Does your customer feel delighted?


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Today’s market is rapidly changing. Equipped users no longer accept or buy tools not reflecting perfectly their needs and buy instead “+1” recommended products providing “delight factor”. Typical company introduces structured and hierarchical organization in order to deal with complex task decomposition. We have horizontal silos in separate Sales or Market, R&D and Operations units, and vertical management layers introducing another communication challenge. When we dig in with a simple question – “Who is your customer? What value do you create?” – people get usually surprised and don’t have confident answer. Fundamental understanding of customer need is desperately missing or not properly reflected in every day’s work inside R&D or Operations. Demand for speed and faster delivery generates more haste in the immature organizations and leads to half-ready solutions not delighting their users. As a result, your customers buy other products.
In his speech, Roman uncovers how to radically change that without any “yet another major restructuring or organizational transformation”.

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  • EBIT impact calculation: new Net sales and saved time (reduced rework, shorter time to deliver the same value)Original Process Lead time: 12,5 days, new one 10 days (20% shortage)Investment: 15 people in 5hours workshop = 75 hours *20 EUR = 1500 EUR5 people in 5 follow-ups = 50hours * 20 EUR = 1000 EURSome additional costs ~10%
  • Productivity is estimated as Profit in NOK per capacity hour of worker.Baseline is number of Open errors in week 24 in year 2009 – 100%.Customer satisfactions are gathered from customer own reportData for Employee satisfaction are taken from VOICE results - available for Czech part only.
  • Notes:Contact person: Tomas T Turecek ( details including current way of working (flow) and future flow are available upon request
  • Does your customer feel delighted?

    1. 1. Do you feel delighted? Agile JKL© 2012 Tieto Corporation Roman Smirak Manager of Consultant team Tieto, GD&Q
    2. 2. About the speaker• Head of Lean/Agile Coaches in Ostrava & Head of Network • Senior developers, PMs and team leaders• Core team of Lean@Tieto• Speakers on IT conferences (XP’10, Innovate’10, ICGSE’11, EU Lean Summit 2011)• Member of cross industry collaboration programs (TiViT) © 2012 Tieto Corporation
    3. 3. Why are we? Employees’ motivation is more Customers less & more difficult buying crappy stuff delivered late Unpredictable economy and “Ultra” low cost changing demanding environment efficiency & offshore Wake up call!3 © 2012 Tieto Corporation Agile JKL 2012-04-18
    4. 4. My story Cross functional workshops with Sales & Customers (whole Value Stream) 2000- It’s not Dev issue, it’s Mgt 2006- 2004 issue 2008 2011+Perfect technical 2004- 2008- solution vs.environment vs. 2006 2010 Dealing with company’sknowing “What” Consultant for environment PMs trying to (bureaucracy & policy) impact the surrounding environment4 © 2012 Tieto Corporation Agile JKL 2012-04-18
    5. 5. Lean@Tieto logic Engaged people improve their own environment  They can master their skills and get autonomy to decide  The highest motivation & trust  First class services and products  Delighted customers© 2012 Tieto Corporation Enable honest craftsmanship and truly Agile approach
    6. 6. Real Agile (Scrum) benefits• Integrating (ideally) Sales & Project Management & Dev• Fast and responsive to an unpredictable nature of IT• Happier Developers (& Testers)6 © 2012 Tieto Corporation Agile JKL 2012-04-18
    7. 7. Real Lean benefits • Integrating vertical Management and moving responsibility down to teams • Integrating Value stream: Customer  Sales  Devs  Ops • Systematic & continuous improvement vs. free form retrospective • Happier Knowledge workers7 © 2012 Tieto Corporation Agile JKL 2012-04-18
    8. 8. Quality of a result Quality of our communication© 2012 Tieto Corporation
    9. 9. Lean Workshop I’m Sales I’m Strategy (1) What is the value I’m Customer we deliver to market, I’m Admin & S.F. X what are means and  impediments to make I’m Delivery customer happy? We are team! C C (2) How do we interact today in order to produce  X value (Value Stream) and what waste / problem impedes us to be efficient? C C ! ! ! (3) What is a problem behind the problem? ! Root cause Cause (4) How do we interact tomorrow according the ! new strategy / Op model? Root Common effort to make it cause better every day9 © 2012 Tieto Corporation Agile JKL 2012-04-18
    10. 10. Roman Smirak© 2012 Tieto Corporation Manager of Consultant team Tieto, GD&Q