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Become your company's next meeting hero!


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Meetings are collaboration at its best. But there are several do's and don't to make a meeting a success! Learn from the creators of why
.... after the meeting is before the meeting
.... preparation matters
.... contributors are more important then listener

Be prepared to change your own meeting culture.

And of course will we show how you can achieve a good meeting culture with

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Become your company's next meeting hero!

  1. 1. Christian Güdemann @guedeWebGate Roman Weber @RomanWebGate Become your Company‘s next Meeting Hero!
  2. 2. What do you feel when you hear the word „Meeting“?
  3. 3. Some figures!
  4. 4. Some figures!
  5. 5. Meetings are Collaboration at it‘s best! Meetings, show you understand Listen actively Show empathy
  6. 6. Rule 1: Consider meeting alternatives
  7. 7. Rule 2: Think hard.. Is a meeting necessary?
  8. 8. Rule 3: A meeting NEEDS a purpose!
  9. 9. Examples of Purposes 1. Solve a problem 2. Need a decision 3. Need a plan 4. Important news 5. Launching something new
  10. 10. Minimal Structure is needed! The Beginning The Middle The End
  11. 11. The Beginning • Set the stage • Make sure everyboy knows about the purpose • Mentally prepare the audience for action
  12. 12. The Middle (Stay in Control) • Doing what you came to do • Consumes easily 80% of the time • Make decisions • Solve problems • Generate ideas • Provide information • Gather data • Act heroically!!!
  13. 13. The End • 5 min cool down & summerize • Everyone‘s clear what has happend • Everyone‘s clear about the actions • Leave a positive feeling For yourself => evaluate what worked and what did not work!
  14. 14. Other keys to success • Be assertive, not aggressive • Ask for other people’s ideas • Build on them • Offer your ideas • Construct the solution for everyone’s needs. • Encourage further dialogue
  15. 15. I, (Your Name), do solemnly swear that I will only call a meeting if I have a clear and meaningful reason for doing so, and other equally effective and less expensive methods of reaching any goals are not available to me. Take the Pledge!!
  16. 16. We‘ve designed a #NewWayToMeet
  17. 17. Use the on Greenhouse!
  18. 18. Some Features…… Run or Replay a Meeting Open a Meeting Open the Meeting Minutes
  19. 19. Some Features…… You can invite anybody who has a greenhouse account Connect meetings into a MeetingChain
  20. 20. Some Features…… Meeting ToDo‘s become Activities in IBM Connection Time Progress Bar‘s for the meeting plan Completed agenda items
  21. 21. Click on any of those Blog articles to find valuable informations about meetings =>
  22. 22. Act heroically => Meetings need hero‘s 3 Reasons to accept the challenge • Altruism • Your happiness • Your career