Authors Guide To Subsidy Publishing


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Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc. < America\'s Leading Author Services Company &gt; &quot;Building Lasting Relationships, One Satisfied Author at a Time&quot;

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Authors Guide To Subsidy Publishing

  3. 3. Copyright © 2007 by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.All Rights ReservedPrinted in the United States of America
  4. 4. MISSION STATEMENTBuilding lasting relationships—one satisfied author at a time. Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc. 701 Smithfield Street • Pittsburgh, PA 15222 Phone: (412) 288-4543 • Fax: (412) 288-1786 e-mail: •
  5. 5. P erhaps you’ve kept a journal, recorded observations, gatheredfacts and figures, made notes of tales you’ve heard and told.You’vepulled it all together in your mind, your computer, or on paper.Youhave a message to communicate, an experience to share, a story totell. Now it’s time to look into what you can do next. We believeyou’ll find one avenue to consider in this Author’s Guide to SubsidyPublishing. Whether you are a published or an unpublished author or arepresentative of an organization needing subsidy publishing services,we would like to take this opportunity to tell you about our company. If you do not write for publication, there is little point in writing at all. — George Bernard Shaw vii
  6. 6. CONTENTSWhat Is a Subsidy Publisher?.............................................1Selecting a Subsidy Publisher.............................................2Dorrance:The First Name in Subsidy Publishing.....................4A Choice of Dorrance Publishing Programs...........................6 Traditional Full-Service Subsidy Publishing......................7 Self-Publishing/Private Printing...................................7Dorrance Subsidy Publishing Services..................................9 Manuscript Proposal.................................................9 Mechanical Editing..................................................10 Production...........................................................11 The Copyright of Your Book......................................12 Warehousing.........................................................12 Promotion...........................................................12 Subsidiary Rights....................................................16 Order Processing....................................................16Book Sales and Author Payments.......................................17The Dorrance Experience..............................................19You Are Invited to Send UsYour Manuscript.........................21Looking Ahead............................................................23 Our Location............................................................23 Electronic Publishing...............................................24
  7. 7. “T hank you for all your efforts on my behalf. I have been so pleased withthe professionalism of the entire staff at Dorrance Publishing.”— Jacqueline Jordan, Encounters with Fear: Short Stories AboutYoung Teens x
  8. 8. W H AT I S A SUBSIDY P UBLISHER?A subsidy publisher charges an author a fee to mechanically edit,typeset, proofread, and manufacture a specific number of booksfrom a manuscript. Also provided for this fee is a limited andspecified promotional program with a defined budget,warehousing, and other administrative services. A subsidypublisher can act as an intermediary between the typewrittenmanuscript and the typeset book, the author and the printer, theillustrator and the illustrations, the printer and the bindery, thebindery and the warehouse. There’s much more to publishing a book than writing andprinting it: mechanical editing of manuscripts by an editor tocorrect grammar, punctuation, spelling, and inconsistency;proofreading galleys and page proofs; securing a copyright. Whatsize should the finished book be? What paper stock should be used?Which typeface is best? Should the book be bound and covered incloth or paper? What color? What texture? What weight?Paperback, casebound, or saddle-wire? Who will provide “print-ready” charts, maps, graphs,photographs, or illustrations, if included in the work? What goeson which pages? Who will design the jacket or cover and write the“about the book” and “about the author” copy? With today’s rapid advances in printing technology and thewide-spread use of the Internet, you may be asking yourselfquestions about “digital publishing”:Who can provide PostScript orPDF files? When production decisions involving print-ready art, repros,mechanicals, bluelines, page proofs, PMS colors, halftones, A publisher is ... a useful middleman. —Oscar Wilde 1
  9. 9. duotones, dies, and F & Gs are made, it may make sense to have the assistance of a subsidy publisher. Where will the books be stored? What specific promotional activities will be performed within the parameters of an agreed- upon, limited budget? If orders should be received from outlets and individual bookbuyers, who will arrange to prepare invoices (with appropriate industry discounts), wrap, ship, and collect payment? That useful intermediary... the subsidy publisher.SELECTING A SUBSIDY P UBLISHER As an author, you are probably aware of (and perhaps have experienced) some of the problems of trying to get your work published by a commercial publisher. Just having your manuscript read by most commercial publishers is difficult and usually involves long delays. Even if you consult with a literary agent or send your manuscript to many commercial publishers, your efforts may go unnoticed. The primary reason for this situation is business economics. With mounting costs of production and merchandising, the commercial book publishing industry is taking fewer risks, becoming more oriented toward the best seller aimed at the mass market, and shying away from new or unknown authors and books. The commercial publisher is more inclined to publish books by established authors or well-known personalities even if not written as well as other manuscripts it rejects. Excellent poetry or works on specialized subjects may be turned down simply because the market may be limited or regional. For every manuscript published by a commercial publisher, many which deserve to be in print are not. Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle was rejected by five publishers. James Joyce’s first book of short stories was rejected by twenty-two publishers. Ernest Hemingway’s work was rejected. Jonathan Livingston Seagull was initially rejected, as was The Godfather,Love Story, The Celestine Prophecy, and The Christmas Box. In contrast to a commercial publisher, a subsidy publisher does not invest its own monies in the publication of authors’ works and accepts most manuscripts for publication.A subsidy publisher does not judge a manuscript but, instead, relies on an author’s belief in 2
  10. 10. his or her own work and willingness to pay for publication, evenwhen wide distribution is unlikely. Subsidizing a book you have written can result in enduringvalue on a personal level. Publishing your own book can be aneffective means for creative self-expression or sharing anexperience with others. It may also bring recognition andaccelerate your career. If only books considered to be potentialbest sellers were published, some of our most important writersmay not have reached their audiences: George Bernard Shaw,Stephen Crane, Ernest Hemingway, Elizabeth Barrett Browning,Alexander Pope, Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Alfred LordTennyson, Edgar Allan Poe,Walt Whitman, Ezra Pound,T. S. Eliot,Henry David Thoreau, and Rudyard Kipling all paid for thepublication of their first works. Every year thousands of worthwhile books are financiallybacked by universities, religious and business organizations,philanthropists, and government agencies as well as by individualauthors or their sponsors. Subsidy publishers offer authors, who otherwise may find nohope of publication, a means by which they can have thesatisfaction of seeing their work in print. 3
  11. 11. D ORRANCE : T HE F IRST N AME IN S UBSIDY P UBLISHING Dorrance was the first subsidy publishing company in America. Originally known as Dorrance & Company, Incorporated, it was founded in 1920 by Colonel Gordon Dorrance and other members of his distinguished Philadelphia family to provide a service for new or unknown authors. In 1989, the Dorrance name, book inventory, and assets were purchased and moved from the Philadelphia area to Downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as pictured above, and a new company, Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc., was formed. Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc. is continuing the Dorrance philosophy that the opportunity to publish a work should be available to all who have something which they wish to communicate to others and are willing to purchase subsidy publishing services. We publish all categories of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry and offer a choice of programs to suit the needs of various authors and their particular manuscripts. Dorrance authors, including some with previously published books to their credit, appreciate our services and the extent to which they can participate in shaping the presentation of their work. We are particularly pleased to publish books which contain information, ideas, or insights which will add to reader enjoyment, wisdom, or awareness. A book designed to help or educate a relatively small number of people is as worthy of publication, in our opinion, as a book written for millions. A small collection of poetry by an unknown writer may offer as much real truth about 4
  12. 12. contemporary society as a best seller by a famous author. A thoughtful study of a religious issue may generate the insight or inspiration that influences readers’ lives. The scientific knowledge of one person may provide others with the data they need to carry on their work. One of the advantages offered by a free society is that individuals, who have the means and desire to pay for publication, can have the opportunity to publish their own work. Over the years, Dorrance titles have totaled more than ten thousand. While these include novels, mysteries, short stories, essays, children’s books, and poetry collections, they also include books in the fields of business, philosophy, health, medicine, politics, economics, sociology, education, science, religion, art, travel, cooking, sports, humor, biography, history, Americana, personal reminiscences, and other specialized subjects. Styles range from the traditional to the avant garde. Dorrance authors have come from every state in the Union and from many foreign countries as well. Dorrance and some of its authors and books have received national attention. For example, The Navajo Code Talkers, published in 1973, was featured in four segments of CBS television’s An American Portrait series. Additionally, this top-selling historical account was portrayed in the major motion picture Windtalkers, released in 2002 by MGM Studios. Dorrance printed a special movie tie-in edition of The Navajo Code Talkers and publicized it in conjunction with the film’s release. Dorrance author A.R. Ammons published his first book of verse, Ommateum, in 1955, and went on to win the National Book Award in 1972 and the National Book Critics Circle Award in 1981. In 2001, another Dorrance author, Paul DeStefano, was recognized in the Writer’s Digest National Self-Published Book Awards for his work, Necessary Evil. Although most Dorrance authors do not achieve such recognition, they do enjoy the personal satisfaction of seeing their manuscripts professionally produced in book form. And, on the lighter side, Lucy Ricardo wrote and submitted a novel to Dorrance & Company on Episode 90 of "I Love Lucy."... previously published authors, as well as scholars and diplomats who might have publishedcommercially a few years ago, are turning to subsidy houses.—Bruce Manuel, Book Editor, Christian Science Monitor 5
  13. 13. A C HOICE OF D ORRANCE P UBLISHING P ROGRAMS If you would like to subsidize a book which displays your thoughts, creativity, and ideas, we provide a choice of publishing programs to meet your needs. Either of our programs will enable you to put your work into book form promptly and economically. Dorrance publishing programs include: • Traditional full-service subsidy publishing • Self-publishing/private printing. Under these programs, you, the author, expend a fixed sum of money to have your book published.This sum is called the subsidy. The amount of the subsidy varies with each manuscript, depending on the length, technical factors such as illustrations or complex typesetting, and the specific Dorrance program you select. After we have received your manuscript, we will present to you a publishing proposal, stating the costs involved, for the program you have selected. You may be interested to know that Dorrance is unique among subsidy publishers in the payment plans we offer authors for paying the subsidy fee over time. 6
  14. 14. T RADITIONAL F ULL -S ERVICE S UBSIDY P UBLISHING With our traditional full-service subsidy publishing program, your work is produced and promoted, within a limited and defined budget, as a Dorrance title.We determine the book specifications (size, type, binding, etc.) and produce an initial printing of the work. If these copies are depleted during the two-year period following the date initial copies are sent to you, Dorrance will reprint the work at no added cost to you. Our agreement guarantees that we will keep your book in stock and on our list for a minimum of two years. S ELF -P UBLISHING /P RIVATE P RINTING Self-publishing/private printing is an alternative we offer for those who do not wish to have Dorrance perform promotion, warehousing, distribution, and support services and, instead, elect to undertake these efforts on their own. In this program, we manufacture a specific number of books under your imprint to your specifications. We handle all aspects of production and deliver the completed books to you.You are responsible for the storage of the books and the distribution of any orders you generate. We will work closely with you to determine your requirements and produce an appropriate and appealing volume for you or your group. We have the flexibility to manufacture hardcover and paperback books in a variety of sizes and quantities, while assuring you quality book production at a reasonable cost. The manufacturing options available for self-publishing/private printings are widely varied. We would be happy to discuss the details you have in mind when we speak in person. We are also pleased to make available a Private Promotion option. Under this program, we implement the standard promotion plan we undertake for Dorrance subsidy books as outlined starting 7
  15. 15. on page 12 of this guide. However, all warehousing, order fulfillment, distribution, and service is the author’s responsibility.“D orrance made my dream of publishing a book a reality. It was a verysimple process for someone who had never published a book before. I found themost impressive aspects of their work were the editing of the manuscript, the artistsketches, and the physical layout prior to printing.”— Oliver Abel, Author 8
  16. 16. D ORRANCE S UBSIDY P UBLISHING S ERVICESMANUSCRIPT PROPOSALWhen you send in your manuscript, we will review the work, andif acceptable, offer you a detailed publishing proposal that willprovide specific production information for your book and anexact, firm fee. Our review will take about two to three weeks.(Please send only a copy of your manuscript and retain the originalfor your files.) We can offer publishing contracts only for completed manuscripts,and we will accept most manuscripts.We do not evaluate manuscriptsfor literary merit or market potential.There are, however, categories ofmanuscripts which we choose not to accept.We do not accept libelousor racist material, hate literature, or pornography. Our proposal will be written in straightforward languagewhich clearly states how we plan to handle the publication of yourbook and what it will cost. Dorrance will outline the generalproduction specifications of your book and how long it will take tocomplete. Dorrance offers you a variety of book design options. Yourbook can be hardbound or produced as a quality paperback,saddlewire (stapled in the spine), or other specialty binding and ina 5½” x 8½”, 6” x 9”, 8½” x 11”, or special trim size that wesuggest and/or you prefer. All of these options are considered inplanning the production of your book. We will recommend adesign which is appropriate for you. 9
  17. 17. If your book is to be produced under the traditional Dorrancefull-service subsidy publishing program, our limited promotionalefforts will be clearly specified.We will also indicate the suggestedretail price of your book. We think you will be impressed with the subsidy publishingprograms we offer at reasonable cost.You are invited to discuss, with amember of our author relations staff, any questions you may have about our proposal and the different options we make available. If you decide that you would like to accept our proposal, you should return the signed contract and first payment to us.We will then begin the first steps toward publication, which include mechanical editing.MECHANICAL EDITINGOne of our editors will mechanically edit your manuscript, usingThe Chicago Manual of Style as our guide. By mechanical editing wemean reading the manuscript to improve consistency of spelling,capitalization, and hyphenation; agreement of subjects and verbs;correction of grammar and punctuation; and other such mechanicsof written communication. Dorrance will perform no rewriting;reorganization; or improvement of presentation, content, orliterary expression. If questions arise during the editing process,we will communicate with you directly.We work closely with youon all aspects of the subsidy publishing process. Your manuscript may require only occasional corrections oftypographical errors and minor lapses in punctuation, grammar,and consistency. Incorrect sentence structure or other details ofthe mechanics of writing may need attention. Whatever the case,you are given an opportunity to approve the revisions before weproceed to the next stage of publication. 10
  18. 18. PRODUCTIONWhen your manuscript is ready for production, our book designertakes into consideration any preliminary specifications agreedupon and the nature of the manuscript. The designer thendetermines the typographical style; physical placement of anyillustrations, drawings, tables, charts, if included, and otherparticular elements which need to be planned for in producingyour book.The designer prepares page proofs. As the name suggests, page proofs show each page and sectionof a manuscript exactly as it will appear in the finished book. A setof these proofs is sent to you for review. At this point, you seeprecisely how all the pages will look. After the page designer hasmade any final corrections, the book is ready for printing. While the typesetting is being done, creative detailsconcerning the book jacket or paperback cover are worked out.The mechanical editor prepares “about-the-book” and “about-the-author” copy, which will appear on the flaps and/or back panel ofthe jacket or cover. We custom design a full-color cover or jacketspecifically for your book in an effort to convey the theme of thework in a way which we hope you will feel is attractive.We believethat our jacket and cover design efforts are quite professional, andour authors tell us they are pleased.The proposed copy and jacketor cover sketch are submitted to you for your review. After all ofyour questions have been answered, the necessary materials(including a photograph of you, if available) are prepared and sentfor printing. If illustrations, drawings, tables, or charts are to be preparedby us, we assign an artist to the task. The book illustrations aresubmitted to you for your approval.They can be printed in black-and-white or, for an additional fee, in color. Next the books are printed. The final stage of production isbinding, a process wherein books are trimmed, bound, andcovered. (If unbound copiesremain, they are retained forfuture use.) It is always excitingto see an attractive newly boundbook which the author and ourstaff have worked so hard toproduce. Author copies of your 11
  19. 19. new book—the result of your long and hard efforts—are thenshipped to you.THE COPYRIGHT OF YOUR BOOKUpon publication two copies of your book are filed in your namewith the Register of Copyrights of the Library of Congress toobtain a Certificate of Copyright. The year in which your book is copyrighted appears on the copyright page of every book. The copyright law now mandates that for works created after January 1, 1978, the copyright runs from the time of the work’s creation, through the life of the author, and for fifty years thereafter. Manuscripts and unpublished works are protected by common law and statutory law. That is, from the point of creation of the work copyright protection exists. The need to obtain a formal copyright before submission to us for review is not necessary. As a reputable company, Dorrance will not use material submitted to us without your written permission.WAREHOUSINGDorrance Publishing takes delivery of your newly produced booksand stores them in a warehouse convenient to our offices. Yourbooks are boxed and stored for order fulfillment during theminimum two-year period following the date of completion ofyour book.PROMOTIONIf you have selected the traditional Dorrance full-service subsidypublishing program, we undertake clearly defined, limitedpromotional activities for your book and begin to prepare yourbook’s promotional materials upon receipt of finished copies inour warehouse. A Dorrance author knows in advance thepromotion budget and promotion efforts we will perform. Our staff prepares and prints approximately five hundreddirect mail pieces announcing your book. Each contains an orderblank and can be used to purchase copies of your book directly 12
  20. 20. from Dorrance. If you supply uswith sufficient names, we willmail two hundred of thesepieces to your personal list.Youwill receive a supply of thesedirect mail pieces for your ownuse, and the remaining pieceswill be kept on file for possiblefuture use. The promotion staff compiles a review list made up ofapproximately seventy-five local newspapers, specialized magazines,trade journals, publications, organizations, or libraries to whichcopies of the book are to be sent. These copies are mailed withinformation (stating author, title, price, and publication date)requesting the recipient mail us a copy of any review which may bepublished. We also subscribe to a national clipping service whichscans national media for mentions of Dorrance books and authors.Most Dorrance titles do not receive reviews in national media. Ininstances where reviews or publicity in local or specializedpublications are received, you will be sent copies of those whichare brought to our attention. It is important to keep in mind thatreviews are beyond our control since the editor of each publicationdecides which books to review.We also have no influence over thecontent or opinions expressed in reviews. A smaller publicity list is also compiled, containingapproximately twenty-five local or specialized radio and televisionstations, newspapers, and magazines to which we send publicityreleases written by the Dorrance promotion staff. The purpose ofmailing this publicity information is to attempt to gain someexposure, such as news items and feature stories in publications and,in the case of radio and television stations, author interviews.National publicity and appearances are rarely obtained, but ourexperience shows that our authors may receive some attention fromlocal and/or specialized publications and stations. Publicity generatedin this way can help to stimulate some interest in your book. We send introductory letters, enclosing jackets or covers andordering information, to approximately twenty-five bookstores inyour area and in other areas where you tell us you are known.Weoffer books on consignment and, if acceptable to you, we will offerto help try to arrange autograph parties. 13
  21. 21. D ORRANCE T ITLES IN THE M EDIAMY PRINCE~ MARCIA A. SEE“Surprisingly in its simplicity, the outcome is quite dramatic and impressive. I must admitI have picked up this little book and have re-read it several times…The sensitivity of thepoems and the delightfulness of the illustrations prompt me to say that I hope we see morefrom this Mississippi talent. I find once again that the picture book genre reaches acrossage lines and brings pleasure to a very wide audience of readers.” — Commercial DispatchSUPPLEMENTARY PRIMARY ARITHMETIC IDEAS AND CALENDAR EXPERIMENTS~ GRACE MUENTE“Overall, the book presents some good questions, ideas, and activities for working with thecalendar and numbers.” — Teaching Children Mathematics, December 2005/ January 2006MY LOVE AFFAIR WITH THE FRENCH~ FANNIE LILLIAN“My Love Affair with the French is a lively first-person account of a fine adventure abroad” —Library Bookwatch:The Midwest Book Review, 2006HOW TO DO BUSINESS IN CHINA~ DR. MICHAEL SHEN“In this invaluable guidebook…Dr. Michael Shen shares his intensive in-the-field experienceand proven approaches.” — Business LifeDARCY~ DONNA DOE SOUTHALL“I recommend DArcy for students and adults, alike.The book gives us a good view of lifein the early 17th century.” — Sussex-Surry DispatchBUILDING THE LOOM CITY~ S. ARDIS ABBOTT “An intriguing story of how change was achieved…a welcome addition to American History reference collections.” — The Bookwatch MATH WITH MOM ~ IZOLDA FOTIYEVA AND IRINA KOREN “…This book has it all: appealing characters, simple explanations, and real-world applications.” — Teaching Children Mathematics TWELVE KIDS AND A PH.D. ~ MARY W. MAGULA “…Anyone can benefit from reading such a compelling story…an appropriate book for virtually any person.” — Journal of Pediatric Nursing JOURNEY OF A SPIRITUAL SOUL ~ SUSAN M. NELSON “Simple, yet powerful and engaging, the poetry found in Nelsons collection…will touch your heart and give you peace.” — Bonner County Daily Bee 14
  22. 22. A DEEPER WOUND: THE SOUTH AFRICAN/AZANIAN STRUGGLE FOR LIBERATION.A PERSPECTIVE FROM THE BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS MOVEMENT TSOALEDI DANIEL THOBEJANE “…A valuable resource for historians, political scientists and sociologists who might otherwise have little insight into events in this isolated part of the country, remote from the main sites of struggle.” — South African Historical Journal We send publicity releases and jackets or covers to approximatelyone hundred wholesalers, distributors, and jobbers primarily asreference materials providing the name, subject, price, and availabilityof your book.We will also prepare a catalog listing for your book whichwill appear in the Dorrance Catalog of Publications, and we will submityour book for listing in Books in Print, another reference publication.Wewill create a listing for your book in our on-line bookstore,, which is part of the Yahoo! Shopping Mall. We give all of our authors the opportunity to have their books listedwith, through their listing in Books In Print, alltitles are available for listing at and to multipleonline bookstores that offer Dorrance books to Internet customers. In the case of nonfiction and other specialized subject categories,we send introductory letters, jackets or covers, and orderinginformation to approximately twenty-five outlets which featurebooks or merchandise related to the subject of the book. It is helpful to our efforts if you, the author, work in cooperationwith us.This involves contributing whatever personal assistance youhave to offer. If you are an able speaker, this may involve speakingengagements. If you are a creative promoter, contribute your ideas tothe project. If you are a salesperson, make your “pitch” to thebookstores, libraries, etc., in your vicinity. Please be sure to let usknow, in advance, about any promotion you plan to implement onyour own. In our Promotion Data Information form we mail to allnew Dorrance authors, we request that you suggest to us any ideas oropportunities known to you which can supplement our own efforts. 15
  23. 23. “T hank you for doing such a great job with the production of my book…I love it!!!!!!! You did such a great job with making sure that everything for this new book was accomplished and I am very well pleased.” — Florida Lacy, MoodsSUBSIDIARY RIGHTSSubsidiary rights are comprised of book club, paperback, hardbackreprint, paperback reprint, serial reprint, dramatic, motionpicture, television, radio, translation, and other such rights.WhileDorrance does not usually seek out opportunities for the sale ofsubsidiary rights, should an opportunity present itself, Dorrancemay sell the subsidiary rights for your book. At your request, alimited number of letters and books can be submitted to specifiedagents, editors, producers, or magazines. It should be noted,however, that the sale of subsidiary rights of works published byDorrance occurs with only a small percentage of our authors.ORDER PROCESSINGBookstores, wholesalers, jobbers, and libraries can order Dorrancetitles directly from us using our catalog and by calling our toll-freebook order number. Most orders which are received are a result ofthe limited promotional efforts which we agree to perform onbehalf of your book or from your own efforts. For the convenience of our book buyers, Dorrance is pleased tooffer our toll-free telephone ordering number. Our merchandisingstaff is available to take orders for your book and to attempt tocreatively initiate additional interest in Dorrance titles. We calculate appropriate discounts, credit the author’spayments account, prepare an invoice, ship the book(s), and billthe customer. Our authors need not be concerned with shipping orinvoicing as we handle these services for them. 16
  24. 24. BOOK SALES AND A U T H O R PAY M E N T SWe do, of course, hope—as does the author—that some booksales will result from our limited promotional efforts. Dorranceattempts to increase awareness of your book’s availability and togenerate some interest in it, specifically in local and/or specializedmedia and outlets. It should be noted, however, that nationwidedistribution is rarely achieved for Dorrance titles. Should you become a Dorrance author, you will receive (twiceeach year as detailed in the agreement) a statement of any salesactivity that may have occurred, along with a check for any authorpayments derived from book sales according to the following: Sales Author Payments Up to 3,500 Copies 40% of retail price Over 3,500 25% of retail price Outside of U.S. Sales 25% of retail price If, after your personal supply of author copies is exhausted,more books are desired, you may purchase additional copies ofyour own books at 45 percent off the retail price. Because we areobligated to keep an inventory of books for a minimum of twoyears following the date bound books are first available, we cannotprovide these additional copies authors may desire free of charge.Upon termination of the contract, all copies in inventory areavailable to you at no further cost except the cost of shipping. Most books we publish do not sell as well as their authors hopethey will. Your natural enthusiasm for your book should betempered by prudence; you should proceed with our agreement 17
  25. 25. primarily because you want to see your work in print, not because of expectation of sales, and you should not jeopardize your financial security to accomplish publication. Only in a very small percentage of cases are sales sufficient for authors to recoup the entire sum paid to Dorrance for production of the work.“I am impressed by the amount of promotional material you have sent outfor my book…and by the wide area you have covered.”— Evelyn Copeland, Very Nearly Me:Adventures of an Anglophile 18
  26. 26. “A ll of the staff at Dorrance have been mosthelpful, a few ‘going above and beyond the call ofduty’ to assist me in publishing and marketing mybook. Keep up the good work.”— Esther B. Gates, Views From the Towers THE DORRANCE EXPERIENCE Following are representative titles along with some author comments about Dorrance services. BRIGITTE HUBBARD THE STORY OF BRIGGIE: ONE MANS JOURNEY WHOSE GOAL IS TO FIND A SOLUTIONABLE RESOLUTION AND HEAVEN ON EARTH “I want to thank you for all your assistance and help editing my manuscript. Im very proud of it!” DR. CHUCK E. SANDERS THE MAKING OF A MINISTER “I am so impressed with the ease and down to earth manner you deal with…it has been a real joy working with you all.” BEVERLY NORSWORTHY CHILD REARING FROM A CHRISTIAN PERSPECTIVE “…Thanks very much for the swift manner in which the printing was completed.The cover looks very nice.” 19
  27. 27. LESLIE C. FERRERWITHOUT A DOUBT“You made this book possible for me and for the world to see.TheDorrance company is the greatest.”MARY VANSHERSHELTER IN THE STORM“I am very pleased with the fine artistry work that was done for mybook.You have a group of very talented people at Dorrance. I justwant to thank everyone at Dorrance that has worked hard trying toput together my manuscript into a professional quality and appealingbook.”HARRIET LILA BAKERBOOK 1: MY NAME IS BOYDUCK AND THIS IS MY STORY“You are everything I want in a publisher: a teaching-library ofmodern works.Your patience with me is outstanding.”B.J. STRONGJAKE’S PRIDE“Thank you for making my dream come true.” 20
  28. 28. Y OU A RE I NVITED TO S END U S Y OUR M ANUSCRIPT If you are considering full-service subsidy publishing, we cordially invite you to send us a copy of your manuscript. Be sure to keep the original manuscript for yourself. Please let us know which Dorrance program you would prefer.There will be no obligation, and you can be assured of a courteous reply. FICTION, NONFICTION, AND POETRY Even if your manuscript is incomplete, we invite you to send us a summary or a sample. However, we do require a completed manuscript in order to send out a proposal.We typically require a minimum of 15,000 words or 12 one-page poems to make individual book-length publication possible, for manufacturing purposes. CHILDREN’S BOOKS Dorrance can help you take a children’s story and develop it into a full-length manuscript through the resources of our design services.As with other books, we require at least 16 book pages for manufacturing purposes. These pages may include illustrations, which can be supplied by you, by an artist you hire, or by a Dorrance artist at additional cost. 21
  29. 29. MANUSCRIPT PREPARATIONYou may send your typed manuscript to us in its present form. Letus reiterate:You should retain at least one copy of the manuscript.You can mail your manuscript to us via regular first class mail orvia a special carrier such as UPS or FedEx. We also acceptmanuscripts for review on disk or CD or via e-mail (manuscriptssubmitted in this manner will not be returned). If there is to be a dedication, contents page, list of illustrations, foreword, preface, introduction, list of acknowledgments, notes to chapters, bibliography, appendix, or index, it should be included, or its intended position clearly marked, in the manuscript. Photographs or illustrations should be numbered in crayon or soft pencil on the back to avoid damaging them. Correspondingnumbers should be inserted in the manuscript, indicating clearly wherein the text the illustrative material is to be placed. Your manuscript represents your own personal accomplishment,and we would be pleased to have the opportunity to work with youin bringing it into print. It is important to note that the Dorrance imprint has appearedon titles continuously since 1920. In fact throughout the years,hundreds of authors have published more than once throughDorrance, and currently more than thirty authors on our list havesubsidy published more than one book with Dorrance. 22
  30. 30. L OOKING A HEADDorrance could not carry on the tradition of quality subsidy bookpublishing associated with its name since 1920 without a forward-looking attitude. As we study the book industry, we are impressedby the growing need for alternatives for authors who have a strongdesire and are willing to pay to see their books in print. It has beenexciting to be able to provide our services to a growing number ofpersons with the motivation to communicate their thoughts andexpress their feelings in a range of prose and poetry styles. We encourage you to move your interest in writing ahead andto share your insights and knowledge with others. We understandthe challenges you face and are pleased to offer a choice of twoDorrance subsidy publishing programs, either of which may beappropriate for satisfying your needs. Write, call, or visit us todiscuss any of our services. Our author relations staff is preparedto answer your questions.OUR LOCATIONThe headquarters of Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc., are located indowntown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A major metropolitan area,Pittsburgh is populated with a variety of professionals, businesses,and services—such as freelance editors, artists, and printers—tosupport our subsidy book-publishing endeavors. Should you care to visit us, Pittsburgh is easily accessible.ThePittsburgh International Airport is just twenty minutes away.Interstates such as the Pennsylvania Turnpike (1-76) and 1-79 serve 23
  31. 31. the city.The Amtrak Railroad Station is in downtown proper, a fewblocks from our offices. If you are interested in visiting our headquarters, please call800-695-9599 for an appointment with an author relationsrepresentative.ELECTRONIC PUBLISHINGIn the book publishing industry, the future is now. No doubt youhave heard about electronic books and books available for salethrough the Internet. At Dorrance, we have made a commitmentto keep pace with the rapid technological changes which have beenoccurring in the printing and publishing industries as well as in e-commerce, or business done on the Internet.These changes are tothe benefit of our authors because they allow us to participate innew opportunities available for avenues of distribution. If you decide to become a Dorrance author, we willautomatically list your book on Informationabout your book and how to order it is made available there to themore than fifty thousand people who visit our site each month.Additionally, many Dorrance titles are available for order from thelarge Internet bookstores, such as These companiesplace orders with us for Dorrance titles on a regular basis. Each Dorrance book is also made available as an E-book. This means that individuals visiting the web site can browse through categories of books, and, if they so decide, purchase a book or books for instant downloading to their own computer via the Internet. As part of the purchasing process, buyers are informed of the copyright protection that applies to the book they are downloading and agree to a onetime use and respect for the author’s copyright. Purchases are handled by a secure credit card authorization and processing service, which clears transactions in seconds. As other changes and opportunities in the digital world and the worlds of technology and e- commerce come along, the staff at Dorrance will be making every effort to stay at the cutting edge 24
  32. 32. of progress, having brought our subsidy publishing program and our titles into the twenty-first century with vision and foresight. We look forward to having the opportunity to include your book in our ever-growing list of Dorrance titles. Please send your manuscript for our no-obligation, subsidy publishing proposal. Thank you for your interest in Dorrance, and we look forward to working with you.“L et me tell you how impressed I am with the quality of yourefforts to publicize, promote and market my book—and I am not easyto impress.”— Carlos B. Carreiro, author of Portugals GoldenYears 25
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