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Quality Relations presentation Eng


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Technology and methodics of marketing managament

Published in: Technology, Business
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Quality Relations presentation Eng

  1. 1. Roman Mironichev2008Penza State University,Faculty of computing systems and information technologies2014The National Research University of Information Technologies,Mechanics and Optics (University ITMO),Master of Technology Entrepreneurship2013Technology presentation on management of projectsin the field of marketing: «Quality Relations»mironichev@gmail.comSkype: ramironichevTel.: +7 909 587 49 77Site:
  2. 2. IntroductionThe Author of technology: Pavel Slepov, Elena Galiguzova, Roman Mironichev part of information is taken from authors article published in the All-Russian specialized magazine "Pressservice" on January 11, 2011.Presentation of technology ofmanagement business byprocesses«Quality Relations»
  3. 3. Development date: Junary, 2011After 8 years of work in the fieldof marketing andadvertizing, analyzing andmeasuring information, carryingout study of own experiments, torepresented ideas to theoriesand their decision inpractice, estimating effect inpractice and final influence ofdecisions on a brand, thecompany we opened forourselves new technology andthe instrument of managementof development of the company.
  4. 4. Details
  5. 5. Development of the directionsMarketing andadvertisingMR or mediarelationsCR orConsumerrelationsER orEmployeerelationsIR or InvestorrelationsGR or relationswith powerstructureSR or ScientificRelations (UR)
  6. 6. Quality up and up and up…We speak about "the qualityrelations". The concept "quality"became very actual in recentyears, especially in Russia. Pleaseremember, how many time youunderpaid, and then overpaid?Quality consumers demand, aboutquality advertizing shouts, aboutquality constantly speak atmeetings … but time steadilyreduces quality of goods andservices, and only professionalapproach and timely measurementof quality, allows to supervise it.
  7. 7. Association of the directions for the purpose of focusing
  8. 8. Algorithm for work it
  9. 9. Build quality relationsQR (quality relation), QI (quality informing), QP/S (quality product or service)To create the qualitative relations, specialists in communications have to carry out high-qualityinforming (QI) of internal audiences for creation of a qualitative product or service (QP/S).QR is multiple coefficient = (M, SR, CR, MR, PR, GR, ER, IR)STEP FIRST
  10. 10. Quality control through feedbackAfter creation qualitative products/services itis necessary to carry out advance and high-quality informing of external audiences forgoods sale. Receiving feedback fromexternal audiences and translation of thisinformation among internal audiences gives animpetus to creation of even more qualitativeproduct and loyalty increase as collective, andconsumers.
  12. 12. Methodology of maintaining projectsQReasonQResearchQReckoningQRecommendationQReloadQResults
  13. 13. Methodology of maintaining projectsQreason• First acquaintance, interestassessment, definition oflevels of interaction, decisionon cooperation.Qresearch• Process of a briefing of tasks.Assessment of level ofcommunications anddevelopment of the QualityRelation card.Qreckoning• The analysis and assessmentof number oftools, technologies and topercent of each tool in thegeneral portfolio of thecompany, respectively.Absolute and relativemeasurement of possiblecoefficients(M, SR, CR, MR, PR, GR, ER, IR).Qrecommendation• On the basis of the createdcommunication card and theprivate analysis of QR ofexperts makingrecommendation and aboutchange and adjustment ofcoefficients for the solution ofobjectives.Qreload• After implementation ofrecommendations, repeatedQR the analysis withrecalculation of allcomponents, for definition ofchange of coefficients and anassessment of a new formulaQR for the companyQresults• Assessment of efficiency ofQuality Relation actions, andalso cut by efficiency ofachievement of thedesignated ultimate goal.
  14. 14. New philosophy !
  15. 15. New philosophy !QR is a not only new instrumentof management, it’s philosophyof the professional relationswhich purpose is high-qualitymanagement of companydevelopment.The QR technology birth – isresult of natural evolution ofmanagement of a chain ofmarketing tools and theirpossible measured coefficients.
  16. 16. «Quality Relations» is development of theCenter for Business Development «REASON»WWW.INQR.RU
  17. 17. Be the best! 
  18. 18. Global working«Quality Relations»
  19. 19. CREATIONof the UNIFORM INFORMATION PORTAL forcommunication for the purpose ofimprovement of quality of work of marketingstructures
  20. 20. Technical specification on system:Solved tasksTarget audienceThe Functional descriptionMethods of monetization of the project……to becontinued…
  21. 21. РОМАН МИРОНИЧЕВПГУ, ИИВТНИУ ИТМО, МКФ2013«QUALITY RELATIONS»Thanks / Questions?Email: mironichev@gmail.comSkype: ramironichevMobile: +7 909 587 49 77