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Oh My God (OMG) - Pray, Pose, Upload


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OMG (Oh My God!) is an Instagram based data-visualization project based on over 12,000 pictures uploaded to Instagram depicting visitors to the holy sites in Jerusalem. In this project we mapped the norms, conventions, values, communications and behaviors of Instagram users visiting Al Aqsa mosque, the Holy Sepulchre church, and the Western Wall.

A talk given at the Documania conference (M.Des. program at Bezalel Arts and Design Academy). Nov 2016

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Oh My God (OMG) - Pray, Pose, Upload

  1. 1. O.M.G Pray, Pose, Upload Dr. Romi Mikulinsky, Roni Levit
  2. 2. Atlas Israel - Roni
  3. 3. Course material for the “Data as Religion | Religion as Data“ seminar (Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design) #Easy fasting #The Fast of Gedaliah
  4. 4. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre Al Aqsa Mosque The Western Wall
  5. 5. 12,000 photos 18,800 tags 5,800 users
  6. 6. Fighting Over “Hashtag“ Dominance
  7. 7. Photographic Trends
  8. 8. Dynamic photo uploading
  9. 9. Religious Rituals?
  10. 10. Emotional Attitude
  11. 11. Jokes and funny posing‬‫‏‬
  12. 12. 109 of the photos feature paintings, models and other gestures to/wards the golden dome paintings (including 9 painted by children graffiti sculptures and models souvenirs Car Air Freshener tattoos
  13. 13. 10 incense and candles 18 souvenirs and icons 9 headscarf 3 5 bags 1 1 283 photos are dedicated to the Stone of the Anointing located at the entrance to the chapel. According to legend, by placing objects on the stone they acquire a certain degree of holiness. Among the sacred objects: water bottles babyteddy bear
  14. 14. flags notesbooksgunstallises 361 of the photos feature people praying what are they holding? selfie sticks duchshund wearing a kippah
  15. 15. May God be with you Dr. Romi Mikulinsky, Roni Levit coming soon -