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Do you speak Heineken?


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Using beer coasters as an ubiquitous communication channel for Heineken.

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Do you speak Heineken?

  1. 1. Mauro Forcolin©1 Do you speak Heineken? Serving the planet…Life
  2. 2. Mauro Forcolin©2 In a bar one night… • Coasters are pervasive • Communicate nothing about the brand • Modifying them has a viral effect • Becomes a focus point and communication tool
  3. 3. Mauro Forcolin©3 Brand people’s interactions • Bar staff – Ordering – Directions • Others around you – Introduction & leaving • Doodles
  4. 4. Mauro Forcolin©4 Ordering at the bar • Brand the act of choosing • Heineken becomes the language • Physical bond
  5. 5. Mauro Forcolin©5 What? Who? Where?
  6. 6. Mauro Forcolin©6 Speaking with others • Meeting/introductions can be awkward • People look for way to ease tension • Heineken becomes the crutch/support
  7. 7. Mauro Forcolin©7 Breaking the ice and beyond
  8. 8. Mauro Forcolin©8 Helping out the e-Squad • Partygoers are passive in e-Squad concept – Waiting to be saved • Self-made Deputy – Hand out violations – Uphold the Law
  9. 9. Mauro Forcolin©9 Doodling • Coaster artwork is celebrated – Pubs, books, commemorating events – Can be a social activity • People love to draw if encouraged – Despair the blank canvas • Encourage and brand creativity
  10. 10. Mauro Forcolin©10 Fancy yourself an artist? Van Gogh Picasso Edvard Munch
  11. 11. Mauro Forcolin©11 Or want celebrate an event
  12. 12. Mauro Forcolin©12 Speak Heineken across the Planet • Coasters brand direct interactions – Internet extends to the whole word • Let those being served get to know one another – Heineken Portal and Desktop Coaster Widget • Widget brands the desktop and gives access to services
  13. 13. Mauro Forcolin©13 Guiding the Planet Heineken Route • Align with map service to give directions to Heineken or private events • Humorous “How to” guides Heineken Hunt • Scavenger hunt in/across countries for teams created through Heineken portals –GPS, SMS, Online What? Who? Where?
  14. 14. Mauro Forcolin©14 Guiding the Planet
  15. 15. Mauro Forcolin©15 Meeting the Planet Desktop Coaster Widget • Personalized messages using desktop widget • Choose character and how they serve the coaster message • Profiles for online meeting/dating in the Heineken virtual bar • eViolations can be sent to friends • Made visible to people in contact lists Interact with others
  16. 16. Mauro Forcolin©16 Displaying the Planet Voted and printed on coasters around the world Heineken Gallery • Add coasters online gallery –Desktop Widget or online tool –Send in real coasters (e.g. by pub) Where I’ve been • Virtual memento coasters for travellers • Track travel through bars online • Track which bars have been frequented Finish the Doodle • Online game where teams finish a doodle Doodling
  17. 17. Mauro Forcolin©17 Current Online Presence • Heineken SaysGames • Win-amp skins, icons, screensavers, wallpaper • Message in a bottle • Desktop Bottle & Glass E-Stuff •“Heineken” is the only common theme •Limited Co-creation possibilities •No link back to the real world
  18. 18. Mauro Forcolin©18 Summary • Brand the way people interact – Locally Physical Coasters – Globally Widget and Portal • Show Who is being served on the planet – And let them meet, create and interact with each other • Extend the way Heineken serves them – Serving the planet…Life
  19. 19. Mauro Forcolin©19 A simple formula My Coaster holds my Heineken My Heineken holds fun, flavour, friends…Life My Coaster holds my Life