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Lau and valen


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Published in: Travel, Sports
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Lau and valen

  1. 1. The best touris t
  2. 2. In The Best Tourist we always offer the best things for you! We have the best hotels. The best activities. The best restaurants. Information of the weather. The best tours. The best Shops. Boat Trips . The Best staff for you.
  3. 3. Monte Hermoso  Activities in Monte Hermoso:  You can go Fishing from the shore or you can go on a boat.  do windsurf  We have a small theme park for your kids.
  4. 4. The best Restaurants And hotels Hotel America ,we  Marfil, the best chef have 40 bedrooms,  Enough room for bathroom,Tv, 100 people. phone, central heating, air conditioning. Good service.
  5. 5. Weather  Monte hermoso is so nice, but it is windy.  The wind approximately on 15 or 20 days in the afternoon.
  6. 6. Location Monte Hermoso is located in Buenos Aires In the south of buenos aires You get there via road number 3
  7. 7. Visit Ushuaia Ushuaia is located in Tierra del Fuego with mountains, lakes, and forest. The weather is cold, and some days it is snowy.
  8. 8. Activities In ushuaia You can go skiing, on sleds pulled by dogs Snow bikes War of snow Go snowboarding And visit the big forests.
  9. 9. Hotels Albatros has a spa and 74 bedrooms Tv and safe Health club and bussiness Internet room. The hotel has a restaurant with a nice chef.
  10. 10. Tours Scuba diving in southern waters Visit nacional park Fly in helicopter the places Visit the lake fagner Train of Fin del mundo Lobos valley
  11. 11. The best tourist Say: You can have fun and enjoy with you familyfriends ?We recommend the best tourist !We have the best service.good personal for youfor pas a good summer ! :)we have ushuaia and monte hermoso the best place for visit an pas a good moment for you family or friends! :)
  12. 12. Thank for choose!