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Gamification and serious games - a great duo

Gamification and serious games - a great duo.

Gamification and serious games - a great duo

  1. 1. A great duo! Roman Rackwitz; CEO Engaginglab &
  2. 2. Gamification – [gay-muh-fi-kay-shuhn] Reverse-engineering what makes games effective and graft it into business environment. Serious Game – [si(ə)rēəs ɡe:m] Serious games are simulations of real-world events or processes designed for the purpose of solving a problem. Although serious games can be entertaining, their main purpose is to solve real-world challenges.
  3. 3. Similarities. Making full use of the fact that ‚to play‘ is build into our DNA. „Play is nature‘s learning engine. When you break it down, it’s the act of deploying the scientific method on the world around you, innately. It’s part of your basic instinct.” – Aaron Dignan Games are a structured way of play and enable us to… 1. …transfer complex systems into a more plain environment. This way we are able to get to know difficult circumstances without the danger of being overwhelmed and becoming frustrated. 2. …experience real-time feedback that provides us with relevant and personalized information about our acting and its consequences. This way we can learn from our behavior and change it or bring it to perfection. 3. …challenge and to improve our skills without the risk of failure and all its consequences.
  4. 4. …but with different strategies. Real world challenges & problems become part of a classic game. Game-context. Transfer of game-mechanics and -elements (psychology & aesthetic) into environments and processes with non-gamingcontext. Game / = Problem / Acti ity Game-elements Acting in a virtual environment. Staying in reality.
  5. 5. The respective advantages. The enables us to work on an important & real problem and challenge and to test it without the risk of failure and its consequences. enables us in a fascinating manner to integrate the potential of a ‘gamful’ situation and its influence on our Human species, into our daily activities and work.
  6. 6. In Action. You should use serious games where you want to connect knowledge with implementation. Especially within a distinct, playful, and virtual Environment people are more likely to break new Ground and so, to challenge existing behavior, rules, and facts. This is a condition precedent to discover new possibilities. The desire for engaging challenges and the possibility to solve them by using your own skills is a pervasive craving of the human species. If you want to enrich real-life activities in a way that people get a similar feeling for their own ‚Path to Mastery‘, meaningful decisions, accomplishments, and progress, like we can experience it in a game-likeenvironment, organizations should focus on Gamification as their strategy.
  7. 7. Conclusion For companies and organizations can use both serious games and Gamification to enhance the a more motivated, engaged and fulfilled experience for their employees and customers. Concerning the requirements both approaches have advantages and limitations. Normally Gamification and serious games are used independently but think about the potential if an organization uses them both in a collaborative way. - Roman Rackwitz Find more about at:
  8. 8. Roman Rackwitz Gamification Pioneer is a from Germany. He is a Top 10 Gamification Guru in the World by Leaderboarded, and is a Partner As the founder of Engaginglab rated at the Enterprise Gamification Consultancy. he leads the first established Gamification Agency within the Twitter: @RomanRackwitz Roman is also the Chair at german speaking countries GamifyCon, Germany's first (D-A-CH). Gamification Conference and GamFed, the co-founded worlds first Association. Gamification

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Gamification and serious games - a great duo.


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