Gardner’s multiple intelligences


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Gardner’s multiple intelligences

  1. 1. Spatial Intelligence  People who are good with giving directions as wells as maps, pictures, charts, and videos. Characteristics  Enjoy drawing, designing, and visual arts  Can easily put puzzle s together  Absorbs information best through visualizing  Great at interpreting graphs, and pictures Career Choices  Sculptors  Engineer  Architect
  2. 2. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence patterns, People who are good at  recognizing abstract performs complex calculations, works with numbers, and is able to reason scientifically. Preferred Activities:  Scientific thinking  Calculations  Like conducting scientific experiments  Enjoy thinking about abstract ideas Careers  Mathematicians  Scientists
  3. 3. Linguistic Intelligence  Uses words well, both when writing and speaking. They are also avid readers, good at writing stories, articulate, and memorize information well. Characteristics:  Able to explain things well  Think in words  Good at debating and giving persuasive speeches  Verbal storyteller Careers  Poets  Writer  Speaker  lawyer
  4. 4. Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence  Tend to be good at body movement, performing actions , and physical control with all or part of the body to create or solve problems. Characteristics:  Have good awareness and control of body movements  Good at sports and dancing  Excellent physical coordination  Good at drama Careers:  Athletics  Performing arts  Sculptor  Builder
  5. 5. Intrapersonal Intelligence  Individuals are good at being aware of their own emotional states, motivations and feelings. Characteristics:  Excellent self-awareness  Good at analyzing their strengths and weakness  Tend to know what they can do  Have high self- esteem Career:  Theorist  Scientist  Philosopher
  6. 6. Interpersonal Intelligence  Have a tendency to have a good understanding and as well as interacting with other people. Characteristics:  Good at resolving conflict in groups  A strong sense of empathy and concern for others  Skilled nonverbal communicators  Well see the situation from a different perspective Careers:  Psychologist  Counselor  Sales person  clinician
  7. 7. Naturalist Intelligence  Learns through patterns in the natural environment. Characteristics:  May enjoy hiking, camping, exploring the outdoors, and gardening  Interested in subjects such as zoology, botany, and biology  Doesn’t enjoy learning unfamiliar topics that have no connection to nature Career:  Farmer  Biologist  Florists  Archaeologists
  8. 8. Musical Intelligence  Good at thinking in rhythms, sounds , patterns and also have a strong appreciation for music and often good at musical composition and performance. Characteristics:  Good at remembering songs and melodies  Enjoy singing and playing musical instruments  Sensitivity to the structure of music  Excels at remembering melodies Careers  Conductor  Music Teacher  Musician  Singer  Composer
  9. 9. WORK CITES  ology/ss/multiple-intell_2.htm .htm