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Agile Product Roadmap Tutorial


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This tutorial helps you work successfully with product roadmaps in an agile, dynamic environment. It provides an introduction to product roadmaps and explains how to create an agile roadmap using my GO product roadmap format; it shows how to manage your roadmap, and discusses who should own it. You can download the GO product roadmap template at:

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Agile Product Roadmap Tutorial

  1. 1. Slide deck Roman Pichler’s Agile Product Roadmap Tutorial
  2. 2. © 2006-2014 Pichler Consulting Ltd 2 About Roman • Agile product management and Scrum consultant, trainer and author with over 10 years experience in – Teaching and coaching product managers, product owners, business analysts, and project managers – Helping companies apply agile prac?ces to achieve business success • Business owner and product manager – I walk my own talk One of my books
  3. 3. Introduction
  4. 4. What is a Product Roadmap? © 2006-2014 Pichler Consulting Ltd 4 • A product roadmap is a high-­‐level plan that shows how a product is likely to evolve. • It typically covers several major releases or product versions.
  5. 5. The Benefits of a Product Roadmap Stakeholder alignment and collaboration Continuity Prioritisation of purpose Umbrella for the product backlog © 2006-2014 Pichler Consulting Ltd 5 Helps with portfolio management
  6. 6. Common Roadmap Mistakes © 2006-2014 Pichler Consulting Ltd 6 • View it as a fixed plan or a commitment. • Too much focus on features. – Makes it hard to achieve agreement and the roadmap more vola?le. • List largely unrelated features to please individuals or groups. • Create a roadmap when you cannot look beyond the next major release.
  7. 7. Agile Roadmap Challenges © 2006-2014 Pichler Consulting Ltd 7 • Crea?ng a realis?c roadmap when markets and technologies change frequently and unexpectedly. • Building a longer-­‐term plan when agile teams commit to no more than four weeks. • Unclear how the product roadmap and the product relate. – Do they compete with or complement each other?
  8. 8. Creating an Agile Product Roadmap
  9. 9. Let’s Look at an Example © 2006-2014 Pichler Consulting Ltd 9
  10. 10. How do We Get to the Roadmap? © 2006-2014 Pichler Consulting Ltd 10 Idea ? ? Product Roadmap
  11. 11. First Create and Validate a Product Strategy © 2006-2014 Pichler Consulting Ltd 11 Idea Product Roadmap Product Strategy A plan with goals, dates and metrics Validated Value prop & biz goals
  12. 12. The GO Product Roadmap Date The launch date or timeframe Name The name of the new product version or major release Goal The reason for creating the new version Features The high-level features necessary to meet the goal Metrics The metrics/KPIs to determine if the goal has been met When will the release be available? What is it called? Why should it be developed? What are its key features? How do we know the goal has been met? © 2006-2014 Pichler Consulting Ltd 12
  13. 13. A Sample GO Roadmap © 2006-2014 Pichler Consulting Ltd 13 3rd quarter Version 1 • Basic game functionality • Multiplayer • FB integration Downloads: top 10 dance app 4th quarter Version 2 • Purchase dance moves • Create new dances At least 10% of users make one in-app purchase 1st quarter Version 3 • New characters and floors • Enhanced visual design Daily active players, session length 2nd quarter Version 4 • Street dance elements • Dance competition Downloads Acquisition: Free app Revenue: in-app purchases Retention Acquisition: New segment
  14. 14. The GO Roadmap Template Download at tools/product-roadmap © 2006-2014 Pichler Consulting Ltd 14
  15. 15. Tips for Creating the GO Roadmap Choose a realistic timeframe. © 2006-2014 Pichler Consulting Ltd 15 Tell a convincing and realistic story. Have the courage to say no. Keep your roadmap simple and easy to understand. Prioritise date vs. goal. Derive features from goals. Use helpful metrics. Create buy-in by involving key stakeholders. Determine the right innovation cadence.
  16. 16. The Roadmap Creation Workshop Product Owner Dev Team Members Marketer Sales Rep Mgmt Sponsor © 2006-2014 Pichler Consulting Ltd 16 Involve key stakeholders 2-4 hours Vision Board Validated Value prop & biz model GO Roadmap
  17. 17. The Roadmap and the Backlog GO Product Roadmap Goals for several major releases Details for the next major release © 2006-2014 Pichler Consulting Ltd 17 Strategic Tactical Product Backlog
  18. 18. Managing the Roadmap
  19. 19. Roadmap Review and Update © 2006-2014 Pichler Consulting Ltd 19 • Your roadmap is not a fixed plan; it will change. – New ideas come up, progress is not as an?cipated, the market and the compe??ve landscape change. – The changes may be small or big. • Regularly review and update your roadmap. – The more change and uncertainty there is, the more frequently you should you check your roadmap. – Tip: Start with monthly reviews and adapt. – Involve development team members and key stakeholders to leverage their knowledge and to create buy-­‐in.
  20. 20. Incremental Changes GO Roadmap © 2006-2014 Pichler Consulting Ltd 20 • Incremental changes help you implement your exis?ng product strategy. This assumes that your strategy is valid. • Examples are revising a goal, changing a date or a feature, and adjus?ng the metrics. Adjust
  21. 21. © 2006-2014 Pichler Consulting Ltd 21 Big Changes • Big changes are needed when the strategy that was used to create the roadmap is no longer valid. – You want to address a new market segment and new needs, for instance, or you experience a pivot. • Your exis?ng roadmap is no longer valid. Bigger Update or Pivot New or reworked roadmap New or changed strategy
  22. 22. Roadmap Ownership GO Roadmap Contribute Owns and manages © 2006-2014 Pichler Consulting Ltd 22 Product Owner Development Team Members Stakeholders Contribute
  23. 23. More Info
  24. 24. Attend my Training Course Register at Available for onsite delivery © 2006-2014 Pichler Consulting Ltd 24
  25. 25. Find out more about agile product roadmaps: I look forward to your feedback and questions: @romanpichler