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Prezentacja Bydgoszcz


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Prezentacja Bydgoszcz

  1. 1. The Old Town Market SquareThe Monument of Martyrdom
  2. 2. The GranariesBuildings built in XVIII century to store grains.There are ten granaries and they are the icon of the city.
  3. 3. „Woman Archer”One of the oldest survivingsculptures in Bydgoszcz.The most expressive symbol ofthe city.
  4. 4. „Man crossing the river”The sculpture suspended on a rope, on the BrdaRiver presents a young man who is crossing theriver walking on the rope.
  5. 5. The Main Post OfficeLooking at the city from Mostowa Street one can notice the oldest andthe most graceful Post Office built in Neo – Gothic style.
  6. 6. The Cathedral of St Martin and NicolasThe oldest Catholic Church inBydgoszcz built in XV century.It’s situated by the River Brda.
  7. 7. The Mill IslandIt is one of the most beautiful placesthanks to its waterfronts, water –skimming weirs, cascades,sometimes referred to asThe Venice of Bydgoszcz.
  8. 8. Opera NovaOpera Nova is one of the most modernequipped polish music theatres.The building adjacent with cathedraland mill island.
  9. 9. The Monument of Casimir the GreatThe monument is located in the very spot whereover 400 years ago there was a huge castle builtby the Polish king, Casimir the Great,who granted Bydgoszcz with the CityRights.
  10. 10. The Basilica
  11. 11. Regional Museum in Bydgoszcz is one of them, it stores thelargest collection of works by Leon Wyczółkowski.Its temporary exhibitions mainly relate to the history ofBydgoszcz and the region itself.Regional Museum
  12. 12. The museum has many archaeological exhibits, including the oldest one from theStone Age, a collection of Polish and foreign paintings, sculptures and installations.It houses a collection of coins from all mints active in Poland over the centuries..Regional Museum
  13. 13. Every year in Bydgoszcz in June we can enjoyThe Night of the Museums, where you have to chance to explore allthe museums in our city and participate in numerous cultural events.The Night of the Museums
  14. 14. The Youth ofBydgoszcz
  15. 15. The Talent Show
  16. 16. Volunteers•Polish Red Cross•Caritas•Dr Clown Foundation•Foundation of Santa Claus.Dr Clown FoundationDr Clown Foundation is one of the best organizations. Students visit sickchildren at hospital and talk to them, play some games, do soap bubbles,animal-shaped balloons and give them characteristic red noses.
  17. 17. ScoutingScouts in Bydgoszcz have theirmeetings and work actively,helping those in need
  18. 18. Culturaland sportsevents
  19. 19. „MEDICAL WEDNESDAYS”Every Wednesday doctors of Collegium Medicum hold meetings for teenagers about :“The art of sound sleeping”“Bone marrow transplantation”“Neuropsychology of depression”“Bees - allies or enemies of human beings?”“Stroke - prevention, education and first aid”.
  20. 20. „Łuczniczka”Sports Center
  21. 21. Our team scores a point ;)
  22. 22. Myślęcinek - the biggest park in Bydgoszcz
  23. 23. Bienvenido a Bydgoszcz!Willkommen in Bydgoszcz!