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Reinforces & punishment


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Reinforces & punishment

  1. 1. REINFORCERSincreases the likelihood that the behavior preceding it will occur again.tend to strengthen or improve behaviors
  2. 2. PRIMARY REINFORCERSComes naturallydo not need to be learnedEx.  safety  Sleep  Shelter  Sex  Food  Air  water
  3. 3. SECONDARY REINFORCERSIs when a stimulus reinforces a behavior after it has been associated with a primary reinforcerIs responses we have conditioned ourselves toIs also known as a conditioned reinforcementEx:Class bucks for prizes at schoolMoneyPraise from othersTreatstokens
  4. 4. POSITIVE REINFORCERSWhen a positive outcome, experience or reward occurs after an action, that actual response or behavior will be strengthened.Most effective when it occurs immediately after the behaviorMartha work at a local Regions bank call center as a collection representative. Martha collected over $500,000 dollars calculated for the month of August 2012. For Martha’s incentive for collecting $500,000 was $600 in addition to her regular paycheck
  5. 5. NEGATIVE REINFORCERSresponse or behavior is strengthened by stopping, removing or avoiding a negative outcome or aversive stimulus.Sam sees Tony eating a piece of candy and asked him for a piece. Tony replied no, so Sam stated that he will tell the teacher Mrs. Baxter that he was eating candy. Tony knows that if Mrs. Baxter finds out she will send him to the office. So Tony gave in and gave Sam a piece of candy
  6. 6. PUNISHMENTStimulus that decreases the probability that a prior behavior will occur againSetting in the chair in a corner will decrease Blue possibility that he will pull the curtain down in the dining room
  7. 7. POSITIVE PUNISHMENTDecreasing the likelihood of a behavior occurring in the futureWhen your in church and your cell phone starts to ring, then you get a sermon about why you should not have your cell phone on in church
  8. 8. NEGATIVE PUNISHMENTRemoval of something pleasantMike and tommy got into an argument over who was going to play the computer first, so their dad turned the computer off
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