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Life Audit Consumer Guide 201104


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The Life Audit Service provided by Ash Brokerage

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Life Audit Consumer Guide 201104

  1. 1. Best Time Consumer Guide to the Life Insurance Audit SMConsider a Life Insurance Audit when:✓ Need for life insurance has increased or decreased✓ Low crediting rates have affected policy performance✓ Higher premiums or an increased premium payment✓ Improved health, qualifying you for a better rating✓ Family or business situation has changed✓ Loans, withdrawals or other changes have Ron Doerksen affected policy performance Sustainable Finances Life and Health Insurance✓ Policy premiums have not been paid Financial Planning as planned O (360) 306-5642 C (360) 325-6486 F (866) 573-1014 Ash Brokerage Seattle Office 720 Olive Way Suite 1050 Seattle, WA 98101 (866) 870-2539 LI-4002 | Rev. 04/11 © 2010 Ash Brokerage Corporation Brokerage Services provided by Ash Brokerage Corporation (800) 589-3000
  2. 2. A Life Insurance Audit may: The Life Insurance Audit Process n Increase death benefit A Life Insurance Audit provides a comprehensive n Lower premiums evaluation of current coverage: n Extend coverage duration n Review of the in-force policy relative to n Increase projected cash accumulation current needs n Ensure financial strength of carrier n Analysis of whether existing coverage Bring insight to your life still meets your needs or if funding should be adjustedThe value of a Life Insurance Audit A Life Insurance Audit offers an excellent opportunity to step back and examine your n Investigation into possible improvementsYour life insurance policy is one of the financial situation to ensure your coverage in your medical underwriting class, basedmost valuable assets you own. When you meets your current needs. on current health and recent medicalpurchased it, you probably made certain underwriting classifications, ensuringassumptions about future needs, interest proper policy expense management Your advisor will:rates, planned premiums and other Analysis of your policy’s performance, n Evaluate your original and current goals nconsiderations. compared to illustrations provided at the n Discuss how/if your current policy fits n Gather information and current illustrations time of the saleWhile the original reason may still exist, your n Help you determine if your policy is n Assessment of the financial stability of theneeds may have changed, requiring more or on track current life insurance carrierless coverage … life constantly changes. n IF not, recommend changes to bring it n New family situation n Review of new products or riders that may up to date. n Different career enhance coverage n Shift in financial status Easy-to-understand list of options Once all information is received, your n n Change in health advisor will review the findings with you. n Decision-making support from a … and many others If changes are needed, suggestions to adjust Life Insurance Audit professional your current policy or alternatives to help youA comprehensive evaluation of your life reach your goals will be made. Your advisorinsurance coverage confirms whether the will also review your medical history tochoices you made years ago still make sense, ensure your policy changes are beingand most importantly, if the policy you own is properly managed.the most efficient policy available today.