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Inkat social crm v2.0


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Leverage the power of social in enterprise CRM systems.

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Inkat social crm v2.0

  1. 1. InkatTechnologiesv a l u e a t t h e i n t e r s e c t i o n s
  2. 2. Introducing • Bangalore headquartered “digital technologies and experiences” organization with network of associates in US, Australia and Europe • Founding team with combined experience of over 50 years working in large global and Indian multinationals. • Innovation focused organization offering “solution conceptualization”, “concept to prototype” and “prototype to industrial grade product development” services • Deep expertize in experience design and hi-technology development capabilities in web, mobile, social, cloud and analytics • Ready to use products, applications and customizable solutions based on a robust technology platforms • Business models that allow high speed idea to realization cycles with the cost effectiveness of offshore models
  3. 3. InKat Social stack and CRM Solutions
  4. 4. Why CRM? It typically costs 5-10 times as much to acquire a new customer as it does to retain an existing one “Some companies can boost profits by almost 100% by retaining just 5% more of their customers.” Harvard Business Review (Reicheld & Sasser) Most companies lose 50% of their customers in 5 years (Harvard University) 70% of repeat purchases are made out of indifference to the seller, NOT loyalty. (eLoyalty)
  5. 5. Why Social? The three most important factors that influence consumer behavior are personal experience (98%), company’s reputation or brand (92%) recommendations from friends and family (88%) 41% of customers believe that companies should use social media tools to solicit feedback (Cone Business in Social Media Study) 43% of consumers say that companies should use social networks to address customers problems Only 7% of organizations understand the CRM value of social media, according to the Brand Science institute, European perspective
  6. 6. Social should be an integral part of CRM Gartner sees SCRM is a $1B extension of the CRM market
  7. 7. Social CRM in the engagement continuum “Social CRM should be seen as a glue that connects the more directed internal efforts with the less directed but very powerful external engagements”
  8. 8. What does social add to traditional CRM?
  9. 9. Example: Service management “#AcmeBank stuck me w 2 $35 ovrdrft chrgs 4 same chk – aghhhh!!! | #worstbankever #fail #fact”. Source: How Social CRM Improves the Customer Service Lifecycle, CMS Wire
  10. 10. But there are more use cases Marketing Sales Support Innovation Collaboration Tracking brands Generating leads Discovering problems Identifying trends Users collaboration forums Tracking competition Following up and converting leads Resolving problems Sourcing ideas and solutions Intra organization collaboration forums Research communities Referral campaigns Involving users in support process Building ideation communities Blogs, Wiki etc. Viral marketing compaigns Community driven sales Self service communities Employee and partner communities
  11. 11. Introducing InKat Social CRM Stack Customer Division A Division B Division C Standalone as well as integrated technologies and capabilities that can help you put together an integrated customer view
  12. 12. What is InKat Social CRM Stack? • A suite of products, platforms and solutions that are available in an integrated as well as standalone manner DeepTM: Social analytics and big data platform Social CRM Foundation mCRMTM product LeaderboardTM: Real time indexing platform Business Intelligence framework Analyze ThatTM- A real-time social analytics dashboard
  13. 13. Deep Insights cloud Infra Deep Data Management Plane Acquisition Pipes Streaming Open Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Blogs Web search Custom Batch Custom Enterprise data Interpretation Engine Filters Adaptive Custom Domain Analytics Semantic Keywords Frequency Deep Experiences Runtime Content creation & transformation engine Services repositories Inward services Open social connectors Outward services Platform APIs Data Models Entities Users Relations Application blueprints Personalization Aggregation Mash-ups Channels Mobile Social Web Push InKat DeepTM listening and engagement platform Deep is our core platform that our products and solutions are built upon
  14. 14. brands, media buyers developers software publishers content retailers internet players peripherals/platform extensions users operators mobility platformsDeepTM platform User engagement applications & services users and data plans Premium product experience extending capabilities Premium applications utilizing idle screen new style of engagement insights (activity) $$$ insights (usage) query $$$ DeepTM can listen to almost anything and make sense out of it
  15. 15. InKat DeepTM platform in customer service scenario Social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, others) InKat Deep Platform User analytics New Leads Any existing CRM Users Responding to users Reach out Structured communication Flagging of issues Activities on social networks like posting, liking, joining groups
  16. 16. InKat mCRM: Next gen mobile, social and web CRM solutions that work! • PC, Mobile and tablet optimized micro experiences • User customizable • Next gen web experiences inspired by modern smart phone design • Pre-built platform and platform components • Cloud and premises based deployment
  17. 17. InKat mCRM suite “An effective solution that allows organizations to efficiently organize, populate, and maintain information on all aspects of their customer relationships.” • Offers – integrated management of corporate information on customer accounts and contacts – sales leads and opportunities – activities such as calls, meetings, and assigned tasks. – Analytics in form of graphical dashboards to track your sales pipeline, the most successful lead sources, and the month-by-month outcomes for opportunities in the pipeline. – Social integrations- facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter – Integration with google maps for field management • Available on PC, Mobile & Tablets • Available on cloud as well as enterprise deployments
  18. 18. Analyze ThatTM A real time social business intelligence dashboard- available on cloud • Real time monitoring of conversations on any topic • Analysis of users, user networks, trends • Sentiment analysis to analyze impact of conversations • Geographical and time zone analysis • Social reputation analysis and identification of top influencers • Tracking effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  19. 19. Key dimension of our Social CRM stack Features Social Analytics & dashboards Real time social listening and response Track competition and benchmark Build public as well and private communities Integrate with CRM and Service workflows Manage what you monitor and what you don’t Technology core Social Influence analysis to identify high value activity Extensible multi-Social network connectors Unified customer view across networksMulti-channel interaction from PC, Tablets and mobile Push architectures Sentiment analysis to direct attention
  20. 20. Why InKat solution? Low cost •Low cost of ownership •Expand functionality incrementally as you go •Multiple pricing models Low Inftra •Can operate with zero IT infra •Both cloud based and enterprise deployment Universal Access • PC • Mobile •Tablets • High customizability •Social ready Sales Service Marketing
  21. 21. Billion+data points extracted every fortnight across 400brands 100+movies 75cities DeepTM is about analytics at big data levels Experiment Data: DeepTM Test Run Statistics conversations tracked and analyzed real time every fortnight 20M+ unique users and over 30 user attributes profiled every day 0.2M unique users and over video content extracted in a week 1.5M relationships identified every day 0.8M
  22. 22. Snapshot of current efforts - IP DiffuseUX OneNetwork AnalyzeME VisualizeME MicroNgage
  23. 23. Snapshot of current efforts – Select Apps Book Recommendation Engine Brand Index User Social ProfileReal Time Search and AnalyticsUser Profile and Analysis
  24. 24. A snapshot of our other products and solutions
  25. 25. Cross platform and rich UX mobile apps framework • Rich UX • Multi platform support • Mobile web, hybrid and native apps • Quick prototyping • Cloud and premises based deployment
  26. 26. Social media integration and apps framework • Seamless integration of your current apps with social networks • New channels of customer engagement via facebook apps • Integration of twitter, facebook, linkedIn based login capabilities • Integration of facebook and twitter based community integration in your existing website • Private facebook like social engagement for your employees • Quick prototyping • Cloud and premises based deployment
  27. 27. Web2.0 experience design and re-design • Development of rich web2.0 identity for your business • Web2.0 micro apps • Application development leveraging the best of beed of web2 technologies like HTML5, Jquery, CSS3, Social networks, video and collaboration technologies • Quick prototyping • Cloud and premises based deployment
  28. 28. Analytics, big data and cloud infra and solutions • Tracking social conversations for customer service, brand management • Content extraction and filtering • Business intelligence and dashboards • Sales leads generation via automatic mining • Mobile as well as desktop solutions • Quick prototyping • Cloud and premises based deployment
  29. 29. Digital marketing solutions • Loyalty mobile apps • Self service and promotions centered apps • Web and mobile based communities • Facebook and twitter focused community interaction apps • Quick prototyping • Cloud and premises based deployment
  30. 30. Multi channel messaging and alerts solutions • Integrated text messages and smart phone push messages into your applications • New innovative applications and solutions designed around the concept of messaging • One way and two way messaging • Quick prototyping • Cloud and premises based deployment
  31. 31. Twitter Pay • Our social platform that allows an organization to leverage twitter for self service including even micro payments • e.g check balance, check status of payment, notification of transactions, P2P payments • Secure and seamless integration to existing systems • Cloud or premises based deployment
  32. 32. Twitter Pay • Our social platform that allows an organization to leverage twitter for self service including even micro payments • e.g check balance, check status of payment, notification of transactions, P2P payments • Secure and seamless integration to existing systems • Cloud or premises based deployment
  33. 33. Engagement models • Standard services model – Effort based pricing – Fixed pricing • Managed services – Can include development, hosting and maintenance. Part upfront cost and part based on usage • Co-creation: Joint investments and revenue realization efforts.
  34. 34.