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  • Getting There -  Get to Ringha in a few ways -  Enjoy a scenic one-hour drive from Diqing Airport. -  Take a short 45-minute flight from Kunming International Airport -  Or take a 15-hour coach ride from Kunming to Diqing
  • About Ringha -  Located in Shangri-la region, northwest of Yunnan Province, southwest of China -  3,600 metres above sea level. -  Sacred place in the heart of Tibetan religion. -  Considered holy ground of ancient Tibetan Bon Shamanism. -  Story 1: O A holy man founded Ringha 800 years ago and built Da Bao Si after several aspects of this holy ground convinced him to build the monastery in the shape of an elephant. O Elephant is a symbol of royalty, power or holiness in Buddhist scripture. O Banyan Tree Ringha is built on the elephant’s trunk. O Ringha is also a very rich area with an abundance of fertile land and fresh water. O Also said to be filled with hold. -   Story 2: O Chong Khapa, founder of yellow cap sect in Buddhism, arrived in Ringha after he let his goat loose. O It was believed that one method of locating a holy ground is to let a goat wander and follow it until it stops. O The goat, a sacred animal because of its life-nurturing qualities, stopped in Ringha and refused to move on. -  An unexplored region with breath-taking sceneries of its nature and a kaleidoscope of seasonal changes. -  Rich culture and traditional architectures
  • Tibetan Lodges - Eleven keys -  Eight 2-bedroom -  Three family suites -  Approximately 200sqm -  Key feature is the luxuriously designed bathroom fitted with a handcrafted wooden bathtub -  Amenities include a mini-bar, specially designed bathrobes, warm winter linens, IDD telephone, professional laundry and so on.
  • Banyan Tree Ringha -  Opening in September 2005 -  30-minute drive from Shangri-la airport, Diqing -  First Banyan Tree Resort in China -  32 traditional Tibetan lodges and suites -  Reconstructed from Tibetan farm houses -  Interior is beautifully decorated with contemporary Tibetan art and crafts
  • Banyan tree lijiang presentation

    1. 1. Banyan Tree LijiangBanyan Tree Lijiang
    2. 2. Banyan Tree Lijiang Getting There • Short 40-min flight from Kunming International Airport. • 8-hr coach ride from Kunming • 40-min away from Lijiang Airport •5-hr drive between Lijiang & Shangri-La.
    3. 3. Banyan Tree Lijiang About Lijiang • Located in Northwest of Yunnan Province, Southwest of China •Officially inscribed in “UNESCO World Heritage List” in 1997 • 2,000m above sea levelDayan Old Town • Situated to the south of the majestic Jade Dragon Snow Mountain • Breath-taking sceneries, rich culture, traditional architectures and kaleidoscope of seasonal experiencesSpruce Mountain
    4. 4. Banyan Tree Lijiang• Opened in April 2006• 2nd Banyan Tree Resort in China• 55 single – storey villas Pavilion Hotel Front Entrance Lobb y
    5. 5. Banyan Tree Lijiang
    6. 6. Garden Villa InteriorGarden Villa• 40 Units - 20 Garden Villa - 20 Deluxe Garden VillaApproximately 355sqm
    7. 7. Pool VillaPool Villas• 13 Units - 7 Pool Villas - 6 Deluxe Pool Villas Approximately 359 to 628 sqm
    8. 8. Two-Bedrooms Pool VillaTwo-Bedrooms Pool Villa • 1 Unit • Area: Approximately 1,064 sqm
    9. 9. Presidential VillaPresidential Villa • 1 Villa •Area: 1, 208 sq. metres (including exterior garden area)
    10. 10. Bai Yun Restaurant Chinese and Cantonese CuisineOpen daily: Dinner only 1830 hrs – 2230 hrs
    11. 11. Ming Yue Restaurant All Day DiningBreakfast 0630 hrs – 10.30 hrs., Lunch/Dinner 1030 hrs – 2230 hrs
    12. 12. Wen Hai BarWen Hai Bar: Open daily from 1000 hrs – 0030 hrs
    13. 13. Chun FengOpen daily from : 10.00 hrs – 22.00 hrs
    14. 14. Meeting FacilitiesMeeting FacilitiesOur meeting rooms are fully equipped with:* Television/ video player* Audio visual equipment* Overhead projector* Whiteboard* Two sets of flipcharts
    15. 15. Boardroom Boardroom Size: Estimated area of 30sqm Capacity: 10 – 12 Persons
    16. 16. Function Room Function Room Size: Estimated area of 83 sqm Capacity: Up to 70 Persons
    17. 17. Events
    18. 18. Banyan Tree Spa Banyan Tree Spa - Specially trained therapists from Banyan Tree Spa Academy in Phuket - Signature treatments using indigenous productsYoga Room
    19. 19. Banyan Tree Gallery
    20. 20. Fitness Center
    21. 21. Recreation Activities• Tennis: 1 hard court, racquet & tennis balls are availablecomplimentary on request• Tours & Treks: Begin your explorations with these tours and treks,which are done either on foot, horseback or bicycle. Various tours andtreks available with English and Chinese speaking tour guides• Mountain Bicycles: Male, female and children• Fitness Centre: open daily from 1000 hrs – 2200 hrs• Yoga Room: open daily from 1000 hrs – 2200 hrs
    22. 22. Sights of LijiangDayan Waterwheels Dayan Shophouses Rooftops of Dayan
    23. 23. Sights of Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Course
    24. 24. Sights of LijiangImpressions Lijiang Whitewater River Shuhe Old Town
    25. 25. Sights of LijiangWen Hai Trial Tiger Leaping Gorge Tour Dong Ba Culture Elephant Mountain Pagoda
    26. 26. Banyan Tree Lijiang Thank You!