Web performance challenges


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optimization of web performance, websites efficiency, etc. challenges from european markets; presentation made for 13th of November, Hamburg Barcamp 2009

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Web performance challenges

  1. 1. The problems and challenges of web performance Hamburg, 13 Nov 2009 Mateusz Romanowski OptimR.com
  2. 2. the problems we face • There is no definition why a pattern is good or not (cases of q&a websites) • Does rebuilding a website make any sense? (zadajpytanie.pl) • Why there could a big difference between similar concepts with similar user base (zadane vs odpowiedz) more info: OptimR.com
  3. 3. Layout does not have to be the most important • Two very similar websites - community of Q&A • Very similar target group • Identical budgets and marketing approach • But different interest more info: OptimR.com
  4. 4. more info: OptimR.com
  5. 5. more info: OptimR.com
  6. 6. the performance is very different more info: OptimR.com
  7. 7. Some other results • simple changes with hyperlinks and ‘next step’ actions • decreasing bounce ratio by keeping users longer at least for a while • changing a button label text more info: OptimR.com
  8. 8. Increasing non-bouncing users by one-third • Including simple hyperlinks on entrance page to another pages more info: OptimR.com
  9. 9. http://odpowiedz.pl/180147/3/Fajne-filmy.html date of change: 17/08 sample: 2 month changed: movie titles changed to url links more info: OptimR.com
  10. 10. http://zadajpytanie.pl/pytanie/1179 date of change: 16/09 sample: 1 month changed: added “tip from moderator” (last paragraph) more info: OptimR.com
  11. 11. date of change: 17/08 sample: 1 month changed: added link “see also [similar video]” more info: OptimR.com
  12. 12. http://odpowiedz.pl/29884/29884/przerabianie-zdjec.html date of change: 16/09 sample: 1 month changed: added links by “see more about” more info: OptimR.com
  13. 13. Source: http://www.abtests.com/test/31001/other-for-rypple more info: OptimR.com
  14. 14. Similar concept, but a big difference in performance • two websites about helping students with their homeworks more info: OptimR.com
  15. 15. more info: OptimR.com
  16. 16. more info: OptimR.com
  17. 17. Although a similar concept, functionality and layout tell the difference more info: OptimR.com
  18. 18. Redesigning the website • Two-sided objective definition: • increase the avg. time spent per visitor • increase the number of answers more info: OptimR.com
  19. 19. more info: OptimR.com
  20. 20. more info: OptimR.com
  21. 21. are there any results? more info: OptimR.com
  22. 22. more info: OptimR.com
  23. 23. some additional issues • forms shorter or easier? • avg. time on website or number of pages for session more info: OptimR.com
  24. 24. thank you OptimR.com