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Become a Great Product Manager

Find out how you can become a great product manager by assessing your competencies and identifying areas for improvement.

Become a Great Product Manager

  1. 1. become a Great product manager Roman Pichler @romanpichler
  2. 2. About me •  Product management consultant and trainer –  More than 10 years experience in teaching product managers and product owners and in helping companies establish and effective product management function. –  Specialised in agile and in lean practices •  Business owner and product manager –  I try to walk my own talk © 2015 Pichler Consulting Ltd One of my books
  3. 3. What makes a 
 product manager great?
  4. 4. A great product manager has excellent product management competencies.
  5. 5. Unfortunately product management 
 is a rather complex discipline.
  6. 6. Here is one way to describe it.
  7. 7. Roman’s Product Management Framework Product Roadmap Strategy and Market Research Business Model and Financials Vision and Leadership User Experience and Product Backlog Innovation and Product Lifecycle Vision and goal setting Product strategy incl. value proposition and key features, Validation techniques incl. observation, problem interviews, MVPs Market segmentation Business goal selection and prioritisation Financial forecasting and business case creation Business model description and validation incl. revenue sources, cost factors Roadmap creation incl. goals, dates, metrics, and key features/results Roadmap reviews and changes Go-to-market strategy Lifecycle stages and product performance Key events incl. launch, product- market fit, end of sales Functionality, NFRS, user interaction, visual design Prioritisation techniques Product validation techniques incl. demo, usability and A/B test Backlog changes (grooming) Data analysis techniques incl. pivot vs. persevere Communication and influencing Relationship building, and stakeholder management Negotiation and decision-making © 2015 Pichler Consulting Limited Core knowledge area Supporting area Version 9/15 Innovation types incl. disruptive vs. sustaining Key performance indicators (KPIs) User models and personas
  8. 8. To become a great product manager, leverage your strengths and improve your weaknesses.
  9. 9. Follow these simple steps ...
  10. 10. Assess your competencies.
 Identify and prioritise the weaknesses. 
 Determine the right improvement measures.
  11. 11. Go to: tools © 2015 Pichler Consulting Ltd
  12. 12. Summary

 To become a great product manager, build on your strengths and acquire the competencies that you lack.
 Regularly reflect on your work and monitor how your skills develop.
 Consider working with a mentor or buddy to keep you on the learning path.
  13. 13. You can download the framework and take the test here: I look forward to your feedback and questions: @romanpichler Thank You! © 2015 Pichler Consulting Ltd