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Romemu Newsletter December 30

  1. 1. 4-11 Tevet, 5772 • December 30- January 6, 2011 Shabbat Candle Lighting Time This Week: 4:19 p.m. Shabbat Parsha/Weekly Torah Portion: Vayigash RomeNews and Upcoming EventsChanukah Appeal A,$#:0%+$&4&A8(,,&A#+$N$39&J0%/+&A,$+%9 ;0<+/& Shabbat Services!"#$%"#&"$(")#*+#$,,+-,."#*/$*#0"#/$1"#2$*./")# A,$+%)$,=9&;(%%0&4&?0I2$%8$&A,$2%C08:9&?$(%0&+-%#3+$#4+%#5+*/#+4#+-%#./$",3"#3%$,*(6##!"#$%& A,20""C$2NFA,$+%$2&4&:023+$&A,$+%$29&50-%$&4&H(I02/& West End Presbyterian Church()*)+,weve raised $120,000! That means we M$029&5$%%+6$2&M(C$+%",$+%&4&;0<+/&K(3"(%9&5(0%%$& 165 W 105th Streetare only $55,000 away from reaching our goal M(3B(669&A*"0%&M*28:+%9&50/$&Q+8(3$&T33)0%%9&!)-&to raise $175,000 before December 31. 708:,$39&K0)$30&70S9&H03+&7$+""9&.0+,:&?+%/0& Please refrain from using all electronic7+8,#*/"("#.+,*%85-*+%(#*+#/"&#9""&#*/"#83/*(# 7$+"")0%9&102N02$,&7$%+N9&L30+%$&4&5($3&7+%(N20/9& devices during services including cell(/8,8,3#$*#:+2"2-; G03+,&7(36$%"(:%9&K0*30&4&5$662$-&R(2)0B9&J+"0&4& phones and cameras. For your safety, J(30%/&R(*%N9&!/0)&R*B$3"(%&0%/&!/+%0&P+(%U&!"#$%&())*%+,-#.(*%/0,+(%<#10230&!3,&4&5$66& Romemu will be conducting random703308$9&02(3#!%":+$%<#=83"#!*",+%9&;(2(%&!<+=(<9& SHABABY bag searches at the entrance of our>%%0&4&?$<&@02)0":9&!+)$$&@$-/0&4&;0%+$3&1+33$29& sanctuary. Thank you for your5*/+,:&@$2%",$+%9&A+""-&@3(8B9&@02C020&@2066)0%&4& Friday, January 6 at 5:00 p.m. 165 West 105th Street cooperation.@$%D0)+%&E30##$29&?+"0&@20*%FG30=$29&?0*2$3&4&H(I02/&@(2(I+8B9&J0%/$&@2(I%9&?-/+0&@*2/+8B9& Engage your childs spirit and celebrate Shabbat with@(%%+$&:02B$-9&K0*3$,,$&(3$9&5*/+,:&;08B9&J$%0& guitar, singing and dancing. For 0-4 year olds. Friday, December 30th;$?$<+$9&50%&;(/+9&K:-33+"&4&!30%&;*)0+%9&?(2$%& SHABOKER TOV 6:30 p.m: Kabbalat ShabbatL/$3"(%&4&5$2$)-&E0,=9&5$66&L3",$29&.2$/&L%/$3)0%9& Saturday, January 7 at 10:50 p.m.J*/20%+&!%%&.02C)0%9&?-%%&.$+%)0%9&1$22+3& 165 West 105th Street Saturday, December 31st.$+%",$+%9&L33$%&.+":$2FM*2B9&!%/2$0&.((%$29&K0*30& Young ones march and dance with the Torah, sing 8:30 p.m: ShabbatAsana Yoga.2$$/)0%9&J0%0+&.2+$/)0%9&?$<-&G0%"C*2N9&02+&4& songs, and learn prayers. This is a fun engaging service 9:30 p.m: Meditation;(%03/&G02/%$29&A:02+&4&10*2+8$&G3*8B",0/,9& for 5-9 year olds, but all children are welcome. 10:00 p.m: Shacharit ServicesA:$33$-&G(3/C$2N9&?+%/0&G(3/",$+%9&L<$3-%&G((/)0%9& 11:00 p.m: Torah Service;0<+/&G(,,3+$C9&OI$%&G(,,3+$C9&@$,:0%-&4&J(C$2,&G20%(669&50%$&G20<$29&L+3$$%&4&G$(2N$&G2$$%$9&A(%%-& Online Chanukah Auction: 4:30 p.m: Shivti MeditationG2$$%I03/9&E+)&G2(""9&5*/+&4&5(:%&H0%%0%9&02(3$& We have extended our SILENT AUCTIONH02,9&J(C$2,&4&L",:$2&H$33$2&.(*%/0,+(%9&50%$,& for all the wonderful items that are still Celebrate Shabbat withH$$,,%$29&?0*20&H$22(%9&@$,:&H$2=9&@02C020&4& available. The auction will remain open until the Whole FamilyJ+8:02/&H(3,9&L<$&>3"$%&4&P03)0%&A8:08:,$2F January 1 at 1:00 a.m. -all proceeds will go to Starting in January, join us forA:03()+9&Q0()+&>=$%9&K$NN-&508(C"9&Q0%8-&E0:%&4& the year-end campaign ShaBaby and ShaBoker Tov everyL)0%*$3&.2+$/)0%9&A,$<$%&E0#30%&4&A:02+&1$30)$/& week! Looking to Give Back toE0#30%9&302B&E0*6)0%9&E$<+%&E0*6)0%9&A*"+$& ShaBabyE$""3$29&?+"0&?0%N$29&;$C(20:&?$+/$2)0%9&A:$33-& Fridays, January 6, 13, 20, 27 at 5:00 p.m.?$<+%$&0%/&?022-&A8:I02,=9&102B&?$I+"9&1$3(/-&4&!/0)&?$I+"9&!%/2$0&?(%/(%9&@(C&1+33$29&?+%/0&4& the Romemu Community? ShaBoker TovG$203/&1(%8:+B9&1+D0%(*&1(":$29&K2$",(%&Q$039& Creating Sacred Space Saturdays, January 7, 14, 21, 28 at 10:50 p.m.1+20&Q+8*3$"8*9&02(3&O66)0%9&5(%0,:0%&K+33(,9&H$+/+& We are looking for new volunteers and leaders to4&J+8:02/&J+$N$29&J(C$2,&J+)C$2N9&?-%/0&J(/(3+,=9& join our team of Shomerim. Shomerim transform Refuah ShlemaK:-33+"&4&L33+(,,&J("$%9&L2+80&J("$%C0*)9&;0<+/& the sanctuary into a sacred space. We would like to wish a speedyJ("",(%9&A0)&J(,:9&J(%%+$&A8:026)0%&4&5("$#:& The Spirit of Sound recovery and blessings of healing uponR(*%N$2)0%9&?-%%&A8:%$+/$29&!%/2$0&A8:I02,=9& We are looking for new sound and production Eileen Ain, Phillip Aranow, David Belaga,5*/-&4&1-2(%&A8:I02,=)0%9&Q+%0&A8+022(,,09&L30%0& volunteers. These volunteers ensure that the sound Michael Cole, Blanche and Jack Frank,A:%$-$2&4&!/0)&E0*6)0%9&L)+3-&A08:"&4&@(C& technology for each service is set up and running. Donna Gallers, Bonnie Impagliazzo, FrankA8:3(""9&!3$S0%/20&A0N(39&5(%0,:0%&A8:08:,$29&;020& Special for Shomerim: Kiddush and study Palmer, Phillip Jones, Tova Ladley, ChaimA8:0$6$29&K0*3&A:%$-$29&@02C020&A$N$39&?(+"&?$(%(2/& session with Rabbi David Ingber on January 21st. Melamed, Karen Miriam Rosenbaum,A:02=$29&J$C$880&A:02=$29&;$C(20:&4&;0<+/&A:+)B(9& Interested in volunteering? Email Allison at Bernard Schneiderman, Sally Staver, Hal;0<+/&A(3()(%9&;(%%0&A#$8,(29& Steiner, and Shira Zeller.
  2. 2. Upcoming Events: Learning Opportunities with Romemu:Isabella Freedman Feed your Heart. Move your NYC Expand your Mind.Saturday, January 7 at7:00 p.m. Ongoing Classes and Special Events Next Month:165 West 105th Street Shivti: Shabbat Meditation Living Deeply with aCome celebrate the road ahead with theIsabella Freedman community! Win Shabbat Afternoons 4:30pm - 5:45 p.m. Sacred Textcredits for free retreats, enjoy delicious Saturday, Dec. 31, 4:30 p.m. First Sunday of Every Month New Location:snacks from Adamah, and participate in a Next Session: Sunday, Jan. 1late night jam-session. 2nd floor Auditorium at 6:30 p.mSpiritual Jewish Home Lifecare 120 West 106th St 131 Riverside Drive, Apt 10DTransformation of There is no better time to meditate than on Shabbat. No prior experience required. Led by Nili Weissman. This popular course is back for another round of Torah cycle. ThisIsrael and America course will help you develop skills to live deeply with your pasuk, verse of Torah, that you chose onMonday, January 23, 7:30 p.m. RomeRed Tent Simchat Torah. We meet once a month to witness,165 West 105th Street Monday, January 9, 7:00 p.m. support and listen to stories of the versesJoin Rabbi Michael Lerner and Rabbi David 320 Central Park West, 16D unfolding in our lives. This year-long journeyIngber in a dialogue exploring spiritual Celebrate with Romemus comunity group for o ers a unique experience of learning Torah fromstrategies of healing and transforming the all female-identified friends and members. each other as we learn how to listen deeply to aconflicts in the Middle East. sacred text in our lives.Tree bEarthday: The Zohar: The Book of Mazal Tov: Astrology and the Light...and DarknessA Tu bShevat Every Sunday until January 23 at 8:00 p.m Kabbalah Every Other Monday until January 23Celebration This course is o ered by member Nathaniel Berman, who has been studying the Next Session: Monday, Jan. 2 at 7:00 p.mFebruary 3-5 Zohar for many years. This course will be an Co-led by Alina Bloomgarden & Rina Lankry. This course will explore astrology as a languageIsabella Freedman Jewish intensive intellectual and experiential introduction to the Zohar, the central text of and tool for self-knowledge. Together, westernRetreat Center astrology and Kabbalistic Astrology will beEnjoy spirited Shabbat services, guided Kabbalah, also called the "poetry of Kabbalah." No prior background, except spiritual questing, is introduced. Students will be invited to have theirhikes, workshops, farm-to-table kosher charts calculated and then used as a learning tooldining, and a beautiful Tu bShevat seder required for this course. as well as an element of analytic methodology.on Saturday night. Kabbalah CaféContact Romemu:308 W. 92nd Street, Ste. 5B Every Tuesday Next Class: Jan. 3, 7:00 p.m. Limmud NY 2012New York, New York 10025 260 RiversideDrive Apt 7B Martin Luther King Weekened212.580.4294, Led by Rabbi David Inbger. Explore the Friday, January 13 - 16 mysteries of the Kabbalah in an intimate setting Hudson Valley Resort,Rabbi David Ingber and discover the many paths to wisdom. Kerhonkson Join with over 700 people of all ages andFounder & Spiritual Director Omek backgrounds at a volunteer-run Jewish Beginning Thursday, January 12 festival in beautiful upstate New York.Shir Yaakov Feinstein-Feit Romemus Rabbi David Ingber will Thursdays, 8:00PM-10:00 p.m. teaching at this special weekend. ExperienceCreative & Musical Director 260 Riverside Drive, 7B art, film, literature, music, philosophy, This class, taught by Rabbi Ingber, will politics, text study, sessions about Israel, andJane Graver follow one thinker/one book through the cycle much more from early morning to late of the yearly Torah Reading. Week by week, Take advantage of over 300 sessions andDirector of Operations we will explore a teaching from this particular performances, grab a Shabbat nap, or just Master’s approach to the Parsha (weekly schmooze. Programming for the whole family,Jade Netanya Ullmann portion). This year we will be learning “Me’or including free babysitting and children’ Eynayim," a Chassidic classic written by camp.Development, Membership & Outreach Rabbi Nachum of Chernobyl. Special $100 discount for members of Romemu who live in the tri-state area.Allison Adges Please register for all classes at Register at or 212-908-2525Administration