; Entrepreneur & lecturer No one else represents the Gamification-movement in Europe better than Roman. Why? He is the founder of Europe's first Gamification-Agency. He teaches the topics of Gamification and Social Media at universities in Germany & Switzerland and is an international Keynote-Speaker. Roman polarizes, is authentic, he thinks outside the box, is entertaining. A conversation with him is an inspiring pleasure. His point of views: puzzling but yet comprehensible.
  6. 6. BASICS Examples & Best Practice What is Gamification?  How does Gamification work?  How effective is Gamification?  How can you engage people on a long term basis?  What do you have to consider when using Gamification in different countries and cultural regions/organizations? CUSTOMIZED Organisation / Audience Dependent on the context of your event, the audience & the background of the organiser we will adjust the content of the workshops. Our main goal is to educate about the science of fun and how to harvest its potential for businesses and organisations. The underlying principle of our work is human-focused-design! WORKSHOPS
  7. 7. Since 2009, we are spreading the word about Gamification and help companies to find out if they can (and should) take advantage of its potential. Therefore, we provide service to create the Gamification approach that matches our client's needs, resources and image. Our service includes the introduction, conceptualisation, development (with partners), roll out and live-care. Some of our customers are: 
  8. 8. The Science of Fun  is taking its talents  to Gamification. Learn more about it from an industry's acknowledged experts.              @RomanRackwitz          /rrackwitz         /romanrackwitz Contact: Mobile: +49 (0)179-533859