If You’ve Got A Great Product


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Take advantage of your great product and publish it by a joint venture with local partners on smaller markets

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If You’ve Got A Great Product

  1. 1. If you’ve got a great product… …then you can be a multinational player! (now easier) Mateusz Romanowski
  2. 2. Here we go…  What the heck do I mean by ‘Internet franchising’? Or, maybe better, an international partnership?  Why don’t you do all these things on your own and keeps all the profits for yourself? MateuszRomanowski.com
  3. 3. About me  Several popular websites developed (two of them almost 1 million UU monthly, each)  A young entrepreneur and a CEO with a few years of experience on the Polish market  Finishing management studies on Warsaw School of Economics  Interested in new business opportunities, including joint ventures MateuszRomanowski.com
  4. 4. The Idea  Use the same application on different, non-competitive markets  More profits for developers  Smaller markets can enjoy good products, too  Don’t discover the America twice  Take advantage of the know-how obtained on a one market MateuszRomanowski.com
  5. 5. Benefits for developers  Additional incomes for sharing software (and know-how) on other markets  Broadening the range of your product (so there are more happy users!)  Additional, international feedback and publicity MateuszRomanowski.com
  6. 6. Who could introduce it  Me   My collegaues from Warsaw School of Economics ;)  Marketing guys, non-webdevelopers  Fast-acting entrepreneurs MateuszRomanowski.com
  7. 7. Costs of such partnerships  Tech Implementation – only translation and installing a mirror of the current version  A little update of the graphics (the logo, the name, etc.)  All the marketing, promotion and community management is covered by the second side MateuszRomanowski.com
  8. 8. Obstacles/competition  Which markets are you going to enter?  Are you afraid of any abuses?  What is the cost of enabling new languages to your software? MateuszRomanowski.com
  9. 9. Legal issues  Care for both sides interests: win-win  no need for sharing the source code – just maintain current version on a server and allow using for different market  Secure your copyrights MateuszRomanowski.com
  10. 10. Let’s go with that!  Got a great product on German or global market?  Not going to Polish market on your own, soon?  We can find you a good partner on Polish market and give you a share (or a fee) for this franchise (or a joint venture) MateuszRomanowski.com
  11. 11. Contact me  Mateusz Romanowski  Warsaw, Poland  Mateusz.romanowski@gmail.com  http://MateuszRomanowski.com  +48.606.337.673  Just drop me a line and we’ll think about possible opportunities! MateuszRomanowski.com