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Improving web performance. User experience based website redesigning.

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  • Optimr.com Portfolio

    1. 1. Designing & creating efficient web products Mateusz Romanowski & Herakliusz Lubomirski OptimR.com a new offer 25 January 2010
    2. 2. Who are we Herakliusz Lubomirski, an experienced product manager and web interface designer (Onet, Goldenline, Niania) Mateusz Romanowski, web entrepreneur, founder of several social websites in Poland
    3. 3. Who do we work for There are three kinds of websites that we mainly focus on: e-commerce social (networks) content websites
    4. 4. E-commerce Checkout pages. These are a single biggest business killer on websites. We make sure the checkout pages are the easiest ones to process for users. That results in designing pages that include only information users need for completion of purchase. Conversion improvement throughout the website. We optimize business by removing problems related to usability and information architecture
    5. 5. Social networks We make users having fun in otherwise cumbersome process of data gathering in their profiles. Effective tricks are Lazy registration (bit by bit, now and then), careful use of language and naming (so users forget that they are actually working), making the system working with accordance to human psychology.
    6. 6. Content websites Improving page views inventory. Thanks to many years of trial and error we know how to make users click more. We developed practical solutions for effective parallel linking, content distribution, etc. It all serves to improve inventory far beyond premium space of home pages.
    7. 7. What do we deliver Web prototypes Fully WYSIWYG, clickable mockups. They make business owners fully aware of the user experience to be delivered. They also serve as blueprints for graphical designers and programmers. Usability tests Graphical design HTML + CSS + JS (including AJAX) code Supervising Implementation A/B tests and iterations
    8. 8. Recommended process (1/2) We strongly persist on starting with thorough analysis of clients’ strategic business goals, together with key aspects for their customers and users Based on conclusions from these analyses, we will provide with complete mockups (already pre-tested by some beta lab users), and afterwords, graphics and html code, ready to be implemented.
    9. 9. Recommended process (2/2) After implementing new designs, we encourage to observing users, along with analytical tools, A/B testing and subsequent improving website efficiency When results are satisfying, we focus on further iterations, including improving performance of achieving second importance goals
    10. 10. Pricing model We strive to deliver complete solutions and packages fitting specifics of client’s situation - stage of development, possessed resources and most important objectives we recommend pricing per complete project, but hourly-based formula can be applied to post-project consultancy
    11. 11. Who have we been working for Polish market: Onet.pl, Goldenline.pl, Niania.pl, Empik.com, Zadane.pl, own websites: Odpowiedz.pl, Dojrzewamy.pl, etc. German market: Restaurant-kritik.de Ukrainian market: Bigmir.net US/English market: Edutasks.com
    12. 12. Niania.pl – product strategy, prototype, team training Niania.pl is a parenting site that connects parents with nannies. Parents pay for getting nannies contact info. Niania.pl became profitable just four months after launch. After a year it is number 1 parenting site in Poland. It also achieved an impressive 7% conversion rate of visits to registration and 75% of registration to purchase.
    13. 13. Empik.com – Usability audit, new layouts, implementation supervision, A/B tests, iterations. Empik.com is a leader of Polish retail market. It runs about 120 stores in Poland and nr 1 website. We have been entrusted with its optimization so it exceeds 20% share of Empik’s entire business.
    14. 14. Onet.pl – supervision of Web Architecture department 2002 – 2006 Onet.pl is the biggest horizontal portal in Poland and is in the top list of most popular European websites. During four years we have supervised design and development of more than a hundred web services for Onet of all kinds. Recommendation by Lukasz Wejchert (CEO) for Herakliusz on request
    15. 15. GoldenLine.pl – product strategy, management team training We have helped shape strategy during the website’s crucial, first year of operating. We also trained management in area of user experience. Today GoldenLine is Poland’s nr 1 professional reference website. References from Mariusz Gralewski (CEO) for Herakliusz available.
    16. 16. References (GoldenLine.pl) To whom it may concern. I am happy to confirm that Herakliusz is one of the best professionals I have had a chance to work with. I met him for the first time in 2005, when he worked for Onet.pl - the biggest Polish portal. Herakliusz taught me how to think about web business, how to creat websites and make them bigger and better for users. The knowledge he has given me proved to be essential for making GoldenLine what it is today and I am convinced that without Herakliusz our quick success wouldn't be possible. A few years later, when GoldeLine was already a big and fast growing business i ask Herakliusz again for help. He greatly helped us improve creative processess and trained our entire development team. His influence inspired people to be confident, passionate about our product and much more effective. Again we were happy to work with him. I am reccomending Herakliusz with great confidence to any company in need in digital business. Mariusz Gralewski GoldenLine, President
    17. 17. Bigmir.net – created brand new Web Architecture department (25 people) Bigmir.net is a leader among horizontal portals in Ukraine. We have introduced to the country user-centered products, management workflow and changed corporate culture of a media holding that employs more than two hundreds people.
    18. 18. References (Bigmir.net) To whom it may concern, It is my pleasure to write to you on behalf of Herakliusz Lubomirski, one of the most impressive professionals it has been my opportunity to work with. When we first hired Heracliusz to overhaul our Bigmir Internet division, the business was in trouble.  Products were archaic, audiences were declining and we were losing our dominant share of the booming internet ad market. What Herakliusz achieved was nothing short of miraculous.  He completely overhauled our websites, built a strong web development team from scratch and made important contributions to the overall strategic direction of the company.  The passion, skill and professionalism he brought to our company made an enormous difference. I would recommend Heracliusz to any company that is serious about building a strong and successful digital business.  He is a rare breed who not only is an outstanding individual performer, but also a great mentor to young professionals and a real team player. Sincerely, Greg Satell Former Co-CEO KP Media
    19. 19. Restaurant-kritik.de - a completely new panel for restaurant owners Restaurant-kritik.de is one of the biggest user review sites in Germany We have created a completely new, usable login area for business owners
    20. 20. What do we do We make websites usable and intelligible to customers. We have a passion for the consumer and believe that everybody should be able to make the most out of what a web site has to offer. Often, that is not the case and users get confused, frustrated and click away.  It's a lose-lose situation: the consumer doesn't get what he came for and the web site has their offering ignored. Over the last 10 years, we have been helping web sites understand and fix these problems. Moreover, we have trained teams to work out usability issues, advised editorial teams on digital content transition and consulted senior management on both usability and strategic issues.
    21. 21. Contact us now www.OptimR.com mateusz.romanowski@gmail.com +48 606 337 673 +31 616 382 776