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Pablo Fernandez Y Tomas Villamil, Lautaro Figueroa Y Gonzalo Perez


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Pablo Fernandez Y Tomas Villamil, Lautaro Figueroa Y Gonzalo Perez

  1. 1. If you want to make a trip in the south of Argentina you can visit different beautiful places, for example, Puerto Madryn, Mendoza and Buenos Aires.<br /> -* FIRST DAY: Esquel is the most important touristic zone of Chubut. It has beautiful mountains and valleys. Ii is one of the most important attractions in summer and winter. And the best tourist place to go skiing in the winter is “LA HOYA”, “Los Alerces National Park” is beautiful to visit in the summer. <br /> -*El Calafate extends over the whole South Andean Patagonia, constitutes the tourist centre of higher hierarchy in Santa Cruz. El Calafate offers a benign microclimate. It is the nearest city to visit The Glaciers National Park and its famous Perito Moreno Glacier, which was declared Natural Patrimony of the Humanity by the UNESCO. It offers a good lodging and gastronomic infrastructure, agencies and tourist guides that organize several terrestrial and lacustrine excursions, restaurants, discotheques and very good means of transport.<br />-*SECOND DAY: The city of Buenos Aires, one of the most important Latin American cities, is a great cosmopolitan and many-sided metropolis. This city astonishes the tourist with its evident universal influence.It is the capital of the Argentine Republic and the vital bond of the nation.As long as European architecture is concerned, many streets recall those of Paris.Its numberless museums, exposition and conference centers, art galleries, cinemas and theatres with national and international spectacles of high quality, are witnesses of its important cultural life. The Colon Theatre, one of the most important lyrical theatres in the world, is seat, together with some other scenarios, of an intense musical activity that comprises all genres including, of course, the famous and typical Tango; besides, the city is frequently visited by orchestras, groups and soloists from all over the world. It is the main port of the nation. It has an intense commercial activity, reflected in numberless shops of the main world famous branches, shop centers and commercial shopping centers.Its nightlife is quite varied and extends up to the early hours. Discos, restaurants, cafeterias and many other attractions for all tastes are spread all around the city offering the tourist a large number of options.Its accomodation capacity ranges from luxurious 5 stars hotels belonging to international chains up to modest lodgings, including all the economic levels.<br /> <br /> -*FIVETHDAY: Mendoza founded in 1561, this important Argentine city, is the regional metropolis of the zone of Cuyo and has undergone an important commercial, industrial and cultural development. It is also centre of tourism towards the Andean mountain range and Mount Aconcagua- the highest peak in the American continent. With its wide wooded streets, its gutters, its important well-cared parks and squares, it is a city characterized by its spotlessly cleanliness. It is a cosmopolitan centre for it is an obliged passing for the flights between Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile.In the Gran Mendoza, an industrial zone separated from the residential areas has been established, and it satisfies the provincial progress needs. It is a viticulturist zone per excellence. It has numerous wineries for the production of fine wines of the highest quality that are exported to the whole world. Tourists can visit a  lot of these wineries and try its wines. Its proximity to the Andean mountain range turns this city into an unbeatable destination for the adventure tourism: trekking, rafting, mountaineering and astounding landscapes to carry out photographic safaris, among other activities.Other possibilities for the tourist are the practice of skiing in the winter season and thermalism in any season.It possesses an important building development, commercial shop centers, an important lodging infrastructure, famous restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas, regional products shops and a large quantity of ice cream parlours.  In this way, Mendoza, offers a world of possibilities for the tourist, both for the urban life and the ecological and natural tourism. <br /> -*SEVENTH DAY: The city of Puerto Madryn lies in the northeastern region of the province of Chubut, on the shores of Golfo Nuevo, in one of the most sheltered places of the Patagonic coast at sea level.This pushing city and important pole of development in the Argentine South, constitutes a tourist centre of relevance that offers the visitor numberless attractions. With more than 30 kilometers of beaches with transparent waters of an extraordinary colour and white cliffs,  this city offers the tourist a landscape of great beauty. Puerto Madryn is the most important national centre for the practice of scuba diving. Besides, the city has been the centre of multiple activities such as fishing tournaments, snorkelling, jet skiing, water skiing, sailing, mountain bike and windsurf (for those who enjoy defying the patagonic winds), for many years.  Península Valdés, at 100 km. from the city, gives you the possibility of watching a varied and important sea fauna such as the Southern Franca whale, Orcas, Elephants, Sea wolves, etc. The city comprises an excellent tourist infrastructure for the visitor as regards both hotels and gastronomy, where shellfish is the most required dish.The tourist service proposal in Puerto Madryn is rich in accommodation and gastronomic establishments, apart from a large quantity of houses for temporary rent that satisfy the accommodation needs of the visitors.  <br />