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Cloud computing for signature management


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PortaSigma is a SaaS tool to manage digital signature processes

Published in: Technology, Business
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Cloud computing for signature management

  1. 1. CLOUD Digital Signature Management
  2. 2. Do you need someone to sign you a document? Choose one of these options Print multiple copies, manage the shipping, take them with you, and waste a valuable time Manage the process with PortaSigma
  3. 3. PortaSigma is simple and intuitive 1 Upload your Document Prompt the Signers 2 The automatic notification system will do the rest. Just get the signed documents stored in the system for you 3
  4. 4. Signing with PortaSigma just requires a digital certificate
  5. 5. International legal validity Digital signature technology based on digital certificates, is the most secure technology. That's why many countries have adopted it as the subsititute of handwritten signature.
  6. 6. Other features? Mobile Signature Cascade signature Company stamp PDF Visible signature Batch signature API Integration
  7. 7. What are PortaSigma users signing? Employment contracts Meeting minutes Commercial contracts Authorizations Budgets Formalities Consents Medical Receipts Clinical trials Invoices Internal processes Requests Orders
  8. 8. Wnat to know more? Román de Blas Móv.: +34 935191375 Email: Join now and try it free